How Not To Bump Into Inadequacy On A Dating Site

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How Not To Bump Into Inadequacy On A Dating Site
How Not To Bump Into Inadequacy On A Dating Site

Video: How Not To Bump Into Inadequacy On A Dating Site

Video: How Not To Bump Into Inadequacy On A Dating Site
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How not to bump into a pervert on the site
How not to bump into a pervert on the site

Weird types of people are not uncommon on dating sites and apps. You already have to invest a lot of effort to find an interesting man. And then there are the inadequacies, who only do what they shake their nerves with their vulgar messages. What to do in such cases? On this topic today we will talk.

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  • 1 Choose the right application
  • 2 Find the right photos
  • 3 Try free versions
  • 4 Geography settings: one of the important aspects of security
  • 5 Do not link your account with social media pages
  • 6 Don't be afraid to complain to the administration
  • 7 Precaution at first meeting

Choose a suitable applicationi

If you decide to get serious about dating, then the best thing to do to get started is to analyze the existing application market. On different resources, the sets of available functions may differ in the most dramatic way. According to modern estimates, there are now over 7,500,000 dating apps in the world - so the choice is wide enough. It is worth stopping at the service that has the most built-in security features, and there is an opportunity to complain about inadequacy.

One way or another, it is unlikely that it will be possible to completely insure yourself against a meeting with the inadequate. But you should definitely be able to block an oversized user and send a complaint to him.

Even when registering, you should believe if you can control the visibility of your profile. Avoid those applications that are allowed to exchange messages before users have expressed mutual interest. There are resources in which mutual sympathy is first required for the possibility of correspondence.

Find the right photos2

It would seem that this truth should be obvious. But all the same, one cannot fail to mention this: if you do not want to once again attract the attention of the inadequate, you do not need to publish your candid photos. If for adequate users such a photo will only cause a desire to make a compliment, then for inadequacy it will serve as a red rag.

girl in swimsuit
girl in swimsuit

Try free versions3

Most dating apps offer both free and paid versions. But do not rush to fork out for a paid account. First, test the application to see if you are satisfied with the set of options.

Geography settings: one of the important aspects of security4

Many online applications use user location data. On the one hand, it is convenient - you can find an interesting interlocutor who lives nearby. But on the other hand, it jeopardizes your safety. Make sure the application you are using allows you to control the displayed information about your location. Complete strangers shouldn't know where you live at all.

Do not link the account with pages in social networks5

Most of the modern dating apps like Tinder, for example, offer users the ability to share data from social networks. But keep in mind: the more information you disclose about yourself, the greater the threat of persecution from inadequate men.

How not to meet a pervert
How not to meet a pervert

Some more helpful tips:

  • In the dating application, it is also not recommended to use the same photo that is installed in your social networks. When creating an account, add only unique photos.
  • After the first date - or better yet, during the first few meetings - keep texting your new friend within the app. Yes, it may be uncomfortable for you to refuse a guy who asks to be added as a friend on social networks. But it is much better in the future to laugh at prudence than to run into inadequacy. Remember: at first inadequate types always dress up in the attire of educated "holy men". So even if the guy seems adequate to you, the extra security measures still won't hurt.
  • As for the phone number, for the first meetings you can get a separate SIM card, and not immediately give your permanent number.
How not to meet a pervert on the site
How not to meet a pervert on the site

Don't be afraid to complain to the administration6

Most dating apps provide users with the ability to report rude and offensive photos. Therefore, first of all, do not forget to take a screenshot of the message. As a rule, the administration asks for specific data when contacting, since they do not always have the opportunity to read the correspondence between users. Then the moderators block the user without the possibility of re-registration.

In an ambiguous situation, when it is unclear whether the message is offensive, it is usually inadequate to receive a warning first. The administration takes him out anonymously (that is, he does not know who filed the complaint). If another complaint is received against this user, he is automatically banned.

Remember that harassment on dating sites and apps is a violation of both applicable law and the rules of the app itself. Therefore, do not allow yourself to be bullied: the moderators will always be on your side.

How not to meet a pervert on a dating site
How not to meet a pervert on a dating site

Precaution in the first meeting 7

Be careful on your first date. Don't leave your drink unattended. It might even be worth taking a self-defense tool with you - for example, a pepper spray or a powerful flashlight. Also, do not forget to tell a friend or loved one that you are going on a first date. Remember: your safety comes first.

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