8 Ridiculous Tips Married People Give To Youth

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8 Ridiculous Tips Married People Give To Youth
8 Ridiculous Tips Married People Give To Youth

Video: 8 Ridiculous Tips Married People Give To Youth

Video: 8 Ridiculous Tips Married People Give To Youth
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Funny Married Tips for Young People
Funny Married Tips for Young People

Undoubtedly, getting married changes people. Some in a year after the marriage are gaining an extra five kilograms; others, on the contrary, lose weight because of nervousness. Some become withdrawn and unsociable, while others turn from gray mice into the soul of the company. One thing is clear: for almost everyone, marriage changes the worldview. Both married men and married women sometimes give their young comrades such amusing advice that one can only be amazed.

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  • 1 1. “Go to church! There you will find a worthy one "
  • 2 2. "Date guys who will make good dads!"
  • 3 3. "Just wait and the Universe will create all the conditions for your meeting."
  • 4 4. "Continue dating the dumbass!"
  • 5 5. "Start commanding from the very beginning of the relationship"
  • 6 6. "Find Younger"
  • 7 7. "Hide the porn"
  • 8 8. "Find out what his (her) earnings"

1. “Go to church! There you will find a worthy one”1

“A married friend advised me to go to a temple or any religious organization to meet my love there. I'm not actually religious. However, she said that this fact does not play a special role. Firstly, my friend informed me with a clever look that free food is often handed out in the temple. And secondly, you can actually meet a decent man there. What she had in mind then as a "worthy" man - for me remained a mystery. And, despite all her good admonitions, I never went to church.

2. "Date guys who will make good dads!" 2

“My married friend once instructively told me:“You should definitely meet this guy. He is very sweet and will certainly become a good father of your children."

“This advice seemed more than strange to me. Actually, I am not eager to find a daddy for my future offspring. I need a cheerful man with whom we will share our passions and hobbies. Married people so often forget that there are so many selection criteria. And it's not that the guy is supposedly "very nice", or that he transforms into a caring dad over the years. And even if this advice is valuable, loners looking for a partner are unlikely to listen to it."

3. "Just wait, and the Universe will create all the conditions for your meeting" 3

“A couple who were seriously into esotericism gave me the following recommendation: just wait with folded hands. “Be patient. And the wise Universe will ultimately bring you your prince on a white horse."

“But I was even more surprised not by this advice itself, but by the irony that actually stood behind it. First, I didn't need any "one". I was just looking for a lover. Second, the two met at some dubious near-esoteric training. And they began to cheat with each other to their then partners! Probably, they all liked it, and they soon got married. This happened 10 years ago. Now this strange couple are divorced."

Funny relationship tips
Funny relationship tips

4. "Continue dating the dumbass!" 4

“A friend gave me bad advice. She asked if I would like to meet her single boyfriend. “Go somewhere with him, he's so cute,” she said. When I asked her in what sense this person is "cute", she replied: "Well, he looks good."

“Hmm, that seemed convincing to me at first. I spoke to that guy on the phone and we made a date. When I met him, I was very unpleasantly surprised! This friend looked like a big shaggy owl. Firstly, on his head he had a huge nest of curls, which, apparently, he had not cut for two years. This made his image very feminine and in many ways repulsive. But what's worse is that my new acquaintance was wearing giant glasses! And even in them he saw almost nothing. So throughout the entire date he had to constantly grab my thigh."

“My friend started urging me to meet him again. Like, with each date, the attraction between you will grow, and he will seem cute to me. And yes, I met Mr. Shaggy Owl again. But as he was ugly, he remained - so that I simply felt sorry for the poor bespectacled man and my time spent."

Funny tips
Funny tips

5. "Start to command from the very beginning of the relationship" 5

“My male colleague advised me not to take out the trash or wash the dishes from the very beginning of my family life with my then-fiance. What was his logic? He believed that only with the help of total domestic domination can one become a real man. Otherwise, your wife won't take you seriously."

6. "Find Younger" 6

“My great aunt advised me to date a young man much younger than me. All her widowed friends unanimously insist that this is the most profitable option. After all, older men tend to live less than women. And if the husband is younger than his wife, then they have every chance to while away the years of old age together. But, of course, at dinner I tried to change the subject as soon as possible."

7. "Hide the porn" 7

“I grew up in the days when comrades a little older than me got married at the age of 18-20. At this age, it was finally possible to legally have sex. One of my friends once, over a glass of beer, pointedly said: “Marriage is all about secrets. Come here, I'll show you how to hide porn on your phone."

“I will not go into details, but I will say: after a while I saw his wife running out of the house with a panic cry (they lived opposite). The reasons are not known to me - whether porn or something else scared her so, I do not know. The next day my friend said that his wife must be back soon - she can't be offended forever. You've probably already guessed how this thriller ended: this couple has been divorced for a long time."

Funny advice from married couples
Funny advice from married couples

8. "Find out what his (her) earnings are" 8

“The worst thing you can do in your life is to marry money, not a person. This, of course, is my opinion, and I do not seek to impose it on anyone. However, my friend constantly tried to prove to me that living on the “beggarly” salary of a middle manager is not self-respect. When she talks about it, I always try to translate our communication in a different direction. After all, touching upon this topic, she immediately begins to think of herself as a relationship guru who is able to settle the personal life of the entire population of the globe!"

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