How To Find A Husband In A Big City: Nine Places To Find

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How To Find A Husband In A Big City: Nine Places To Find
How To Find A Husband In A Big City: Nine Places To Find

Video: How To Find A Husband In A Big City: Nine Places To Find

Video: How To Find A Husband In A Big City: Nine Places To Find
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How to find a husband in a big city
How to find a husband in a big city

How to find a husband in a big city?

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  • 1 What?
  • 2 Decide on your desires
  • 3 Learn to communicate with men
  • 4 Where to find a husband?

Stop looking for him.

What? I

Exactly. Some girls are looking for a husband downright aggressive.

Husband! Husband! Husband!

Serious intentions! Very serious intentions!

On the first date, start asking him about the kids and the house by the sea.

On the second, start to take out his brain.

On the third date … Oh, but he was not there!

Knowing what you want out of life is great. To persistently go towards your goal, demolishing all obstacles on the way is commendable.

But your new acquaintance didn't seem to sign up for a serious relationship.

He just decided to go on a date with a woman he liked.

This is the problem for many girls. They exude such a strong vibration of despair that the men get scared and run into the sunset.

More than anything, men value their freedom.

They are normal about marriage and serious relationships.

But not when they are grabbed by the throat.

Even if all your girlfriends are already married, stop shaking over the calendar and counting the days to your twenty, thirty, forty, seventy, etc. anniversary.

With such a desperate approach, there is a great risk of blending into toxic relationships - "but not alone!"

Decide on your desires2

What kind of man would you like to see as your husband?

Write down its characteristics in as much detail as possible. Focus on what really matters to you - not your mom, not your girlfriends, or anyone else. Not social attitudes, not images from movies, but your real desires and needs.

How to find a man
How to find a man

Now pay attention to those qualities that are unacceptable to you. Remember why you broke up with your ex. Remember, thanks to what personal qualities your friend has settled in the friend zone forever.

Prioritize wisely.

Don't set the bar down just for fear of being alone. Are you looking for a worthy husband or just some creature with a member?

Is the portrait of your ideal husband compiled?

Well done.

Now answer honestly to yourself the question - do you correspond to this man?

"Purposeful and knowing what a man wants from life" is unlikely to be charmed by a lady whose hobbies are only lying on the bed surrounded by a laptop and pizza crumbs.

Do you really think that an "active and energetic man" will agree to sit next to you 24 hours a day, so as not to inflame your jealousy?

Begin with yourself. And only then start looking for your “husband”.

Find a husband in the big city
Find a husband in the big city

Learn to communicate with men3

It's not enough to be beautiful. If all you can give is a body, then you will not attract a husband.

A partner for one night, please.

But why would anyone take you to the registry office and swear an oath of allegiance, if there are a lot of beautiful girls around who do not demand this, and in sex they can give even more than you?

Seduction is an art. This is a game somewhat similar to chess. One wrong step and you lost.

More lightness. Less intrusiveness. Don't cling to a man and don't run after him.

Initially, most men are not in the mood for a serious relationship. They see a beautiful woman and begin to want her. Just want to.

When a man sees a sexy girl, he doesn't think about how good a wedding dress would look on her. She does not plan to have children from her and meet her old age by the fireplace.

Accept this fact and use it to your advantage. Attract with the promise of sex, and hold back with emotions that will blow his mind.

Where to find a husband? 4

How to find a husband in a big city? Stop trying to ring every poor guy who dares to ask you out.

Work on your appearance and thinking.

How to find a husband
How to find a husband

And then just start taking action and train your skills in flirting and seduction.

But where is the best place to do it?

The airport

And that is very romantic. People at airports are usually either terribly tired and worn out by life, or are in anticipation of a pleasant trip. If you are not a timid girl, talk to the guy you like. Just make sure that his companion is not somewhere nearby.

If you are not ready to take the first step, at least distract from your phone and look around. Smile and look cute strangers in the eye. Such an easy flirtation does not oblige you to anything, but it makes the man understand that he can approach you.

Courses and lectures

Language courses, dancing, etc. Anything will do. Even if there is no one suitable in your group, you will make new acquaintances. And these new acquaintances may have nice single friends / brothers / colleagues, etc.

K / f
K / f

In addition, a girl with a bunch of hobbies and not dulling on the phone for days is very sexy. She has something to talk about, and she won't write to you every minute - she is too interested in being alone.

The gym

A good reason to finally fulfill the promise I made to myself on December 31st of some shaggy year.

Ask a guy to show you how to use this or that machine. Or put your eyes on the trainer right away.

Possible risks: if a guy has already been unable to walk away from the mirror for half an hour, forget about him. You are unlikely to interest him more than his own reflection.


The most common store. Either improvise - offer your help to a guy who is clearly shocked by the huge assortment of food, or shoot your eyes and smile sweetly.

Potential Risks: If a guy is trying in vain to pick “beautiful spinach,” he may be on a special mission. A special assignment given to him by his girlfriend.

A park

Some men say (jokingly or not - it is not clear) that they deliberately have dogs in order to meet girls. Let's check?

Where to find a husband
Where to find a husband

With friends

One of the safest methods for finding a second half. Since you communicate with more or less adequate people, there is a possibility that they also prefer to communicate with the same personalities. Therefore, the risk of running into inadequacy is much lower than when meeting someone "from the outside".

Therefore, if you are fed up with loneliness, forget about the habit of giving up any social activity. Someone's friend's birthday? I'm in. Second cousin's wedding? I'm leaving.

Surprisingly, if you sit at home and do not a damn thing, then the situation in your personal life does not change.

Dating apps

How to find a husband in a big city if you don't have time for language courses and a gym? Install one of the dating apps.

Yes, they are used by perverts, idiots and just an unattractive rabble. But they are also used by normal, adequate men who respect women and are ready to start a serious relationship in the future.

Tinder and others like them are used by people of all ages and professions. The main thing is to learn how to filter out the rabble from normal guys.

Possible risks: in fact, as when meeting in person. But, as they say, whoever does not take risks drinks champagne only at other people's weddings.

Choose crowded and safe places to meet. Don't feel guilty for denying a failed hubby a second date. Meet men more often and upgrade your flirting skills.

Ways to find a husband
Ways to find a husband


Have we already said that you need to leave the house more often and agree to invitations from friends? And in the bar you can meet a worthy man who will later become your husband. True, if he literally falls at your feet, you are unlikely to develop communication.

A cafe

The cozy and calm atmosphere is conducive to intimate conversations. From time to time, distract from the aromatic croissants and pancakes and look around.

Croissants are great. Especially when you have someone to share them with.

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