Causes Of Female Loneliness And How To Avoid It? TOP-7 Ways

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Causes Of Female Loneliness And How To Avoid It? TOP-7 Ways
Causes Of Female Loneliness And How To Avoid It? TOP-7 Ways

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Any woman, regardless of her age, takes the absence of a partner in her personal life very hard. Especially if there are a lot of happy couples around, and statistics stubbornly insist that 10 girls are 9 guys. And how bitter it is for a girl to realize that it is she who is that very loser, that black sheep, unable to interest any man. This article analyzes the main reasons for female loneliness, and also gives tips to the question "What to do if there is no boyfriend?"

The content of the article

  • 1 Lowered self-esteem
  • 2 Too high self-esteem
  • 3 "Blue Stocking"
  • 4 Different life values
  • 5 Finding the perfect man
  • 6 Appearance and behavior
  • 7 Heart is busy, please do not knock
  • 8 Love for bad guys
  • 9 Unpreparedness for relationships
  • 10 Bad example
  • 11 A narrow social circle
  • 12 Life after the betrayal of a loved one
  • 13 Woman in male form

Low self-esteem

This problem is typical for especially sensitive and sentimental women. One of the reasons for poor self-attitude is the wrong upbringing. If the parents are too demanding and at the same time stingy with affection or praise, then the girl becomes timid and inactive from childhood, she cannot give an objective assessment of her capabilities. Therefore, when meeting the opposite sex, she closes in herself and sets herself up for failure.

Even if a girl with low self-esteem has some kind of romantic relationship with a guy, they will not last long. Guys like it when girls have an inner core and their own judgment on any issue. Insecure girls, as a rule, do not know how to beautifully present and demonstrate themselves and their abilities. Very often they themselves point out to the guys their own shortcomings and "burden" young people with their negative attitude towards themselves, others and the whole world.

How to change the situation:

  • You need to put your appearance in order. Do not forget that men love with their eyes, and the first impression is the most important.
  • In addition to basic education, it is worth getting additional or completing courses of interest.
  • Become a versatile person, communicate more with interesting people.
modest lonely girl
modest lonely girl
  • Try to do things that you can be proud of.
  • Become more confident in yourself, your strengths and capabilities.

Too high self-esteem2

This problem also has its roots in childhood. She is typical for spoiled and selfish girls. If a girl is taught from childhood that she is too good for her environment and that her parents hope to see the most beautiful young man next to her, then her behavior will be programmed from childhood. She will think that ordinary guys are not worthy of her, and if her choice falls on some young man, he should be happy. If he refuses her, she is at a loss, not understanding the reason for the refusal.

How to fix the situation:

  1. Vanity and pride must be eradicated.
  2. You need to objectively assess yourself, recognizing all your positive and negative sides.
  3. You need to be more loyal to different strata of society, different nationalities, etc.

"Blue Stocking" 3

This problem is typical for domestic and obedient girls. They have practically no flaws, except for the lack of sociability. They can be wonderful students and hardworking daughters, about whom all adult acquaintances speak only in a positive way. However, even with a high level of intelligence, in the presence of a large number of people or a stranger, they simply become speechless.

how to find a guy
how to find a guy

How to fix the situation:

  1. You need to be among people as often as possible and communicate with them.
  2. Deal with your own insecurities.
  3. Pay attention to guys and not avoid socializing with them.

Different life values4

Psychologists say that this problem most often occurs in girls aged 16-17. At this age, they already have a certain image of the ideal young man. The girls try to find him among their peers, but they fail. This is because at this age guys have a completely different outlook on life than girls.

If the latter wants to plunge into a romantic relationship as soon as possible, get married and have children, then the guys dream of a beautiful, reckless life and entertainment. Well, they need a long-term relationship, since basically they are only interested in sex or love affairs without obligations.

Girls need to realize that at this age, any relationship is short-term. Youth is given in order to make mistakes, correct them and gain experience. Only after that, with the baggage of some knowledge, you can build strong relationships with matured guys who have become more serious and responsible.

How to fix the situation:

single woman without boyfriend
single woman without boyfriend
  1. Stop dreaming about marriage.
  2. Focus on learning and doing rewarding activities.
  3. Find a hobby.

Finding the perfect man5

Young ladies are very impressionable, therefore, their imagination can be captivated by some artist, singer, hero or fictional image. Girls usually have a very clear idea of ​​how he should look, what to say and how to behave in a given situation. It is not surprising if, without having met her fictional character in real life, the inventor is left alone.

How to get out of the situation:

  1. Stop idealizing a fictional character.
  2. Understand that any guy has both positive and negative qualities.
  3. Determine the most important qualities that her companion should have and be guided by them.

Appearance and behavior6

Many girls, wishing to attract the attention of guys, try to make their appearance more vivid and expressive. Some ladies with little taste are even overly addicted and adorn themselves with completely vulgar attributes such as piercings, tattoos or flashy makeup. Unsurprisingly, unleashed manners and lewd behavior complement the look.

how to attract love
how to attract love

Many guys, of course, may like this kind of person, but only for a short connection. They are unlikely to plan a family, have children, and simply introduce such a girl to their relatives and friends. Any man wants to see a girl next to him, causing general admiration, and not some shocking lady, with whom even "people" are ashamed to go out.

How to get out of the situation:

  1. Prioritize and choose what is more important: to surprise the audience or build a serious relationship.
  2. Change your appearance for the better.

Heart is busy, please do not knock 7

This situation is typical for a girl who is unrequitedly in love. If all her thoughts are so busy with her beloved that there is simply no place for other guys, breaking this vicious circle is not so easy. She will compare any contender for life companions with her lover and reject, not realizing that her fan is bad only because he is fascinated by her, and her ideal is good only because of her inaccessibility.

How to fix the situation:

  1. Try to seduce your lover by any available means, and if this does not work out, then put a fat point on your feeling.
  2. Look around and understand that the world is full of beautiful men, next to whom you can be happy.
how to avoid loneliness
how to avoid loneliness

Love for bad guys8

Naive girls tend to fall in love with guys who can charm and impress. At the same time, they do not think about the fact that such charm is not a gift of nature at all, but a great experience in courting ladies. As a rule, "Don Juan" and "ladies' man" always enjoy female sympathy and change lovers as often as gloves. It is not surprising if an inexperienced and in love girl is left alone.

How to fix the situation:

  1. If a girl wants a serious relationship, then it is better for her to pay attention to serious guys. They are rarely seen at noisy parties, as they prefer activities that are beneficial, such as study, work, or a hobby.
  2. Don't mess with guys who have a reputation as a lady's heartthrob.

Unpreparedness for relationships9

The girl herself may not understand whether she needs a guy and what to do with him. It is possible that she entered into a relationship only in order to keep up with her friends or to seem more mature and interesting to others. At some point, this yoke, hanging around her neck and interfering with living the same life, will begin to weigh her down, when she did not need to be faithful, she could freely dispose of time and not report on every offense. Therefore, sooner or later, the girl will decide to break this connection, or her partner himself will not stand her neglect.

reasons for lonely girls
reasons for lonely girls

How to get out of the situation:

  1. Determine which is more important: freedom or relationship.
  2. Imagine the further development of a relationship with a guy.
  3. Understand your own feelings and desires.

If there are any doubts, then it is better to break off the relationship, since the time has not yet come for them.

Bad example10

Psychologists say that childhood experience is of great importance in building relationships between a man and a woman. Much depends on whether the girl's family was complete or she was raised only by her mother. If a man left his wife with his daughter, then in the eyes of his child he will forever remain a traitor, and with him a good half of the male sex. It is just as bad if a girl grew up in a family where both parents were constantly quarreling and could not find a common language.

In both situations, the girl sees only the negative side of the relationship, so in the future she will avoid serious courtship, trying to protect herself from pain and betrayal. It may take quite a long time, but the girl will still ask herself the question "what to do if there is no boyfriend?"

How to get out of the situation:

  • To understand that each person builds his own life.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others.
reason for the absence of a partner
reason for the absence of a partner
  • To abstract from unpleasant memories and start living an adult life.
  • To understand that the world is full of happy married couples who have been living in perfect harmony for years.

A narrow circle of friends11

There are very sociable girls who lead an active lifestyle and constantly make new acquaintances. But there are also girls who do not seek to expand their circle of acquaintances. They are passionate about something that takes up a lot of their time and only love to meet with old friends. Sooner or later, they realize that in their small world there is simply nowhere for a young and interesting guy to come from.

How to get out of the situation:

  1. Get rid of shyness, become more open and cheerful.
  2. Try to be more sociable and make new acquaintances.
  3. Attend various events as often as possible.

Life after betrayal of a loved one12

If a girl had an unpleasant experience when a boyfriend cheated on her, then it is not surprising that she does not want to build a new relationship and strive to protect herself from unnecessary emotional experiences. In addition, she may be tormented by the thought that it is she who is to blame for the betrayal of her beloved, that this could have been avoided, that could have happened in one case or another. All this spiritual struggle can unsettle a girl for a long time and turn her away from a new relationship.

How to get out of the situation:

how to stop being lonely
how to stop being lonely
  1. If you can't forget about your old love on your own, you can turn to psychologists for help.
  2. Stop comparing young people to your ex.
  3. To regain the former cheerfulness.
  4. Tune in to a new relationship.

Woman in male form13

Some girls prefer to look masculine. They wear men's clothes and have men's hairstyles, while they have the appropriate behavior and way of thinking. Because of this, men often accept them as their friends, with whom they can talk about their favorite topics. They believe that if a woman looks brutal, then she is not interested in male attention.

However, in this they are wrong. Sooner or later, but on the way of such a manly lady, someone with whom she wants to build a romantic relationship will meet, but it is unlikely that this guy will perceive her as an attractive and sexy girl. Thus, the lady becomes a hostage of her own image.

How to get out of the situation:

  1. Burn all men's wardrobe items.
  2. Go shopping to purchase exclusively ladies' sexy items.
  3. Change your hairstyle, learn how to do makeup.
  4. Stop acting like a man and learn to flirt.
why is there no boyfriend
why is there no boyfriend

It is quite possible that even such a reincarnation will not be possible to hook an old friend, but the world is full of men who are able to appreciate the newly-made "chick".

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