Who Is Gigalo? Alphonse, A Parasite Or A Cunning Psychologist?

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Who Is Gigalo? Alphonse, A Parasite Or A Cunning Psychologist?
Who Is Gigalo? Alphonse, A Parasite Or A Cunning Psychologist?
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who is gigalo
who is gigalo

The term "Zhigalo" is familiar to many and carries a negative connotation. But not everyone knows what this word really means, and who is called that. So who is this burner? Originally this was the name given to men who were hired as dance partners in nightlife restaurants or to accompany them at events. At the moment, this is the name of the men working in the field of providing escort services. Few know that in ancient times in France this term was used to define a pimp, a lover of a woman of easy virtue.

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Gigolo? Burner? I

Time passes, and the modern world is not free from representatives of such activities. It is believed that gigalo and gigolo are different names for the same essence. However, there is some difference. For example, gigolos are men who live off rich ladies. But they themselves find the women they need, lure them into a trap, showering them with gifts, compliments. This is a move of charm - to confuse, to show that he was led by the beauty and mind of a beautiful lady.

But few people take into account that the gigolo can immediately see single women deprived of attention. Therefore, well-dressed and able to maintain a conversation, men immediately go ahead and attract the ladies with their "impeccability", so that, at the right time, ask for a favor, including a monetary debt or registration of something expensive on the woman's account. Worse, if the courtship of the "ideal chosen one" is followed by a banal robbery, followed by disappearance.

Who is Gigalo and why not gigolo? Gigalo are similar to gigolos in that men of this type closely monitor their appearance. They not only keep their figure in proper shape, but are also interested in modern fashion in order to always be "in trend" and please the eyes of potential clients. Gigalo, like gigolos, live off the ladies who are not deprived of wealth.

However, in this case, the women themselves hire the gigalo, discussing their further services. Men bypass this term and give more preference to "escort". After all, escort services do not only consist of sex. "Priests of Love" provide themselves to ladies who are able to pay for their wishes, as psychologists, escort or just a pleasant company. So that the client's environment drew attention to the charming gentleman.

Such representatives of the stronger sex try not to shine on social networks. They are often found in nightclubs, restaurants or other interesting events, attended mainly by older women.

Mechanisms of influence and profit2

In the modern world, fewer and fewer preferences are given to a pretty face with a tanned and toned body. And men working in this service sector have known this for a long time. Therefore, now many of them understand not only fashion and beauty, but also business, politics, female psychology (which is important in such a "profession") in order to be able to maintain a conversation on various topics.

k / f Man on call 2
k / f Man on call 2

k / f Man on call 2

Interestingly, most women, especially ladies over the age of 40, are interested in men with charisma and brutality. And of course, those understand this and use it for their own purposes. So, a good business is built on women's weaknesses. And in business, unscrupulousness is necessary, otherwise nothing will be achieved.

According to the research of psychologists - sexologists, it can be safely noted that the main and only goal of gigolos and gigalo is material support. Some gigalo men shared that they get decent earnings from such a profession. For example, men who are interested in themselves can earn about 40 thousand rubles in 3 hours of work. And many already have their own client base.

For several years of such work, you can earn not only the reputation of the best escort representative and your own apartment, but also reach a new level of respectable businessman.

Supply and demand3

But making a meaningful profit from such activities is very difficult. In the West, men and women have long been providing escort and sex services on an equal footing. In Russia, they are not used to this. The percentage of sites that offer men for hire is zero compared to those that offer women. The maximum from domestic ladies is to call a stripper at home. The sale of sex services in this case is only assumed, but as such it is not. This is also due to the subculture of the sexes.


Zhigalo vehemently avoids the concept of male prostitution, because sex is not always included in the list of services. It can also damage your reputation. Escort men most often agree only for escort as a gentleman, to divert the eyes of others. On rare occasions, the evening ends with sex. Usually intimate services are negotiated and paid separately.

According to Gigalo respondents, there have been more and more successful and independent women, which cannot be said about men. For this reason, the demand for this type of service on the part of women is only increasing every year, albeit not so noticeably. But it turns out that the "priests" themselves have a new problem - a high level of competition.

According to sexologists, men, on the one hand, show respect for their clients, who were able to become successful in their business and do not complain about the lack of funds in their bank account. On the other hand, this can be regarded as a kind of pity and mockery of such a woman. They turned out to be strong in order to gain success and independence, but they were not able to find for themselves someone who would love them, and not money. On the third hand, there is honesty. After all, gigalo do not hide their goals, do not deceive women for profit. The ladies know what they are doing.


Unfortunately, there are less and less decent men. But those who are ready to put on a mask of false sincerity and play on the feelings of women are becoming more and more. So it's important to know that Gigalo isn't just a handsome nightclub stripper. This is an insidious womanizer, playing with his muscles and charisma to satisfy women's whims. They are much more skillful in words of love, and women are ready to pay large sums for a couple of minutes of blissful speech.

Therefore, you need to be more vigilant and rely not only on beautifully spoken words, but also on the actions of men, so as not to get into intricate games.

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