Types Of Lovers And Mistresses. Why Start? Examples In History

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Types Of Lovers And Mistresses. Why Start? Examples In History
Types Of Lovers And Mistresses. Why Start? Examples In History

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Video: Types Of Lovers And Mistresses. Why Start? Examples In History
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Lovers and mistresses
Lovers and mistresses

At all times, the issue of betrayal was considered from different points. Some of them became famous at all times for their love exploits. Certain people believed that this was normal behavior, since in nature males are polygamous and have many females. Lovers and mistresses act for personal reasons and pursue their own goals.

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  • 5 Grigory Orlov and Catherine the Great
  • 6 Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky
  • 7 Inessa Armand and Vladimir Lenin
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Types of lovers

Every man cheats for personal reasons. For example, some believe that their marriage is almost broken up. It remains only to arrange some legal nuances and enjoy freedom. During this time, they start a relationship with another woman. As a result, everything ends with a wedding, but there are very few such stories.

The more common option is the unbridled womanizer. Here it is useless to hope for a long-term and promising relationship. He is doing well in his marriage, he has children, a wife and a wonderful mother-in-law. But now he needs to sexually try different girls. You shouldn't expect anything serious from such a guy. But you can relax and unwind in bed with him.

Another popular type is bad marriage. He has a fat, ugly wife who is embarrassed to leave or is seriously ill. A man will seriously talk about the fact that he is about to leave his spouse. But the desired moment does not come in any way, and after a couple of years the woman realizes that she was deceived.

Types of mistresses2

The belief that females are naturally monogamous is deceiving. Girls also cheat and they have their own reasons for it. Most often this happens due to a lack of attention. The legal husband quickly gets used to the fact that his woman is next to him. She is familiar, comfortable, but…. No longer sexy. He ceases to perceive her as an object for admiration, begins to swear and order.


As a result, a woman is looking for more than a man who will satisfy her sexual needs. How many of those who will admire her and shower with compliments.

The second most popular type of mistress is those who are married to weak personalities. Being next to such a man tires you. Yes, the lady effectively solves problems, hammers nails with her fists, but deep down she dreams of being weak. Therefore, she is looking for a lover who will surround her with love and care.

The third type is married to a workaholic. Such a person is preoccupied with making money and brushes off the communication needs of his spouse. It is easier for him to give the opportunity to buy a fifth fur coat than to keep in touch with a woman. Therefore, she begins to seek solace in other hands.

Features of psychology3

Not every girl agrees to keep in touch with a busy man. This is more often done by those who experience problems with self-esteem, have complexes and self-doubt. Because of their insecurity, they are afraid of the relationship.

Men choose a relationship with a random lady, being bound by the knot, because of the desire to assert themselves. He is afraid to show his real self, try different techniques and speak frankly. Subconsciously, he wants to increase his value with more sexual intercourse.

types of mistresses
types of mistresses

Society is ambivalent about the issue of betrayal. Lovers are respected, praised and supported (it is not for nothing that Casanova is still considered a role model), while lovers are censured, humiliated and insulted.

Advantages of communication with a non-free lady4

Outside of family life, people look for different things. Someone prefers to choose a relationship only with a person who is married. You don't have to spend a lot of money on such a woman. She will not want to accept expensive gifts, bouquets, or spend time in restaurants.

A married person will not pretend to be a wife. It is in her best interest to keep the connection secret. She will not require hourly meetings, lengthy phone calls and correspondence. True, there is always a chance to find the one who will promptly divorce her husband and will wait for her lover.

In general, the benefits of this connection are good sex without commitment. You don't have to take many hours of walking, throw messages in messengers on a beautiful mistress.

She will take care of contraception, since in the age of the spread of DNA tests, illegitimate children are not needed by anyone. If necessary, you don't have to worry about parting. The process will take place without tears, reproaches and a showdown.

Grigory Orlov and Catherine the Great5

In the history of any country, you can find many references to favorites and favorites. Grigory Orlov was tall, handsome, stately. Therefore, he did not suffer from a lack of female attention. He was brave and always eager to fight. In the palace, he also stood out.

Grigory Orlov and Ekaterina
Grigory Orlov and Ekaterina

Grigory Orlov and Ekaterina

With Catherine, then still the wife of Peter III, he made acquaintance while serving in the grenadier regiment. She was married, but her husband was not interested in her. For several years there was no intimate relationship between them, and when she happened, Catherine became pregnant.

After the birth of the child, she and her husband were exiled to Peterhof. The future emperor of Russia was not interested in his wife. Catherine actively corresponded with Orlov, and soon they entered into an intimate relationship. From him she gave birth to a child.

It was the Orlov brothers who helped her carry out the coup. The guards took the side of Catherine. Historians suggest that Peter III was killed not without the participation of Gregory. After ascending to the throne, the Empress supported her favorite.

Over time, he began to behave aggressively, disappeared in various wars and was replaced by Potemkin.

Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky6

If we consider the well-known lovers and mistresses in history, then this couple will definitely take first place in popularity. He dedicated poetry to her, admired her, and she was the wife of Osip Brik. It is she who will be cursed, considered guilty of the poet's suicide.

Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky
Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky

Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky

What is remarkable is that Lilya was not a fatal beauty. Her appearance is ordinary, with no spark or anything outstanding. She was very educated and married early. It was she who opened the salon for the creative people of Petrograd.

They played music, played cards, argued on political topics. In short, we talked and had a great time. In 1915, she met Mayakovsky. Despite the fact that she did not divorce Brik, it was at this time that their union ceased to exist. According to Lily, Osip has always been a reliable friend and comrade for her.

Vladimir did not hide. Osip Brik published his poem "A Cloud in Pants", which was directly dedicated to Leela. He knew everything, but was silent. It was she who made the greatest impact on Mayakovsky. He stopped dressing pretentiously and brightly. Got a cane, coat, hat, and began to resemble a "London dandy."

Lilya was the main inspiration, muse, he dedicated poems and poems to her. He was jealous of her past, for her wedding night with Osip, behaving like a teenager, Mayakovsky poured it all into creativity.

Surprisingly, already in 1918 the three of them lived - Lilya, Vladimir, Osip. This alliance was not unique. Lilya was engaged in the propaganda of the works of the futurists, looking for publishers in Latvia that were ready to publish them.

The crisis came in 1922. She offered to leave for two months. Vladimir went crazy, bombarded her with letters, kept watch under the windows. The reunion was perceived as manna from heaven. The three of them traveled a lot.

Lilya Brik
Lilya Brik

Lilya Brik

Mayakovsky was ready for anything. He even bought Lilya a car and during the Soviet era she was the only woman who was driving.

In 1925, the sexual side of the relationship between Lily and Vladimir ended. In 1930, Mayakovskaya's life was darkened. The beloved woman left with her husband for Europe, creativity did not go well. He committed suicide in the presence of the new deity Polonskaya, she had just left the room when a shot rang out.

Lilya was very upset about the death of Vladimir. Some considered her to be guilty that she left him, did not support him, did not give him the opportunity to realize himself. Later she divorced Osip, got married and became a fighter against the regime, accepting new poets and writers in the salon.

Did Lilya Brik do the right thing? Everyone will answer this question himself.

Inessa Armand and Vladimir Lenin7

The very person who will forever remain in world history as an ambiguous figure - Vladimir Ulyanov (later Lenin) married Nadezhda Krupskaya early. They were both educated, well-read, translating Marxist works from English.

Vladimir Lenin and Inessa Armand
Vladimir Lenin and Inessa Armand

Vladimir Lenin and Inessa Armand

For a long time Nadezhda was his reliable companion. They hid together, traveled with forged documents, were in Europe and engaged in revolutionary activities. She came to him in exile in Siberia. Over time, she developed Graves' disease. She began to feel unwell, her face became puffy and her eyes bulged out.

In the early 20th century, there was no effective treatment. Part of her thyroid gland was removed, but it did little to help. A hundred years later, effective hormonal drugs, low-traumatic operations appeared, but at the beginning of the last century, the choice was small.

Inessa was an extraordinary person. Before she started becoming a revolutionary, she was twice married and had four children. Lenin's book made a strong impression on her. After which she joined the Bolsheviks.

She was in exile, fled to St. Petersburg, hid, moved to Switzerland. She buried her second husband.

The fateful meeting took place in Brussels. Lenin at that time was already 39, and she was 35 years old. What drew them to each other? He was a fiery, authoritative figure, the banner of the revolution. She is lively, bright and extraordinary.

Krupskaya, Lenin and Armand
Krupskaya, Lenin and Armand

Armand, Lenin and Krupskaya

Historians are still arguing about whether there was a connection between Lenin and Armand. Inessa openly advocated the recognition of the institution of marriage as unviable, promoted free love. Her adventurism, artistry and desire to fight fascinated.

In 1917 she arrived in Russia with Lenin in a sealed carriage. Friendly relations reigned between Armand and Krupskaya. A year later, Inessa was sent to help the French soldiers, she was arrested, but she was released. Lenin threatened to start a war with France, so the government decided not to aggravate the situation.

In modern terms, Armand was a feminist who fought with all her might against patriarchy. She died of cholera in 1920.

Notable examples8

In the early twentieth century, Spencer Tracy was a sought-after actor. He received two Oscars and played many iconic roles. He was married, but that did not stop him from having an affair with Katharine Hepburn. They played in several films and this contributed to the development of sympathy. However, Tracy never divorced his wife. He was a Catholic and therefore divorce was not allowed.

Many interesting and mystical stories can be found among lovers and mistresses. Marilyn Monroe was a sex symbol, a beauty icon, and her favorite was none other than Kennedy. It was rumored that she liked his brother more, but she chose John.

Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy
Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy

Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy

Everything was decent for the public. Marilyn visited the White House by invitation only. The rest they did not advertise. Some believe that it was the diva who caused the murder.

Another famous favorite of Kennedy is Judith Exner. She was first the wife of Campbell, then the mistress of Sinatra, and then the muse of the presidential candidates. Jacqueline knew about the affair, but there was nothing she could do about it. But John Duzhdit did not remain loyal and went over to the famous leader of the criminals.

Secret lovers were Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They met on the set and dated for five years. Pitt's legal wife has long received the sympathy of others

Is it worth it? 9

It is impossible to say unequivocally whether it is worth agreeing to the role of mistress or lover. There are many examples in history when such a union persisted for many years and brought certain benefits.

Everyone chooses what is considered ethical. One can assume for a long time that it is mean to commit treason, but one day you will have to face it. Therefore, it is better not to renounce.

is it worth changing
is it worth changing

There are many rumors circulating among famous personalities. You can find many books on the psychology of mistresses, Stalin's mistresses or other world leaders. It is worth soberly assessing the information, since various articles are filled with exaggerations. It is difficult to separate truth from fiction.

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