The Man Offers To Live Together: What To Do If The Guy Offers To Move In?

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The Man Offers To Live Together: What To Do If The Guy Offers To Move In?
The Man Offers To Live Together: What To Do If The Guy Offers To Move In?

Video: The Man Offers To Live Together: What To Do If The Guy Offers To Move In?

Video: The Man Offers To Live Together: What To Do If The Guy Offers To Move In?
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the man offers to live together
the man offers to live together

The offer to live together is not always desirable for girls. Immediately before her eyes, a stereotypical picture arises, where she spends a day at the stove, cooking his favorite borscht, washing clothes and endlessly collecting scattered socks around the apartment.

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  • 1 How to understand when it is time to move in
  • 2 Is it too early?
  • 3 Objective pros and cons of living together
  • 4 Cons of living together
  • 5 Pros of living together

The imaginary horrors of family life for some are replaced by a picture of those who believe that they will now sit by the arm on the sofa and watch romantic films. How to understand whether a couple is ready for a relationship, why a man proposes to live together and what are the more pros or cons of such an experience? More on this later in the article.

How to understand when it's time to move in i

Joint relationships and everyday life of the most romantic couples make a semblance of a stereotype about a grumpy girl who does not allow even a step without her knowledge and a guy who dreams of breaking free for at least an hour. It's good if both immediately understand that common life and problems will have to be divided equally and there will be no more parents nearby who will solve everything, buy, call, fix.

On the other hand, a guy can take a closer look at a girl in everyday life and decide whether she is suitable for a joint future or not. Civil marriage, as it is customary to call cohabitation in society, is a double-edged sword and it will not work even for an eminent psychic with the most accurate connection with space to predict what he will bring with him. If the move is not initiated by the girl, but the man offers to live together on his own initiative, then you should think carefully whether the couple is ready for such experiments or is it worth postponing with the new status.

Relationships can be safely transferred to a new level and come together if:

  1. As trite as it may sound, we have already discussed the prospect of living together. If there was such a conversation, and general opinions on this issue coincided, then perhaps this is a signal to try to live together. It is especially great if, even before the start of cohabitation, responsibilities were assigned in advance.
  2. The guy's shortcomings do not piss off. His little quirks and peculiarities do not frustrate and are accepted with understanding. The guy also should not constantly make comments about what infuriated him at the first stage of dating. This is a small guarantee that it will not be a surprise for two, that people are not perfect and a loved one can be disgusting.
Offer to live together
Offer to live together
  1. Both saw each other in different states, but this view did not scare away, and did not turn away from their beloved. The sight of a guy with a hangover is half the trouble, but a girl without makeup sometimes looks completely different. In the morning you still want to wake up and see each other sleepy and shaggy? It's time to move in. There is nothing further to be afraid of! Nearly.
  2. A man is able to provide a constant flow of finance to the general budget, and a girl is ready to spend time on food and the comfort of a shared apartment. A common model of relationships looks like this, but if you want, some of the responsibilities can be shifted onto each other. Is the discussion of this issue and the distribution of roles, competent budget planning becoming a stumbling block on the way to a common life? Then it is too early to think about joint.
  3. Living together is easier than traveling constantly from city to city or often looking for an apartment to be together. Living together will resolve the issue of the essentials and help to strengthen the confidence that the right person is nearby, and the time was not wasted.
Living together
Living together
  1. It is interesting for a couple to be together. Common interests, travel, vacation with friends fills with emotions and topics for discussion. And if alone there is something to discuss and it is not painful to sit and look at each other, then there is the prospect of starting to live together.
  2. It is worth moving in if the wedding is coming soon. It will be useful to get used to the fact that now you have to live in new circumstances with your loved one. Mutual help, grinding in characters and joint solution of issues will be easier away from prying eyes and advice from relatives.

Is it too early?

It is foolish to argue with the statement that every first girl from an early age dreams of her prince and the moment when he will take her to the castle on a white horse. So the prince has outlined and offers a joint castle, but is it worth agreeing if a man offers to live together? A number of signs will help determine that it is too early to think about a joint future on the same living space:

Living together seems like a great chance to fix him and tame the reveler and the ladies' man to a permanent tray, oh, home. This is how relationships don't work. This is either two people working on development, or just a waste of time. Shared apartment will not solve anything, he will still go to friends

How to make you live together
How to make you live together
  1. "All my friends are already married and give birth on the second, and the worse I am?" There is no reason to gather envy of friends and a desire to prove in spite of the fact that adulthood has already come. Especially if the adults are 19-20 years old.
  2. Parents are fed up with constant monitoring. Here is more of their mistake. If you want to leave parental care at any cost, why not rent an apartment with your friends in half?
  3. It is hoped that living together will bring the prospect of getting a marriage proposal closer. What if both are not ready for a separate life and this will destroy the couple? This also needs to be calculated in advance.
  4. It is not worth moving in if there is no financial independence. The couple will face the issues of paying bills and a rented apartment in a month and it will be too late and stupid to run to their parents. If romance strikes in the head and it seems that everything will be solved as in a fairy tale by itself, then this does not happen.
How to offer to live together
How to offer to live together

Objective pros and cons of living together3

As in normal relationships, life in a civil marriage has its own strengths and weaknesses. Unspecified moments and a different attitude to living together creates difficulties, and over time it can become boring at all and there will be a longing for the past, when there were meetings a couple of times a week. Before you browse the sites with apartments and recover into the distance to a happy common future, it is worth weighing the pros and cons in advance.

Cons of living together4

  • the girl feels like a wife, and the guy considers himself free without a stamp in his passport;
  • she is waiting for the wedding now, and everything suits him;
  • there is no escape from the endless inquiries of relatives and friends, everyone is waiting for the wedding;
  • the couple may begin to quarrel over trifles, which will turn life into unbearable conditions;
  • when parting, it is difficult to divide common property.
How to want to live together
How to want to live together

Pros of living together5

  • easy to get together, just as easy to take things away and leave;
  • an excellent platform for testing strength in the form of resolving issues about payment for services, repair, fixing a tap or socket;
  • a chance to look at a loved one from a different angle;
  • you no longer need to be a prince and princess with perfect manners, a shared apartment will reveal your true nature;
  • the girl will be able to appreciate the guy as the head of the family, and he will appreciate her as the mistress and potential wife.
Living under one roof
Living under one roof

Cohabitation for some is a terrible dream, and the second dream of it and wait for an opportunity so as not to part with a loved one. To agree to an offer to live together from a man, you need only with full confidence that two need it, and not because it is so convenient, fashionable and everyone does it.

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