How To Understand If This Is Your Man. Or Take Your Word For It?

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How To Understand If This Is Your Man. Or Take Your Word For It?
How To Understand If This Is Your Man. Or Take Your Word For It?

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strange guy
strange guy

How to understand whether this is your man, for this you need to ask yourself, what can I give this man? What joyful communication with me will give him. What is there in me that can interest a man and what he will not find in other girlfriends? These questions provide food for thought for a self-sufficient woman who is used to taking the situation under her control and into her own hands. The days of infantile girls are gone and gone forever.

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  • 1 If fate, then you will not bypass it and will not go round
  • 2 Girlfriends twisted their fingers to their temples
  • 3 About solitaire and not only

Today, a woman controls her life independently, she is financially independent (at least it should be), and does not hope that a man should provide for her. Help - yes, provide - should not. There is no need to grab the first steam locomotive and jump into the last carriage of a departing train - this is life-threatening in the literal sense. A man has the right to freedom of choice and no one can force him. Love spells, lapels - it all ends badly for both parties.

If fate, then you cannot bypass it and you cannot go round it

If a woman is destined to get married, then she will get married, even if she will sit at home in a dressing gown behind closed doors. This is what knowledgeable people say, verified. Women should calm down and not anger fate, everything will come in due time. And nobody is forbidden to tell fortunes, to dream. You can always estimate. Suppose two people met - he and she.

There was an interest in how to understand whether this is your man. We begin to look closely: he makes plans for living together - this is a plus. They are talking about where and how you can arrange housing - well, this is definitely a wedding tomorrow. And before that, what happened. Every minute he is with you, he calls, dreams of meeting, he doesn't notice other girls, he fulfills your desires, he introduces friends and mom, first of all - an idyll. And most importantly, the woman should like it.

Whatever one may say, but this is still an addiction: without him, you will not go to the cinema or to a party anymore. Sometimes it's annoying. Or a woman suddenly begins to accept his advances as if he owes her and transfers her to the category of an errand servant. And so he ran, ran, looked into the eyes, and there was emptiness, only mercantile interest. The woman looked around, and the boyfriend disappeared. It's a shame. And the analysis begins: I knew, I saw all the signs. How to understand whether this man is yours are laid down in simple postulates:

how to find your man
how to find your man

I introduced my mother, but only by phone,

I showed it to my friends, but only on Skype,

you have no common interests,

you understand humor in different ways,

trust never developed between you,

there is no trembling in the knees and does not catch your breath at the sight of each other,

you are not in the first place with each other,

you always need to play some role, then mothers, then mistresses,

you just don’t like the way he eats: for example, he champs, and what, it happens

With these signs, the couple has no chance of a long life. Do not try to get used to it, it will not work, irritation will grow, you still have to look for another pair.

Girlfriends finger to the temple twisted2

Marriages are made in heaven - a true saying. Suddenly, at the sight of a man, a spark pierced the heart of both yours and his. And at the same time he is oblique and lame, and even lisps, but for you, well, just a handsome man. It was the "enemy" Cupid who wounded both of them with his arrow. You cannot order your heart, and how to understand whether this is your man, the signs have nothing to do with it, what was, then I fell in love.

how to recognize your man
how to recognize your man

Girlfriends twist their fingers at the temple, and the woman, without any doubt, marries him. Several years pass, the husband has changed, he is beautifully dressed with taste (the wife has good taste), his hair is beautifully cut, the lisp gives a certain charm and everything is in order with money. And the same friends who twisted their fingers at their temples now say: "You feel good, you have a husband, he takes care of you." This is at best, otherwise you can hear something like this: “Do you have such a husband, you look worse than him.

So I would make him a good match. " Nothing shines for such envious women, they usually have no one to apply the signs of compatibility, there are simply no free men in their environment, because they look at the result, but they themselves do not want to do anything, hoping that they will be chosen just like that, for no reason. Here is a beauty sitting, playing solitaire on a non-existent man, and he was there.

About solitaire and more3

By the way about solitaire. If a woman meets a man and they have a relationship, and a woman is suspicious by nature, then how to understand whether this is your man, you can do a few simple steps.

Check your horoscope - the stars don't lie. You can turn to astrologers, as they do in India, the wedding will only be if the astrologer gives the go-ahead. You can just look at the compatibility tables, especially the table of vector marriages, when people in no way live together.

how to understand which man
how to understand which man

And in the end, resorting to prediction on the Tarot cards - they are fateful and not heeding their advice is at least imprudent. On the street is the 21st century - the century of spirituality and enlightenment, the century of the revival of ancient knowledge. This knowledge has been tested for entire eras, not that for centuries. People collected them bit by bit, watched the results, wrote them down in manuscripts, we only had to decipher, study and apply them in our daily life.

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