What To Write About Yourself On Tinder To A Guy Or A Girl: TOP 100 Phrases

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What To Write About Yourself On Tinder To A Guy Or A Girl: TOP 100 Phrases
What To Write About Yourself On Tinder To A Guy Or A Girl: TOP 100 Phrases

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two girls with watermelons
two girls with watermelons

It is hardly possible to surprise anyone with flirting, and even more so with acquaintance on social networks. However, young people continue to make gross mistakes when communicating with the opposite sex on social networks. Someone scares off potential gentlemen with excessive straightforwardness, someone, on the contrary, blocks his way to happiness with shyness. Therefore, speaking about flirting on the net, it is important to remember that the very "golden mean" is appropriate here.

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Today in the virtual space there are a sufficient number of sites for dating and communication. Everyone can easily choose any of them that will fully satisfy his needs. Tinder is one of the most popular communication and dating apps today. Its undeniable advantages include:

  • Convenience;
  • Nice interface;
  • Millions of profiles of those people who really want to meet;
  • Geolocation search, the radius of which can be set independently.

Don't forget that the information "About Me" in your profile requires special attention. It is good if it is a competent, laconic text with a share of self-irony. So you will be able to stand out from the general mass of those who want to get acquainted and create a little intrigue that prompts you to get acquainted. Below are examples of the most successful presentation messages that will allow you to generate interest from the opposite sex from the first minutes.

What to write about yourself on Tinder for a girl ___ Tinder

  • No time to explain - I'm perfect!
  • I love to wear tall heels, so if anything, I will not catch up.
  • If you have been looking for a stunning person for a long time, then you can safely stop looking. She is in front of you!
  • I can talk about myself for hours, but I prefer to do it in private.
  • When you meet me, all your stereotypes will collapse like a house of cards.
  • There is no more mysterious person than the one on whose page you are now.
  • I can easily agree to an invitation to a restaurant in an evening dress. But I have nothing against a morning run in sneakers.
girl on a red background
girl on a red background
  • If your life lacks drive and adrenaline - congratulations. You will find it in my face.
  • I fulfill my cherished dreams. For nothing, please do not disturb!
  • Next to me, you yourself will be surprised at your superpowers.
  • I often heard the phrase that ideal people do not exist. And each time, going to the mirror, I was convinced of the opposite.
  • To "hello, how are you?" I do not respond. Therefore, it is good if your vocabulary can at least surprise me, and at the most - make me happy.
  • In an active search for someone who will regularly wish me "magic dreams".
  • They say living without a dream is harmful. Therefore, I never stop dreaming of a real feeling.
  • Grandma says I'm just a honey!
  • For some, a headache, for others, real happiness. How lucky!
  • If you do not like to rush things, then write to me.
  • Caution! Communication with me is a strong addiction!
  • It will be great if next to you I can behave as naturally and naturally as at home.
girl with teddy bear
girl with teddy bear
  • Are you not afraid of difficulties and always achieve your goals? So we are on the way.
  • Any mom will easily like it. Checked!
  • I will give an ocean of love and a drop of tenderness to those who are not afraid of the storm.
  • I sincerely believe that my half is sitting on this site.
  • Is it legal to be so attractive and lonely?
  • I always say what I think. If this does not bother you at all, write.
  • I am looking for a strong and reliable one. Weak and frivolous, please swipe to the left with confidence.
  • I will not say that it will be easy with me. But I guarantee exciting adventures.
  • Connoisseurs of external beauty, as a rule, I ignore.
  • Don't even think about playing with me.
  • I can easily support any intellectual conversation. With a worthy companion.
  • I have a well-developed sixth sense. I strongly advise against checking this in practice.
  • On requests to send photos from a certain angle, I usually ask the same!
girl with marshmallows
girl with marshmallows
  • Are you bored and lonely? Nothing happy lately? Write to me, I will infect you with the positive.
  • I'm not looking for anyone on this site! But, as a true lady, I can change my mind in a matter of seconds.
  • There are only two criteria that I am guided by: you have to make me laugh, and then surprise.
  • Dear Men! I have no doubts about your charisma. So please do not send me her photo in the first message!
  • I feel equally comfortable both in heaven and in the underworld.
  • I love to walk in the pouring rain. I do not lose hope to meet my destiny in the person of a young and sexy pharmacist.
  • There are no flaws in me! But the neighbors do not agree with this.
  • I am the owner of small neat ears. Therefore, even the most "delicious spaghetti" will not stay on them!
  • I am looking for a partner to jointly eat fried potatoes straight from the pan.
  • I'm not looking for a prince! A simple nobleman would be fine.
  • As practice shows, at first glance I am “nothing special”. But if you look closely …
  • I study in absentia, I work two jobs. And I would just like to love!
girl with a towel on her head
girl with a towel on her head
  • I know how to make it fun, but I'm not ashamed!
  • My man doesn't have to be handsome. He must be a Man.
  • Knights, princes and other owners of "blue blood"! Please ignore my humble persona.
  • I enjoy watching football and going fishing. Yes, yes, I exist!
  • If I didn't reply to the first message, don't give up! Persistent start and win!
  • Before you write to me, carefully weigh the pros and cons.

What to write about yourself on Tinder to a guy ___ Tinder-2

  • Clever. Handsome. Self-sufficient. And, as you may have noticed, he is talented.
  • As a real man, I'm not afraid of anything! Except for the look of the future mother-in-law.
  • I am looking for the one that I will anger and love until the end of our days.
  • My job is to propose, yours is to agree.
  • I solemnly swear to look in the same direction with you on all joint photos!
the guy on the bike
the guy on the bike
  • I read the insidious witch plans from the first message. Divorced three times.
  • I create problems. I can easily solve them.
  • I give gorgeous bouquets. With or without reason.
  • I have minor vision problems. Therefore, I prefer tactile contacts.
  • A representative of that endangered subspecies that speak and do it right there!
  • I have amazing taste. Therefore, every now and then and strive to eat me!
  • I like to cook, but I can't.
  • I'm used to female tantrums. Many years of experience.
  • In a past life, I was definitely a prince. How else to explain my craving for fairy-tale characters.
  • I prefer relationships based on trust and honesty. Therefore, girls whose photos have at least one filter, please do not worry!
  • Mom said - it's time!
  • I love breaking stereotypes: I dream of a daughter!
  • There is an opinion that the sexier the guy, the less he can be trusted. Well, in general, you know how reliable I am.
  • I will warm even the most inaccessible Snow Queen with my warmth.
guy on a blue background
guy on a blue background
  • I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't go to the left. And yes, I'm still a real character.
  • I assure you that I will not disappear like your mascara at the first trouble!
  • Impudently pleased with himself!
  • I proudly declare: my parents are proud of me.
  • I was not noticed in vicious relationships. Bit I'd like.
  • I often make mistakes in people, although I was an excellent student at school.
  • The egoist and the altruist perfectly coexist in me.
  • I hardly know the feeling of jealousy. But still I strongly advise against checking this.
  • I'll show you the route to the seventh heaven!
  • I will not beg for your secrets. But I will not refuse recognition.
  • I'm getting married. Once and for all!
  • I prefer beautiful friends and smart enemies.
  • I ended up on this site against my own will. Oh lovely stranger, come and free me!
  • Don't look at my profile for too long and silently. Doubt steals pleasure!
  • I don't like millionaires, but I plan to become one of them in the near future.
guy and girl on a blue background
guy and girl on a blue background
  • I dream of going through life, tightly holding the same hand.
  • I am addicted to everything sweet.
  • In fact, my IQ is slightly above average. It's just that the glasses really suit me.
  • I'm real. I hope you too.
  • Far from perfect, but I'm not lying!
  • I dream of meeting the one for which I will move mountains.
  • I will always live by my own rules. But with your corrections.
  • If you have unlimited patience, then we can try!
  • I am looking for one that is based only on my own feelings. Because rumor has it I'm that guy.
  • I am professionally fond of dancing. I will captivate you too!
  • Attention! If there are no intricate designer things in your photo, I'm ready to invite you for a cup of coffee.
  • It's a sin for me to complain about nature. I owe her.
  • I would like to believe that my train has not left yet.
  • I love to surprise! But not everyone is happy about it.
  • I'm used to getting my way. So if I liked you, don't blame me.
  • I will easily meet even the wildest hopes.
grandfather on orange background
grandfather on orange background

So, after registering and creating an ideal profile, in your opinion (and not only), experienced pickup artists advise you to immediately proceed to action. After all, who knows, perhaps today only a couple of swipes separate you from your fateful acquaintance?

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