4 Ways To Spot A Gay: Identifying A Gay By Traits

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4 Ways To Spot A Gay: Identifying A Gay By Traits
4 Ways To Spot A Gay: Identifying A Gay By Traits

Video: 4 Ways To Spot A Gay: Identifying A Gay By Traits

Video: 4 Ways To Spot A Gay: Identifying A Gay By Traits
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How to recognize a gay
How to recognize a gay

There were many awkward situations when a girl likes a guy, and after numerous attempts to get his attention, it turns out that he is, in fact, homosexual. But who would have thought. Until now, most people are shocked to learn that their favorite actor or singer was hiding their homosexual orientation, and soon come out.

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  • 1 Homosexuality defies stereotypes
  • 2 Psychological methods for recognizing a gay man
  • 3 How to distinguish homosexual from heterosexual

After that, people become interested in what they missed, what they did not notice, and most importantly, how, in this case, to understand how to recognize a gay. To answer these questions, the article will look at all the possible ways that are more likely to help identify a homosexual in a crowd.

Homosexuality defies stereotypesi

The time has come when the established stereotypes break down. Global changes have not spared homosexual men either. Borders are blurring between homosexuals and those who show a desire to look good. Modern heterosexual men have long ceased to be associated with a sweaty, overly hairy, unkempt body. Men, like women, began to take good care of themselves. Monitor your appearance, clothing, food.

Now no one is surprised that a man strives for a beautiful, presentable appearance. This means that he carefully looks after himself and provides the body with the necessary cosmetic and cosmetological care.

To see a guy at a manicure table or in a stylist's chair in a beauty salon has become the norm in everyday life. Guys also follow fashion, because they have the right to want to dress beautifully and expensively. It's not just women. The main thing is that the material condition allows. The manner of wearing shirts in gentle and light colors has also become commonplace.

This behavior cannot be attributed to a manifestation of homosexuality. An effeminate figure, short legs, plump lips and lack of facial hair are not reliable signs of homosexual orientation.

There are many homosexuals in the world with a fit figure, strong physique and beard. According to scientific studies, there are many more homosexuals with a "masculine" appearance than heterosexuals. Therefore, henceforth, you should not completely rely on these stereotypes.

Psychological methods for recognizing gay men2

The issues of homosexuality were taken seriously by scientists and psychologists-sexologists. Research has been carried out to determine the most effective methods for determining orientation in men:

how to recognize a homosexual
how to recognize a homosexual
  • Test - questionnaires. Psychologists foresaw that the majority of the subjects would respond in such a way as to impersonate themselves "white and fluffy." Therefore, the so-called "scales of lies" are used to help. To begin with, the simplest questions are asked, such as: "Have you ever lied to close people?" There is no doubt that everyone, in one way or another, committed minor offenses. But, if a person strongly goes into denial, then he is lying. And other questions will be answered in a similar manner. For greater accuracy, in some psychological tests, the same question is asked several times, but in a different formulation.
  • Projective tests. The subject is offered images and asked to describe them in his own words. A person with an alcohol dependence (or just a heavy drinker) will see everything related to drinking. The principle is the same with sexual orientation. All explanations will, directly or indirectly, talk about same-sex attraction. What associations there are more, then a person puts at the head of his priorities.
  • Morphological. Scientists have done a lot of research to analyze the morphological differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals. For example, a certain recognition principle was identified based on characteristic facial outlines. In the course of experiments, scientists have found out that it is pointless to find differences in little things. You need to pay attention to common features. According to the collected statistics, most gays have wide-set eyes, wide faces, not oblong. Sharp elongated chins and straight narrow noses are less typical for them. They also have a wide jaw.
signs of gay
signs of gay

Mathematical and Behavioral Methods. It is naive to believe that in this age of technology, you can count on the preservation of privacy. Using special technological and algorithmic methods, it is possible to calculate which sites and how often a person visits. According to what groups a person is in, what articles and photos he likes, the time he spends while viewing certain pages, you can determine his possible preferences

How to distinguish homosexual from heterosexual3

Due to the lack of awareness of the obvious signs of a homosexual orientation, many sometimes confuse homosexuals and heterosexuals. Therefore, studies were carried out during which statistics were established. She suggests a list of distinctive features of homosexuals:

  • ignoring the girls around him as potential partners;
  • frank consideration of representatives of the same gender;
  • easy communication with girls, implying only friendship;
  • avoiding discussing personal life.
How to recognize a gay
How to recognize a gay

Excessive mannerisms are inherent in homosexuals. This can be justified by the inability to behave in society. However, it is worth paying attention to the feminine hip walk (model walk). Shouting distinctive hand gestures (swinging, standing with arms at your sides). Also, certain attention is attracted by the manner of communication: most often a high voice, communication in raised tones. In the course of the research, a certain reaction to alcohol, specific gestures were revealed. In particular, a soft gait, comparable to a woman's.

But the surest way to recognize a gay is to ask him himself. Sometimes a question "on the forehead" can greatly upset, alienate a person from himself. Gays are very sensitive natures, and can take this for judgment. But, with a trusting relationship, when a man is confident in the reliability and loyalty of the environment, he himself will reveal his secret.

And how to become gay is worth learning in our article at the link.

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