How To Understand If A Man Likes You: The Secrets Of Revealing Male Sympathy

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How To Understand If A Man Likes You: The Secrets Of Revealing Male Sympathy
How To Understand If A Man Likes You: The Secrets Of Revealing Male Sympathy

Video: How To Understand If A Man Likes You: The Secrets Of Revealing Male Sympathy

Video: How To Understand If A Man Likes You: The Secrets Of Revealing Male Sympathy
Video: 7 Body Language Signs He DEFINITELY Likes You | Dating Advice for Women by Mat Boggs 2023, June
man and girl at sunset
man and girl at sunset

If for a man the happiness of a girl is above his own, then he really fell in love. But, sometimes it becomes very difficult to understand the feelings of a man. If he is harsh, he will not show his interest, and his manifestations of sympathy may be too rude. Where to look for the truth?

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  • 1 Standard signs of male love
  • 2 A man in love is mysterious and ambiguous
  • 3 Why does the guy hide his feelings?
  • 4 Hidden love
  • 5 Glance and sign language
  • 6 7 signs of sympathy according to psychologists
  • 7 7 signs of sympathy according to sexologists
  • 8 Romance from a callous man
  • 9 Lesson summary

Standard signs of male lovei

Psychologists tend to generalize, so they identified the standard signs of falling in love. But if he does not observe such manifestations, then this does not mean a lack of interest.

  1. A man is on the same wavelength with a girl, inspired by her. Accepts common goals and visions for the future, considering her happiness as his own.
  2. He sees her flaws, but still considers her perfect. He likes her body, eyes, smile, gait. Little pranks and features.
  3. Keeps all its commitments and promises. Proves his feelings by actions.
  4. Deeply respects a woman's life, her interests and dreams. Makes decisions based on her opinion.
  5. Develops relationships and strives to preserve them, shows activity and involvement.
  6. I am ready to help and support. It's not only about physical, but also emotional help in difficult times.
  7. Makes plans for the future. In his vocabulary there are no "you" and "I", he is building a joint future.
  8. Experiencing the joy of spending time together, distracted from external problems next to his girlfriend.
  9. Doesn't react to her past, accepts the present. For him, a joint future comes to the fore.
  10. Introduces them to their friends and parents, devotes them to their circle of contacts and interests.

The answer to the question “how to understand the feelings of a man” is simple, because a loving partner proves by actions, deeds. If he is comfortable with his chosen one, then he considers this relationship as long-term. Interested in their continuation.

Matvey, 27 years old

“Masha and I did it very interesting. I fell in love with her at first sight, I was already shaking next to her, my knees were trembling. For two weeks I walked around the bush. And then he bought two tickets to the cinema, went up to her and affirmed that we were going to the cinema today! She smiled, agreed. After the movie they went to my place and so she immediately lived with me and stayed. Eight years of marriage, I'm happy"

understand a man's feelings
understand a man's feelings

A man in love is mysterious and ambiguous2

Sexologists repeatedly insist that a man should be judged only by comparison. Assess his condition before and after falling in love. If there are dramatic changes, then you can count on a long-term relationship. If there is no change, then the guy is indifferent.

Ladies tend to build castles in the air. He held the door to the office for her, and she had already imagined herself in an ivory dress at the luxurious altar, covered with flowers. He puts her wedding ring on her finger, so they already have three children. But in fact, the behavior of a man in love is not always logical and he often tries to confuse the girl of interest, as he is afraid of rejection.

The reasons may be different, but the result is the same - the relationship ends even before it begins. The woman gets tired of waiting for the first step and switches to a more daring contender for her hand and heart. This does no honor to a shy man. It seems to them that the girl will wait from them for action all her life.

Konstantin, 29 years old

“I remember when I worked in a large office, I fell in love with Irka from the second floor. She was so beautiful, plump! But he was so afraid that she would refuse me, that he kept quiet in front of her, was afraid to speak. He was angry with himself for six months until he saw her with Pasha from the accounting department. While I was waiting, he acted. After that incident, I never fell in love. Already three years one"

How can you understand the feelings of a man
How can you understand the feelings of a man

Why does the guy hide his feelings? 3

What men should be afraid of and how to understand how they feel if they constantly hide them and show disinterest. The reasons for secrecy can be psychological and emotional. They are afraid to look weak. Such specimens are sure that only girls demonstrate emotions, a man should be harsh and firm! Retains imaginary dignity and loses the woman he liked - two in one.

The fear of rejection and learning about the lack of reciprocity goes much deeper. The fear of rejection begins to outweigh strong feelings, leading to emotional distress. Such guys accumulate suffering into anger and break out on those who are close to them.

A separate category of men simply do not believe their feelings. It is difficult for them to understand that they have really fallen in love and have strong emotions for the girl. Logically, you want to trust your mind, but your heart longs for the chosen one. Materialists analyze their feelings for a long time and take the first step only when they are convinced of their truth.

Independent, determined - lonely. Unfortunately, many men abandon relationships just because they are afraid to become dependent on the fairer sex.

Fedor, 34 years old

“My love began with a struggle with myself. Fell in love so that palms sweated as soon as he saw her.

how can you understand men's feelings
how can you understand men's feelings

Now Lilya has been married for nine years, there are two children. And then I was afraid to find out that I was unsympathetic to her. How I called myself mentally, forced me to come up and could not. At work, everyone was already making fun of me. And Lilya just smiled and waited for the first step from me. I remember in the morning I brought her a box of chocolates, where I put invitations to the theater and wrote that she could go with me or with someone else. By the end of the working day, she came up and gave me the second ticket, saying that she agreed"

Hidden love4

Psychologists and sexologists agree on one thing that most men seek to hide their feelings. The eminent journal on psychology has published the result of a sociological survey twice: 74% of guys intentionally hide their feelings. Of these, only 21% decide to take the first step in the next couple of weeks.

Everyone else either drags on the story endlessly, cherishes their fears and old grievances, or decides to step back. It is noteworthy that 9% of the respondents decide to abandon the relationship without even knowing if the chosen one is disposed towards him.

It is difficult even for a professional psychologist to predict the actions of a lover. Lyrical impulses, passionate compliments, sudden conversations about art. Men are even worse at controlling mood swings during falling in love than girls.

about male feelings
about male feelings

He strives to be there in all available ways. Does the chosen one love sports? This means that instead of beer in front of the TV, they will sign up for the same fitness center. Does she like to run in the morning? Go for a run at the same time. To help a man means to show his interest. It will help to carry bags, hang a picture, fix a computer.

How to understand that a guy likes you? After reading our article, this question will no longer arise.

The guy is ready to compromise, even to the detriment of his own interests only for the one in whom he has strong feelings and interest. She makes concessions, agrees with the opposite opinion, supports her views on any issue. He does not pretend to be an authoritative expert, rather he listens attentively and nods.

Boris, 19 years old

“When I fell in love with Tanya, I couldn't refuse her anything at all. I bought everything I wanted, did any things. He understood that he was using me, but could not help himself. We broke up after three months, as soon as I analyzed the relationship and refused her purchase of the tablet."

Look and Sign Language5

It is difficult to understand how a loving man behaves, since all men are different, but non-verbal signs will help to recognize his favor towards you. A complex psychological analysis is available only to a professional, so it is worth dwelling on simpler, eloquent things. The man looks with sincere sympathy. The look is filled with delight, admiration! He admires the chosen one, her every gesture and body bend.

understand a guy's feelings
understand a guy's feelings

The man is worried and his palms are sweating. This will easily and quickly betray his love, because he is very worried next to the one that he likes. It is a bad sign when a guy crosses his arms over his chest or brings his thumbs and forefingers together - this characterizes his indifference and closeness.

Involuntary touching is part of the game. The man tries to touch the lady, touch the arm or shoulder. Brush off a lint, accidentally touch your hand, helping to put on a jacket, and so on. He wants to be as close as possible to the object of heightened interest. Demonstrating jealousy is another overt sign of how to understand a man's feelings.

7 signs of sympathy according to psychologists7

  • Increased interest in the girl's personal life and interests. He is trying to find out about the current marital status, the reasons for the collapse of past relationships. He asks for an opinion, asks for advice and is unable to hide his interest.
  • Long eye contact. An interested man will not "wander" around the room.
  • Wants to be part of the conversation. Takes an active part in the discussion, tries to push the lady to flirt, to joke in a kind way.
  • The social network is always there. Replies messages in detail and replies quickly. Likes photos and posts on the wall, is bolder on the web than in real life.
how to understand male feelings
how to understand male feelings
  • Ready to help. This is especially true for social situations and interactions. He will give you a lift by car and help you solve problems.
  • A partner in love rejects other young ladies. He communicates only with his beloved, minimizes communication with others.
  • Eager to spend more time together. Chooses a meeting place so that the girl likes and remembers it.

7 signs of sympathy according to sexologists

  1. I began to devote more time to my own appearance. Attends a barber, dresses stylishly.
  2. She talks about her merits, unconsciously advertising herself for her chosen one.
  3. The lady listens attentively, even if she talks about things absolutely alien to him.
  4. Finds out information about her from others. Asks friends, colleagues and acquaintances.
  5. Examines social media profiles. Examines photos, studies wall posts, communities.
  6. Open jealousy is a bright sign of a man in love, even if he flaunts it as protection.
  7. Strives to be in sight as often as possible. Catches the eye at work, also visits a cafe, etc.
How to understand a man's feelings
How to understand a man's feelings

Roman, 25 years old

“When I fall in love I become very distracted. I think about her all the time, I want to spend time together as much as possible. I am interested in everything connected with it, even some trifles seem important. The guys at work laugh at me, but I don't care. So happy when in love"

Romance from a callous man6

Love makes men very romantic, even if they try to hide it. Nice notes, bouquets of flowers, a chocolate bar at lunchtime. Cute pleasant things that the chosen one will definitely like. A man in such moments becomes very kind and a little absent-minded, he smiles stupidly and makes gifts. With the rest of the young ladies he behaves as usual and literally "melts" next to the one he likes.

You can learn how to understand a man's feelings by observing him from the side. All feelings are sharpened, especially responsibility. Even if the girl is not his, he seeks to protect and protect her. Defends the opinion of the lady at work and in the team, defends her point of view, openly comes into conflict with "opponents". Modern model of the office knight.

A man in love is in the clouds. He can whistle a melody, look out the window for a long time, get lost in thoughts about it. A blissful smile and an absent look are indicative signs of undisguised love. For young guys, falling in love turns into a series of courtship, for mature men it is a demonstration of their own advantages.

how to understand a guy's feelings
how to understand a guy's feelings

Another factor - the guy does not seek to regard the lady. On a date, where he twists his nose, snorts when she talks about her hobbies, there is a standard "fit" or "not fit" rating. A man in love will be absorbed in her story, looking at her with an admiring look full of delight!

For more information on how to understand a man, read the link.

Summing up7

Psychologists will tell you how to understand the feelings of a man. But girls have enough natural intuition to draw reliable conclusions. His behavior, non-verbal communication and reactions will betray the young lover. Only the girl decides to take the first step towards or wait for an action from him. If the sympathy is mutual, then you can make it easier for him and just talk.

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