You Cheated On A Guy Or How To Survive Your Own Betrayal

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You Cheated On A Guy Or How To Survive Your Own Betrayal
You Cheated On A Guy Or How To Survive Your Own Betrayal

Video: You Cheated On A Guy Or How To Survive Your Own Betrayal

Video: You Cheated On A Guy Or How To Survive Your Own Betrayal
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how to survive your own betrayal
how to survive your own betrayal

Treason, according to society, is the most terrible betrayal that a man and a woman are capable of in relation to each other. Both the one and the other representative of humanity are the owners. No one will yield to their partner. Treason breaks life, splits it into "before" and "after". How to behave if you cheated on your boyfriend? How to continue to live and build relationships? Let's talk about this today.

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  • 1 What is treason
  • 2 Sealed with seven seals
  • 3 Sweeping up the tracks
  • 4 If a friend is suddenly …
  • 5 Cheating with an ex
  • 6 show it to a guy
  • 7 Life is beautiful

What is treasoni

Cheating is a mystery. One might even say that the greatest secret. And a load, a very heavy load. Cheating remains forever an indicator of human nature. But is she so scary? Let's figure it out.

Cheating is when one person enters into a relationship with another, while having a constant partner. Everything seems to be clear. You love Petya, Petya loves you, but Vasya comes and takes out your brain and heart. If you wear the surname Petit, as an official wife, then this is a flight, friend. You Pete in the registry office issued a signature. You are, well, not his property, but something like that. In short, you have made your choice and you cannot rush around the men. And then, Petya must be sure that the children are his, and not Vasya's.

The second situation is when you and Petya are just dating. Understand, friend, you don't owe him anything! Neither does he owe you anything. Both of you are actively searching. Yes, now everything is tip-top. But living life is not a field to cross. The birth of children is not a sheep sneezed. And all these social anchors: marriage, children, etc., are very serious things. Anyhow with whom you can not go down the aisle Therefore, if Vasya suddenly appears in your life, then this is a reason to think how good Petya is. In a situation of administrative freedom, there is no treason, there is a search or change of a partner. So loud tantrums on the topic of treason are inappropriate here.

In general, the very fact of betrayal as such is very controversial in the first situation. A good leftist strengthens a marriage, as they say. In fact, betrayal puts everything in its place. This is, firstly. Secondly, treason gives an outlet. Indeed, in marriage, not everything goes smoothly, and material ties can be great to restrain from rash steps, such as divorce. Thirdly, cheating makes you wiser in all respects, it is a great lesson for both. So, before pulling your hair out or leaving into the sunset, you need to think carefully about everything.

Behind seven seals2

The biggest mistake you can make is to tell everything. It is simply impossible to come up with more stupidity. You should not hope that the faithful will be a magnanimous knight and will understand and forgive everything. Hell no. Men are terrible owners. They react much more sharply to betrayal. And if a woman is still capable of forgiveness, then a man is not. He won't even look for excuses. It's easier for him to blow everything that he has been building to hell than to try to forgive. Even if he suddenly dismisses the nuns and finds an excuse for your act, then be ready for the following attacks:

Respect for you will come down to 0. He will simply mock you endlessly. You will always be to blame for everything and your opinion will not be too much for him. In general, say goodbye to authority forever

What to do if you cheated on a guy
What to do if you cheated on a guy
  • She will become a puppet. Yes Yes! You will be manipulated as if you are in the theater of Karabas-Barabas. Be sure that he will pull you by the spiritual strings for the rest of his life;
  • Revenge. Well, would you take revenge? Just don't talk about "I'm not like that …". The guy will definitely take revenge. After all, he will not live according to the principle "what is possible for a lion, not for a dog." And then, if you decided that you can compare him with someone, then why can't he look for something better for himself? Fair, right? Now ask yourself how to survive his betrayal. And, yes, he will not hide it.

If you suddenly decide that confessing treason is a highly moral act, then you are deeply mistaken. It is a highly moral act to be faithful and not cheat. The rest is bullshit. The fact that you are all so honest will not work. You had to be honest when you went to bed with someone else.

There is another category of women. They tell only to get revenge. Well, let's say, because of the guy's betrayal. Then everything is mutual. Well, as an option, maybe it will. Just look above. Something of the three points just mentioned will definitely start.

girl cheated on boyfriend
girl cheated on boyfriend

Well, and the third category of ladies. Attention manipulation. Even if you are just fantasizing to get a guy's attention - beware! It will be very difficult to prove the opposite. If you really changed only in order to then hysterically squeal "You forgot about me …", then he will really forget about you. So the game is not worth the candle.

There is only one conclusion: the mouth is locked! If you understand that you have piled up small towns, but at the same time you love your boyfriend, and this betrayal was a mistake - shut up. Be quiet, like a partisan under interrogation. And come up with a specific alibi. Time heals. The mental anguish will pass. Over time, you will forget about your adventure. The main thing is to learn the right lesson from all this and save your loved one from stress. In all other cases, the relationship will definitely fall apart. So, ts-s-s, it was and was …

Sweeping the traces3

Now let's think about how to save your soul. We need not only alibis, but other things.

One-time betrayal may not be considered at all. It either happened drunk or in a stressful situation. For example, I went over it at a corporate party, and here it is in the office of the chief accountant. The option is so-so, but the essence is clear. The second situation is stress. She quarreled with her own, angry with him and decided to cry on the chest of a classmate. He consoled …

In such a situation, turn off your heart and emotions and cut your brain to the fullest. First you need to think through everything a few steps ahead. Remember how you hid the fact of losing your virginity from your mother. Then, after all, a grandiose plan was also invented so that she would not guess anything. You can sleep under the following conditions:

Why did a girl cheat on a guy
Why did a girl cheat on a guy
  • Second betrayal. Sleeping with someone twice is no longer an accident. This is a pattern. Since you go to a meeting with a stranger again and again, then we can talk about establishing a stronger, spiritual connection. A feeling of falling in love can appear, you can become brooding and absent-minded. This change in behavior will not hide from your boyfriend's attention. He will start looking for confirmation of his guesses: correspondence, call details, things that appeared unexpectedly. Everything will grab his attention.
  • Alibi. If you're scared right now, you can easily get confused in the testimony. Always follow the events. Remember where you went, with whom you spoke, whom you saw on the day of treason. Don't try to invent anything. Do not drag in a gathering with a friend if you have not been there and have not seen her. Otherwise, the guy may just accidentally find out completely different things. Just tell me your day, you haven't spent all the time in bed with your lover. If you have not been there all night, then it is more difficult, but you can get away with it, for example, it was with my mother. Believe me, mom will always confirm your alibi, really, then she'll rip your head off. But that's better than getting punctured. And yes, if this is a deliberate journey to the left, then it is better to warn mom in advance. Then you will explain everything.
  • Girlfriends. Those who shouldn't know anything are girlfriends. "In secret to the whole world", remember this proverb? Girlfriends can blurt out this story to absolutely strangers, but they can know the guy personally. And a quarrel with them is fraught with consequences. They can and tell to shit.
  • Stigma in the gun. Whoever is the most jealous is cheating. It is truth. So, you shouldn't turn into a fury and look for a guy's betrayal. By playing an overly jealous individual, you risk falling into a hole and becoming the object of suspicion.
how to survive your own betrayal
how to survive your own betrayal

If a friend was suddenly … 4

Cheating often happens to friends. And basically - this is the guy's friend. Why this happened is another story. Let's talk about what to do if this happens. You must understand that male friendship is a very interesting phenomenon. Guys are friends differently, not like girls. For them, a friend is on the same line with a brother or even higher. So a friend who has infringed on his friend's girlfriend has no right to be called a friend. But the strangest thing is that, having learned about such an event, the guys very often remain in an excellent relationship, blaming the girl for everything. It is she who leaves the relationship, and the men continue to be friends. But sometimes a friend just falls in love, and completely and headlessly. Having seduced you, he can begin to make every effort to own you alone, in other words, start to take you away.

You have two ways out: to leave him and come up with a scary story about a dastardly friend. When he starts telling your boyfriend intimate details, you can scream with inspiration that everything is a blatant lie, and he saw a mole on his hip on the beach. Most likely they will believe you. If you have direct love-carrots with him, then leave your boyfriend and live happily. There is simply no other way out. Or drop both and take time out in the relationship at all. Believe me, after a while one of them will try to get you back.

Cheating with an ex5

So how did it occur to you to clash with your ex? Did nostalgia demolish the tower? The former don't just come back. They either want revenge and compromise, or they really cannot forget. In the first case, prepare for exposure. Then we adopt a model of maintaining our relationship, as in the case of a friend. That is, we stand our ground and deny everything. By the way, the ex is well aware of a scar from appendicitis or a birthmark on the right buttock, so it is easy to smear here. If he cannot forget you, then change everything! Numbers, contacts, social networks. And by and large, you can simply ignore and deny everything.

What to do if you cheated on a guy
What to do if you cheated on a guy

If the secret is revealed

What if the guy found out everything? "Oh, and this work is difficult: to drag a hippopotamus out of the swamp." We must save ourselves.

Firstly, pull yourself together, don't panic, don't yell and don't get hysterical. A flurry of emotions is the worst helper. Take your breath, drink some water, listen carefully to everything the guy has to say to you. And he will say a lot. Do not forget, he has the right to the most impartial epithets. So keep your mouth shut and listen. Don't try to interrupt. While he is speaking, think about your speech. She should be as epic as his.

Second, the best defense is offense. Blame him for all mortal sins: inattention, inability to treat a woman, lack of affection, poor-quality sex. You can find a million shoals in your boyfriend. In general, try to do everything so that he thinks about the fact that he was incredibly lucky that you chose him, and he squandered everything.

Third, you know your boyfriend better. And if he is a sentimental Pierrot, then you can safely fall on your knees, wring your hands and swear in blood that this will not happen again. Do not deny your guilt, but do not belittle it either. Let him feel uneasy too.

Fourth. You can offer options for the development of events yourself. The best thing to do is to part ways for a while. In any case, the relationship is crazy, and there is a chance that the guy will think it over and decide to return you. In addition, if you make your departure as tragic as possible, playing a beaten dog and showing silent obedience and doom, then there is every chance that you will not go further than a taxi.

Why girls cheat on guys
Why girls cheat on guys

Show it to a guy6

Hey buddy, do you know why she cheated on you? Because you:

  • I decided that she would not go anywhere. This is your mistake. A woman must always be conquered, surprised, amazed. It is not necessary to arrange endless holidays, but if you took her to the cinema a year ago, then expect that she will find someone to watch the novelty with.
  • Traded her for a job. It is commendable that you are striving to make a lot of money. But don't forget that all the money in the world isn't worth your girlfriend. She, of course, wants a fur coat, a car, and a trick. But if you are “married” to your job and have forgotten about her birthday, then all these nishtyaki will be given to her by another. Yes, disappear into your office on weekday evenings, but on weekends, please be by her side. And never stay longer than 15 minutes, do not put off going to a restaurant, even if you have the signing of the main contract. Just plan ahead. And if there was a force majeure, then figure out how to brighten up her loneliness.
  • Freezes in computer games. Are the tanks nicer? Well then, she will have a 100% more advanced tanker. While you are upgrading your virtual machines, there will be a real dude who will pump such body kits to her that your rating will fall below the baseboard. No offense, bro!
  • Rogue. Heh, the question is, of course, moot. With a lovely paradise in a hut, but subject to the presence of a hut and a river nearby, which has fish. So leave your "communist utopias" about working all together. Those times have passed, and now even giving birth for free will not work. Women always view a man as a breadwinner. And if you cannot do elementary things, then there will always be a more viable male.
  • I walked to the left myself. Well, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Or did you think that you can, but she is not allowed? Figs there. Your infidelity automatically removes all her obligations to you. So take offense only at yourself.
The reason why the girl is cheating
The reason why the girl is cheating

Life is beautiful7

Well, let's summarize all of the above. If you cheated on a guy, then believe me: everything happened for a reason. Cheating has always been a lesson: tough, exhausting, but wonderful. Having gone through this situation, you will understand everything: both the expediency of maintaining a relationship, and the strength of your feelings for your boyfriend, will change your own view of so many things. You will learn to live in harmony with yourself and become wiser. And it is possible that when faced with a guy's betrayal, you can look at it from a different angle. And one day, when you have lived so many years together, your grandchildren will ask how happy you are for so many years, you will say: "We went through all the same shit that you did, but we didn’t break!"

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