The Ideal Woman Through The Eyes Of A Man. How To Find The Ideal?

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The Ideal Woman Through The Eyes Of A Man. How To Find The Ideal?
The Ideal Woman Through The Eyes Of A Man. How To Find The Ideal?

Video: The Ideal Woman Through The Eyes Of A Man. How To Find The Ideal?

Video: The Ideal Woman Through The Eyes Of A Man. How To Find The Ideal?
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The ideal woman through the eyes of a man
The ideal woman through the eyes of a man

At all times, men appreciated ideal women, only historical epochs and ideals were different, and the ladies were both ideal and lovers. There are such people now.

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Despite the fact that the media are trying to impose a certain image on the fairer sex, passing it off as the criteria of an “ideal woman in the eyes of a man”, there is a firm belief that anyone can become an ideal woman. Why is a man attracted to a woman as close to the ideal as possible and what does the stronger sex mean by the concept of "ideal woman"? Let's figure it out.

Historical moment

For a long time, a man tried to choose the most comfortable woman for himself. Historically, it so happened that the traditional feminine qualities - softness, thriftiness, pliability and homeliness - have become the criteria for a real ideal woman.

Later, in an era when humanism finally came into its own, beauty, education and intelligence were added to them.

In the modern world, an ideal woman in the eyes of a man is considered a successful, comprehensively developed girl who was able to build a career and develop the skills and habits necessary for creating a family.


And films, books, and magazines try to make young girls complex about their appearance, trying to impose on them stereotypes invented by unclear who. Obviously, it is simply beneficial for various companies that people buy cosmetics, special underwear or various products for body transformation. In pursuit of an imposed ideal, ladies often forget which woman is actually ideal in the eyes of a man.

ideal woman
ideal woman


"Big breasts, long blonde hair, slender legs, flat stomach and rounded hips" - this is how most historical evidence of ancient times describe the ideal woman, but it is worth noting that the model that was previously considered the standard of beauty is already outdated in the modern world, because now people have begun to invest completely another meaning in the concept of "ideal".

An ideal woman through the eyes of a man ceased to be just a beautiful figure; at the beginning of the new millennium, the character and soul of the partner, his worldview and attitude towards his chosen life partner became incredibly important.


An ideal woman through the eyes of a man is a lady with a kind heart and a soft, flexible character. Representatives of the stronger sex prefer women who are aware of their femininity and their mission - to be the keeper of the hearth.

For a long time, men value modest girls with a simple and gentle character, because a wife is chosen for a long life together, and it will be important for any gentleman to know that his wife is ready to yield to him and obey him in everything.

The reliability of a woman is her main asset; at all times, a faithful and intelligent wife was valued much more than a beautiful or insatiable lady of fate. This is the main quality of an ideal wife, not a temporary life partner.

the character of an ideal woman
the character of an ideal woman

Sexual activity5

Men are much more susceptible to the desire for sex than women, so sometimes gentlemen are mistakenly attracted to women of easy virtue, whom they perceive as sexually active ladies. In fact, British scientists have found that a married woman is much more insatiable than an unmarried woman.

An ideal woman through the eyes of a man is one whose biorhythms of sexual desire completely coincide with men. In other words, she wants sex exactly at the time when her chosen one wants it.

"Darling, come on like animals" 6

Wildness and insatiability in sex is one of the main positive traits of a woman from a man's point of view. Males are naturally inclined towards an active sex life, therefore a lady who loves to have sex with her beloved man often and for a long time is highly valued by her companion.

However, not all men, for one reason or another, have a high level of libido, and not all representatives of the stronger sex are able to fully satisfy a woman, and not all ladies are set up to receive only physiological pleasure.

Statistics show that for most women, it is important, first of all, the warmth and care that a gentleman shows towards her. In second place are the personal characteristics of a man, his attitude to work, alcohol, smoking, and only in third place is the sexual power of the chosen one.

sex with a perfect woman
sex with a perfect woman

The ideal woman in the eyes of a man is the one who accepts him for who he is and behaves naturally.

Trust and care7

As one wise man said: "The main thing is that the girl knows how to bake pies." Indeed, the ability to cook and handicraft, the manifestation of care and respect for a man - these are the very qualities that make a woman ideal in the eyes of any man. Each of us strives for understanding, wants to live in a comfortable, cozy and trusting atmosphere, therefore, the one that will be able to create such an aura in the house and will be an ideal woman in the eyes of a man.

And how to become an ideal wife, you will learn from our next article on the link.

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