How To Become The Perfect Wife Or The Secret To A Happy Marriage

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How To Become The Perfect Wife Or The Secret To A Happy Marriage
How To Become The Perfect Wife Or The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Video: How To Become The Perfect Wife Or The Secret To A Happy Marriage

Video: How To Become The Perfect Wife Or The Secret To A Happy Marriage
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How to be the perfect wife
How to be the perfect wife

Girls listen to the advice and conversations of mothers among themselves and grow up with the firm confidence that a small stamp in the passport will solve all problems and make her an ideal life partner. Raising children, feeding her husband and cleaning the house are the three pillars of marriage, according to the past generation.

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  • 1 What is it - ideal?
  • 2 Provide the home with delicious food and comfortable conditions
  • 3 Accept as it is
  • 4 Ease of life
  • 5 Stop practicing motivation methods on your husband
  • 6 Be perfect in bed
  • 7 Important advice for all time

The conditions and rhythm of life have changed, and it has become easier to order food and a housekeeper than to stay at home and lose a good job. How to become an ideal wife in a frantic pace of life and arouse admiration in your beloved man?

How perfect is she? I

How simple it would be if all the men of the world needed an ideal hostess in the kitchen in an ironed apron, who would cook all the pickles and quietly go to tidy up the house. The difficulty of identifying the ideal qualities of a spouse and the improper upbringing of girls by mothers who have not managed to save their marriage give rise to incorrect stereotypes of behavior.

First of all, in order to understand how to become an ideal wife, you need to learn to understand male psychology, and not learn another dull pickle recipe. A man wants, no, he should feel at home in safety and peace, he wants to understand that he is appreciated and supported, and not trying to feed him to the bone. The basic equipment of an ideal partner for a long-term relationship in the modern world should be based on the following qualities:

  • the ability to organize life and comfort, food;
  • accept a man as he is;
  • do not get carried away by motivations;
  • be a good lover;
  • easy to relate to life.

Provide the home with delicious food and comfortable conditions2

Everything seems simple, but most women forget about this truth. It’s not hard to bake your husband’s favorite apple pie, but it’s hard to find time for baking and other wonders of the confectionery business. Nobody talks about daily baking or being at home all the time with a rag and polish in hand.

who is the perfect wife
who is the perfect wife

Now it has become much easier to get rid of the torment after work and call home any cleaning service, buy a pie from your favorite cooking and grab a couple more delicious dishes from the restaurant. A woman must, and must, be able to organize the life of her family and provide everyone with delicious food, cleanliness and pleasant aromas of coziness and comfort. How she does this is a second order question.

Accept as it is3

The paramount task of the ideal wife. Every man expects support, understanding, admiration from the other half for a successful course of affairs and support in times of crisis. No one wants to come home if there is a woman sitting there, who, at the first mistake, will start pouring out a stream of criticism and tell what kind of loser she got.

In a family, support and exchange of views, common hobbies, experiences are important. How to Become the Perfect Wife? The answer is simple - to understand and accept a man with all his baggage of experience and knowledge. The wife should be a comrade, a friend with whom they share their daily bread, and not just a common stamp in the passport and, in the long run, the recipient of child support.

become a perfect wife
become a perfect wife

Ease in life4

A line from Vysotsky's song "when you come home, you sit there!" involuntarily comes to mind when a man comes home and instead of easy communication, endless stories begin about failures at work, quarrels with relatives and other hardships of a hard woman's lot. Men run from this first of all! How I want to see in a spouse a child who knows how to rejoice in little things and sincerely look at the world with delight.

The inner light and energy in a person is subtly felt, if they are not there, then there is no desire to communicate with him. A woman who radiates joy and lightness, relaxed and cheerful, fills a man with strength, and does not take them away with whining.

Of course, all people with problems and illnesses and there are periods of failure and depression, disbelief in their strength. If you find a balance between problems outside the walls of the house and in it, learn to switch from everything and look for inspiration in your beloved man, children, hobbies, then there will be no price for such a wife.

Stop practicing motivation methods on your husband5

Scientists at the University of California conducted a survey of young American men and men 30 years older and found that more than 68% hate motivated wives.

the secret of a happy marriage for women
the secret of a happy marriage for women

Popular trainings teach that there should be a successful man nearby, whose salary is calculated at least six-digit figures, and outwardly he looks no worse than a professional bodybuilder.

What to do to those who have Serega come home from a shift at the plant and are not distinguished by either sports reliefs or the ability to earn hundreds of thousands? Naturally motivate! Zealously and strenuously, with sophisticated passages through the shortcomings and disadvantages of character, so that he understands exactly what a nonentity he is with a low salary and a worthless life. A man perceives even subtle motivation as eating away the brain, and the benefits of this are not an ounce.

The ideal spouse is confident in herself, with good self-esteem, knows that her partner is ideal and the relationship is not based on the number of bills in the wallet and the status of the car in the garage. With a competent approach and boundless faith in her husband, everything will come gradually, and from constant cutting him into pieces, only divorce will come, in rare cases with serious bodily problems due to a nervous breakdown.

Be perfect in bed6

You can't build a relationship without sex, whatever one may say. Physical attraction and the ability to look at a partner as an object of passion are highly valued in men. If the desire to experiment is also added with this, then the second half becomes ideal automatically.

be the perfect wife
be the perfect wife

A wise wife gives a man the opportunity to realize himself as an ideal lover, to show his animal nature.

If in response he hears that sex could have been better, then it is not surprising that she did not go to the shower, but to collect a suitcase with things. It is imperative not to overplay, lie, or imitate pleasure with all your might. The ideal wife knows how to return the zest to a relationship, to have, to intrigue her husband with new positions, sexy lingerie, a random photo or a page from a book.

Important advice for all time7

Advice to women of all ages on the topic: how to become an ideal wife - not to choke your husband with care and love. The ideal couple in the minds of women are those who are always and everywhere together, go hand in hand until old age and, like doves, do not part for a second. Men, when they hear such reasoning, mentally roll their eyes and scream with indignation.

Who came up with this nonsense ?! Two harmoniously developed people with different interests, social circle and work cannot always be together. This is not love, some kind of addiction!

The husband of an ideal wife always has personal space, personal time, personal belongings, friends and male interests, where women are not allowed.

what does an ideal wife mean
what does an ideal wife mean

To fall in love with a man with care, attention, presence is easy, this process has no way back.

You can't lock yourself into a single spouse, there are many interesting, new, creative activities in the world.

The ideal wife should be a woman who is full, creative, independent, a real lady at a party with chic styling and her man at home in a tracksuit and holding pizza. Learning to rest together and apart is essential to maintain a balance of energies and attachment to each other.

Instead of a conclusion, it is worth recalling the common truths that the applicant for ideality should not forget:

  • do not criticize his relatives;
  • do not be lazy to maintain a beautiful appearance;
  • do not walk around the house in stretched pants, curlers and with a mud mask on your face;
  • do not take his hobbies and friends with hostility;
  • do not hesitate to be next to him weak and defenseless;
  • don't feel sorry for him.
How to be the perfect wife
How to be the perfect wife

Whatever circumstances affect the family, a man who knows that the most faithful friend, lover, comrade and advisor in one person is waiting for him at home will always want to return home and give all his strength and energy to one single woman - an ideal wife.

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