Who Are Gigolos And How To Distinguish Them From Real Men?

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Who Are Gigolos And How To Distinguish Them From Real Men?
Who Are Gigolos And How To Distinguish Them From Real Men?

Video: Who Are Gigolos And How To Distinguish Them From Real Men?

Video: Who Are Gigolos And How To Distinguish Them From Real Men?
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How to recognize a gigolo
How to recognize a gigolo

The previously popular male name Alphonse, which was worn by the Count of Toulouse, Provence and Forscalquier, the King of Naples and the Bishop of Ambrén in the mighty Russian language became a common noun denoting men living at the expense of their wives or mistresses, in general - women. Most often, in order to obtain material benefits for himself, the gigolo simply falls in love with a financially secure woman.

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  • 1 Psychological portraits of different types of gigolos
  • 2 "Correct content"
  • 3 "Household stuck"
  • 4 Alphonse at one time
  • 5 How to avoid the status of "victim of gigolo"

In most cases, relationships are established and kept on an intimate bond between him and his victim. In addition to sex, a man with this kind of character has absolutely no obligations to a lady. Basic tips on how to recognize a gigolo at a glance will help many women save their nerves and money.

The biggest risk of falling for the gigolo is with self-sufficient, financially independent women. An apartment, a car, your own business or a shiny crankcase - they have everything, everything except romance and gentle tender words of a man in love.

This is where the main danger lurks - together with the rapid appearance of such a man head over heels in love, savings can also rapidly disappear. This is at best, at worst - along with savings, family diamonds, apartments, houses, cars, and sometimes the business itself disappear. And the lady who has hung her ears remains at a broken trough along with her outstanding loans and debts. But how to recognize a gigolo is not known to everyone.

Moreover, the consequences of such "pathological" love often have to be ironed out for a very long time. Here, tears cannot help grief, and it can take months or even years to restore the former financial situation. Which, of course, cannot be said about morale. In some cases, such a betrayal, a woman can neither forgive, never forget, subsequently positioning the meanness of the gigolo on all representatives of the opposite sex.

Psychological portraits of different types of gigolosi

Most psychologists in their research identify several main types of men - gigolos:

tips on how to recognize gigolo
tips on how to recognize gigolo
  • Classic gigolo or gigolo with fraudulent habits;
  • "Correct content";
  • Household "stuck";
  • Alphonse at one time.

It is from the specific type described below that how to recognize the gigolo will depend.

A fraudster, or a classic type, is rightfully considered one of the most dangerous and, accordingly, terrible. He bases all his clear and effective actions on carefully prepared in advance planning of strategies and tactics of behavior. Only experienced gigolos - top-class professionals know how to behave this way.

The goal of the aerobatics masters is to “pump out” the maximum amount of money from the woman they have chosen. That is why, already at the stage of preparation, they try to choose a richer victim. But, beyond the name of the owners of oil factories or chocolate factories, as an exception, they can pay attention to a young lady with an average income level - the main thing is not to earn money for herself.

This type of hunters for women's money always looks flawless, you never know when he will have the opportunity to "roll up" to the goal of his pursuit. He is dressed up and down, his manners are perfect, he also does not have to go into his pocket for a word - sweet speeches by themselves fly off his well-groomed face.

how can you recognize a gigolo
how can you recognize a gigolo

And what is actually surprising here, because the fact that women love with their ears has long been generally known. Real womanizers of high qualification are also very good at throwing dust in the eyes and winning women's hearts. It's as easy for them as snapping sunflower seeds on the porch.

Observing the gigolo's appearance, one can immediately understand what kind of bird he is pursuing. The richer the chosen victim, the better the “hunter” will look - more expensive clothes and perfume, more sophisticated manners and, oddly enough, much less pressure during the “hunt”.

The experience of previous victories guides them in the first place. It is thanks to him that they know exactly which representatives of the weaker sex they like the most. Proceeding from this, they choose the most suitable object for themselves.

Most men of this type have the same tactics and strategy of conducting "warfare" - they persistently and swiftly bombard the lady with an avalanche of compliments and, as a rule, inexpensive, but very cute and romantic gifts. Bouquets also become an integral part of dating, sometimes it can be very sophisticated compositions.

tips on how to recognize a gigolo
tips on how to recognize a gigolo

The created entourage, which in most cases can be envied by eminent theater directors, helps to completely "turn off" the ability of rational thinking in a woman's brain. But, quite naturally, it requires a certain budget for expenses from the gigolo himself.

The moment when "the victim has swallowed the bait", an experienced gigolo feels unmistakably. It is when the female psyche is already struck outright and the period of active actions of the hunter for other people's money begins. Here he takes all his trump cards out of his sleeve and begins to play the game for high stakes.

In order to get the desired result, an experienced womanizer has already prepared a sentimental story in advance. As a professional, he is able to find the right key for every woman's heart. After all, what one woman "falls for", the other will not. But, in any case, the whole story is aimed at getting the woman to shake out her own pockets as much as possible. How the most common options are used:

  • Unsuccessful investments;
  • Determining a fatal diagnosis requiring immediate treatment is naturally costly;
  • A banal theft of a large amount of money that absolutely accidentally ended up in his hands.
how you can recognize a gigolo at a glance
how you can recognize a gigolo at a glance

In principle, there is no limit to the flight of imagination for experienced hunters for women's money. In all variants, only the ending is the same - he urgently needs an impressive amount of money. According to psychologists, a woman who has been well "processed" by this time is capable of giving up without delay everything that she has, just in order to save him, her beloved and the only one. Unfortunately, this situation is quite typical for those ladies who have not figured out how to recognize the gigolo.

The development of events takes on a completely different turn immediately after the required amount falls into the hands of the fraudster. This moment is the start of his complete disappearance from the life of a naive and gullible fool. In order to cover their tracks as thoroughly as possible, high-class gigolos often "work" under fictitious names. The hardest of them even have fake passports. Often, in order to hunt, gigolos move from their hometown to a foreign one and, having completed their dirty business, immediately return to their homeland.

"Correct content" 2

This type of gigolos is notable for its youth and beauty. Such "catalog options" consider themselves to be so ideal that they do not even admit the thought that they, such wonderful ones, may need to work on their own. That is why they go in search of a wealthy woman who is ready to pay for the luxury of having a young and beautiful body.

how to recognize gigolo tips
how to recognize gigolo tips

This type of hunters for women's money is rightfully considered the most honest of all. They do not even think about hiding their true intentions from the fairer sex and honestly admit that they intend to live, eat and visit solariums, swimming pools and fitness clubs precisely at her expense.

That is, honest gigolos to some extent represent such permanent prostitutes. For everything that a woman provides them, they pay in full, satisfying her sexually and, attending social events with the lady, cause genuine envy of friends, acquaintances or business colleagues.

It should be noted that in this case the woman cannot be called a victim with certainty. On the contrary, her life cynicism is clearly visible here, because she is perfectly aware that she is simply buying for herself a young, beautiful and athletic fit body.

"Household stuck" 3

In the modern world, this type of gigolo is the most common and most women quite legitimately call it the name given by the state - "husband". Yes, yes, there is absolutely nothing to be surprised at.

how to recognize gigolo
how to recognize gigolo

No one has yet canceled the fact that an officially registered spouse with a stamp in the passport cannot be the very "legalized" gigolo. He lives in the same apartment with his wife (and possibly with children, whom he often reproduces). At the same time, he does not work and puts all the worries about himself, his beloved, on the shoulders of his dearest half.

At the same time, some representatives may still from time to time try to hang their wife "noodles" about the fact that this is all temporary and there will come a moment when he "unwinds" (they will appreciate at work, raise in rank, appreciate and recognize his important invention for society) and his faithful will live like in a fairy tale.

Here are just a fairy tale, voiced by a spouse-gigolo, turns out to be lifelong (of course, if a woman does not get tired of taking the noodles off her ears and does not drive such a “breadwinner” out of the house). By the way, often the wives of such storytellers are more fully aware of the fact that the husband is led by banal laziness and she should not count on his huge earnings even in her wildest dreams.

Another category of husbands, sitting on the neck of their wives, chooses a slightly different strategy of behavior - they are supposedly purposefully looking for a job, but dull employers cannot appreciate the consummateness and value of a potential employee and either offer him to work for a pittance, or even refuse workplace.

is it possible to fix gigolo
is it possible to fix gigolo

If a woman tolerates this behavior of her own spouse, this directly indicates her notoriousness. To expel such a lazy person from the house, she is hampered by banal hopelessness and fear of being alone. Although, in the opinion of those around him, it would be better to live as it is sung in one of the pop hits of the past years - "it's better not, instead of somehow."

Alphonse at once4

This type of gigolo is also not particularly dangerous. All their activities, as the name implies, are aimed at obtaining one-time benefits. As a rule, we are not talking about large sums of money.

Most often, such a "little man" will simply dine at a restaurant at the expense of his companion, spend the night in her luxurious apartment once or twice, or "borrow" money for the jeans she likes, since she simply forgot his wallet at home.

Only one thing is terrible for gigolos of this type - even the most experienced women who have seen Crimea, Rome and copper pipes fail to recognize them. This is directly related to the fact that the situation of involuntary “extortion” of money occurs immediately during the first date. And the highlight is that, being the first, it automatically turns into the last.

How to avoid the status of "victim of gigolo" 5

If you do not take into account the last of the above types of gigolos, then it is, of course, incredibly difficult to recognize a gigolo in a pleasant and sociable man who smells of exquisite perfume, but still real.

how to recognize a gigolo at a glance
how to recognize a gigolo at a glance

By and large, both classic gigolos and their "household" brothers in the workshop do not particularly hide their intentions to live at the expense of women or take advantage of the financial flow of the "beloved lady". Such quite open actions allow a woman to determine in time what kind of snake she has warmed on herself. But, there are exceptions here. As they say, love is evil, you will love a goat.

In principle, the actions of a classic gigolo, if he really is a highly qualified specialist in his field, are smart, cunning and, accordingly, extremely well planned. The main advice for potential female victims is the sharpening of attentiveness and observation during dates with the handsome man they like.

The first alarm bell should be an increased interest in financial well-being, having your own home (apartment, car, yacht, business, family antique jewelry or a collection of Picasso paintings).

If almost immediately after meeting a man tries to get comprehensive answers to all these questions, and besides, he is additionally interested in the number of close relatives, you need to keep your ears open.

tips on how to recognize gigolo
tips on how to recognize gigolo

Naturally, there is still a weak and almost ghostly hope that all this is a common banal interest or an attempt to simply maintain a conversation, but especially hope for it. Otherwise, the risk that personal well-being will go along with the "loved one" is very high.

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