How To Cheer Up A Girl In Correspondence: Ten Most Important Tips

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How To Cheer Up A Girl In Correspondence: Ten Most Important Tips
How To Cheer Up A Girl In Correspondence: Ten Most Important Tips

Video: How To Cheer Up A Girl In Correspondence: Ten Most Important Tips

Video: How To Cheer Up A Girl In Correspondence: Ten Most Important Tips
Video: 10 tips on how to cheer up your girl (friend or girlfriend) over a text 2023, June
How to cheer up a girl in correspondence
How to cheer up a girl in correspondence

Girls are not easy creatures. It is difficult to understand them. But not impossible. How to cheer up a girl in a text message? What to talk to her about? What not to talk about? When can you ask for a date?

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  • 2 Wait for the weather by the sea
  • 3 How to kill your chances of success
  • 4 TOP tips on how to cheer up a girl in correspondence
  • 5 Go on a date

If you, friend, have decided to use modern technology to find a girl, then approach business wisely.

Step one i

Your profile in the application / social network should be attractive, you know?

And, at least, do not frighten.

It doesn't matter if you continue to communicate with a girl you know or are just trying to establish contact with a mysterious stranger.

She will go through your account, subscriptions and make a dossier on you.

Perhaps he will show you to the circle of his close friends, so that they make the final verdict.

Get your profile in order in advance. Doubtful posts and subscriptions - remove. Remove risky photos.

Trust me, an account on a social network / dating app can tell more about you than a mother.

If we are talking specifically about a dating application, then the girl has little room for research. It plays into your hands.


Even modest information about yourself can be presented tasty.

Let's start with a photo. If a girl has already seen you live, she at least knows what to expect.

A beautiful stranger, met by you in the open spaces of Tinder and liked by your manly finger, is unlikely to want to play the lottery.

We all know that a huge number of not the most attractive personalities are walking on the Internet. In order for a girl to want to communicate with you, you must interest and win over her.

Super mysterious photos, which show half / third / quarter of the face - to hell. Group shots, which depict five people at once - there.

How to cheer up a girl in correspondence
How to cheer up a girl in correspondence

Do you seriously think that the girl will wonder which of the crowd in the picture deigned to write to her?

Why should she make an effort if her photo with a cleavage and an innocent smile collects dozens of likes in an hour?

A profile description containing modest information about height and weight guarantees you the same modest chances.

What are your merits and positive qualities? “Mom says I'm beautiful” - doesn't fit, if anything.

Wait for the weather by the sea2

There is a category of guys who believe that like a photo of a girl they like and then do nothing is the perfect way to meet.

Liked the photo. I waited. Two hours later, he fires a second shot of likes. Waiting.

“Well, now is the control shot. If she doesn’t react in any way, then it’s not strong and necessary!”

She really doesn't need it.

Or did you think that for your priceless like, she would immediately pounce on you and tear off your (and herself) clothes? Why on earth?

Let's turn to dating apps that rely on likes. In some of them you will not be able to start communicating with a girl if she does not respond to you with “like” reciprocity.

Cheer up a girl in correspondence
Cheer up a girl in correspondence

In all other cases, you will have to take the bull by the horns yourself.

How to kill your chances of success3

Just ask her one of the three key questions: "How are you?", "What are you doing?", "How are you?"


These are the three horsemen of the Apocalypse for any acquaintance.

Sickeningly neutral questions that have set you on edge, do not evoke any emotions, which will not help you get to know the girl better.

All the more it will not work to make her laugh.

Girls hear these original phrases at every step.

- Hello!

- Hello.

- How are you?

- Fine and you?

- Also. What are you doing?

- Yes, nothing.

How to correspond with a girl
How to correspond with a girl


An incredibly interesting dialogue, isn't it? You literally conquered the girl from the first letter. She's definitely yours now!

Why is this "gentleman's set" hopelessly outdated and does not make girls want to continue the conversation?

It's hopelessly outdated

Who was the first to think of starting a dialogue with a little-known girl in this way? Unknown. Perhaps such correspondence can be found in the archives of rock inscriptions. Or in letters that were passed with pigeons.

In short. This seduction scheme hasn't worked for a long time.

It does not contribute to the development of dialogue

Will you tell a stranger about how your "affairs" really are? About having an ass at work and in your personal life, you had a fight with your best friend, and the cat vomited on your new sweater?

Hardly. Although, such a non-standard answer to the banal "How are you?" will definitely be remembered for a long time.

But he doesn't guarantee you a date.

How to correspond with a girl
How to correspond with a girl

More often than not, such small talk comes to a standstill. And they are not saved even by bombardment with emoticons.

She won't remember you

Standard phrases like unwelcome photos of members are almost never appropriate. The more male fans / friends and acquaintances a girl has, the more often she answers these questions.

She won't know anything about you

The dialogue will come to a standstill, and the first impression will be completely unimpressive. What does she learn about you except that you have all the "norms)))"?

In the age of rapid consumption of information, we have become terribly lazy to waste our time on boring things.

And you're not even a video with a cat.

You won't know anything about her

Consequently, you won't know what topics to talk to her about, what you can joke about, and what you can't.

Time goes by, internet traffic is wasted, and you still don't know anything about her except that she has very photogenic breasts.

Tips on how to cheer up a girl in correspondence
Tips on how to cheer up a girl in correspondence

A little more about failed dating phrases:

Joking tackles like "Didn't you hurt when you fell from heaven to earth?"

Here: “Are your parents by any chance terrorists? Then where did they get such a bomb? and so on. Use these sophisticated tackles only as a joke. When you are already with the girl normally communicate and began to discuss banter tackles. All.

"Let's get acquainted?", "Can I get acquainted?"

Another losing option. Especially when such pick-up artists confuse the rules of writing-come and-go. This is generally a delight. The girls immediately go into ecstasy.

Why are these phrases bad? All the same.

Boring, corny, uninteresting. If your profile is so-so, and there are no decent photographs, then thin female fingers are drawn to print "no".

TOP tips on how to cheer up a girl in correspondence4

Here we come to the most important thing. Striking up a conversation is half the battle. If you are a good conversationalist, that's great. If you have a cool body and a pretty face, great. But if your sense of humor is tight, then nothing can be done about it.

Don't memorize jokes

Open any article on the topic “How to cheer up a girl in correspondence / on a date, etc.

Tips on how to cheer up a girl
Tips on how to cheer up a girl

There they will write you a whole script, right down to dialogue.

Well, you learn this perfect chat / perfect date scenario and what next?

And if a real girl dares to deviate from your intended scenario, what will you do?

Don't rely on an article on the Internet, a joke from the Internet, or a memorized stand-up comedian talk. And even more so, do not try to appropriate other people's jokes.

There is no perfect scenario. There is no perfect joke. Girls love a personal touch. We’ll talk about him now.

Points of contact

Find out in advance what she is interested in. Movies, TV shows, books, etc. Ideally, it would be nice for you to fumble about what she likes. It will be much easier for you to joke about a topic in which you understand.

Humor for the elite

Can you appreciate a joke about a highlighter or a shiny nail polish? Hardly.

So she will not get a joke on a topic that does not come into contact with her circle of interests.

Risky humor

If a girl likes cynical, vulgar jokes, grab her in your arms and carry her on a date.

Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean

In general, be careful when cornering. Feel for the boundaries in advance that you cannot cross.

Don't make fun of her

Only an absolutely confident person can calmly take jokes in his address. And only in two cases: when the joke comes from a loved one; when it's really funny and not offensive.

Do not overdo it

Some guys think that the more units of humor you put out per minute, the better. But the point is, quality, not quantity, rules.

The same cheerful guy, from whose jokes the girls themselves unbutton their bras (apparently, something like this is what these hardworking humorists imagine) does not strive to be a clown 24 hours a day. He is not always cheerful and cheerful. He doesn't always joke. He's an ordinary man, damn it. An adult, reasonable man. He just has a good sense of humor and he knows how to see funny things in everyday life. All!

Therefore, you do not need to overdo it with humor either in real communication or in correspondence. Especially if the girl still doesn't really know you and only guesses that you are not quite a complete jester.

Do not leave at the expense of others

Do not try to rise at the expense of your friends, making fun of their shortcomings / complexes / shameful stories that should be kept secret.

It looks pathetic. And in this way you do not inspire any confidence in yourself.

And the most disastrous move - jokes about the ex.

How to joke with a girl in correspondence
How to joke with a girl in correspondence

First, revelations about ex-boyfriends and girls are dangerous in and of themselves. Some couples refuse to discuss this topic with each other at all. Like, what happened is gone. Others decide to have a frank conversation when trust arises between them.

Forget about the habit of immediately throwing out all your emotional baggage at the stage of dating.

Also, remember that a man who throws mud at his ex is the most non-sexual. Reminds of a little girl who wants to be pitied.

Know how to laugh at yourself

If you learn to laugh at yourself, you can get out of the water in any situation. You will either turn any mistake or careless statement in your favor, or smooth out the effect produced.

But remember about the sense of proportion. You should not immediately talk about all your shortcomings. Even if it's funny.

Although statements like “Don't offer me a threesome. If I wanted to disappoint two people at once, I would go to my parents' really leave behind a special aftertaste. But for an amateur, let's just say.

Personal experience

Guys and girls who bear the title of "soul of the company" always have a couple of murderous stories in store. Upper class - to tell something terrible or sad so that everyone falls down with a fit of Homeric laughter.

Jokes in correspondence with a girl
Jokes in correspondence with a girl

Learn to tell stories in a way that is fun to listen to (read). If nothing interesting happens to you at all, start leaving the house at least on holidays.

Write correctly

If a girl herself manages to make three mistakes in a word, it means that she has problems with knowledge of the Russian language. Or she doesn't bother. Or you write so clumsily that while reading your manuscripts, she began to forget what literate speech is.

In all other cases, keep track of what you write. You don't have to follow all the punctuation rules. But, in no case, do not put, damn, commas, where, not, you need. This is fucking annoying.

Doubt about the spelling of a word? Googled. Learn the spelling "put on" and "put on". Make friends with -sya and -s.

Let's go on a date5

You can invite her to meet right away. “Hi, my name is Anton, I love coffee and interesting places. Let's go tomorrow to * the name of the place *. There is such a cool interior that Instagram will crash when you post pictures. Coffee, by the way, is also good. There's also an emergency exit so you can escape if you like me less than a latte. Are you in business?"

Or talk to the girl, find out how she lives. Discuss a couple of interesting topics.

If a girl willingly makes contact, do not pull the cat for this very place and make an appointment.

Tips on how to joke correctly in correspondence
Tips on how to joke correctly in correspondence

Dating apps and social networks are full of guys and girls who immediately "merge" when asked to go offline. If you are too indecisive, your interlocutor will quickly get tired of communicating without continuing. For she will mistake you for one of those social-phobic lovers of online communication.

So what do we have?

  1. Write correctly
  2. Don't tell your girlfriend jokes from the Internet.
  3. The quality of the jokes is more important than the quantity.
  4. Questions like "how are you?", "What are you doing?" Is a surefire way to die alone.
  5. Laugh at yourself.
  6. Do not make fun of her and third parties.
  7. If there is mutual sympathy, do not hesitate with an invitation to a date.

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