If A Girl Ignores Your Messages. How To Be?

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If A Girl Ignores Your Messages. How To Be?
If A Girl Ignores Your Messages. How To Be?

Video: If A Girl Ignores Your Messages. How To Be?

Video: If A Girl Ignores Your Messages. How To Be?
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Why doesn't the girl respond to messages
Why doesn't the girl respond to messages

Why isn't the girl responding to messages? A man can puzzle over this situation, but not even guess about the true motives of such behavior. The female soul is a mystery, as the sages used to say in ancient times, and no one can solve it to this day.

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  • 1 Reasons for silence
  • 2 What to do in such a situation
  • 3 Proven ways to communicate on the Internet
  • 4 Moving on to a real meeting

Reasons for silence

The latest statistics on relationships and communication on the Internet are shocking, 100% of young people lead an active virtual life. It is on the Internet that they make new acquaintances, relationships, communicate and part on social networks. Some mobile platforms allow you to find a companion for life or for sex, for this you just need to enter the necessary parameters.

Psychologists today are studying the specifics of virtual life, specialists can conduct a detailed analysis of the profile and tell about many interesting facts. But what to do, if the passion, responds coldly to messages or ignores questions altogether, it is worth finding the reason for such cold behavior.

How painful it is to realize this, but the reason for the lack of an answer is not interest in communication, loss of interest in correspondence. Psychologists have come up with a list of the most popular mistakes that young people make during virtual communication with a girl they like:

  1. Obsessive guys are not enough for anyone, they are interesting, if a guy floods a girl with messages, without waiting for an answer to one question, sends a second, then interest in such communication quickly disappears.
  2. Nobody canceled the manners of decency, you should not blame all sins on the 21st century and permissiveness. Obscene hints, ambiguous phrases instantly annul a girl's interest in such a guy.
  3. Lack of originality slows down the pace of communication or completely cancels the correspondence. To maintain the girl's attention, it is necessary to have originality, develop it and find new, interesting topics.
Why doesn't the girl answer
Why doesn't the girl answer

In order not to puzzle over why the girl does not respond to messages, it is necessary to exclude these three points from the relationship. And then work and hone public speaking skills.

And also do not forget that girls are very touchy! And this is one of the reasons for ignoring. Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material why girls are offended.

What to do in such a situation2

If the girl has stopped responding to messages, then it is necessary to collect all man's will into a fist and analyze the current situation. Read the correspondence from the beginning, see where the mistakes were made. If necessary, you need to change your communication tactics and find new topics for communication.

Psychologists assure that if a girl stopped communicating with a guy, then in 80% of cases communication cannot be restored, but no one canceled 20%, so persistence and originality will help.

It is necessary to post an interesting post, to note the original comment, which was not peculiar to earlier in communication, it is worth remembering that everything new is interesting. Only a true attraction to a girl will help to overcome the ignoring stage and start a new stage in a virtual relationship, but you shouldn't go too far, nobody canceled the blacklist.

Proven ways to communicate on the Internet3

Nobody adheres to the etiquette of the correct treatment of a girl, this is also an important factor why a girl does not respond to messages. Psychologists, in turn, recommend adhering to the rules of good form, because according to the survey, 90% of girls like this style of communication.

The girl does not want to communicate
The girl does not want to communicate

In order for the girl to answer, it is imperative to write a greeting and the purpose of her address to a specific person. Experts have brought out several mandatory points that must be adhered to:

  1. In order for a girl to respond to the first message, you need to say hello and write that you read her comment on a photo and could not pass by, or that musical preferences coincide and ask for an opinion about any performer.
  2. At the initial stage of communication, exclude the slang style from the vocabulary, at this level friends communicate who have 10 years of friendship behind their backs.
  3. Literacy is a must, according to polls, 70% of girls stop communicating with a guy who does not write correctly.
  4. You should not impose yourself, if the girl disappeared from the virtual chat or does not respond to the message, then you must carefully find out the reason. If such a move did not work, then you should not fill up the mail with messages, where did it disappear, you need to stop communicating.

Virtual communication also has boundaries, you need to feel them, you should not represent the person you are not.

Moving on to a real meeting4

Virtual communication is good, but no matter how far progress has gone, starting a family and having children on the Internet is still bad. One of the factors why the girl does not respond to messages is the point of delaying communication on social networks and not showing the guy's interest in meeting in real life.

The girl does not write back
The girl does not write back

It is necessary to learn to feel women, learn to communicate with them, then you can catch their subtle hints and easily build relationships in real life.

Real life is wonderful, while walking along the streets or in the park, you don't need to think up and fantasize, you can let everything take its course and enjoy the time spent with an interesting person, and the world itself will throw ideas for communication.

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