How To Hint A Guy About A Gift: TOP-3 Best Ways

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How To Hint A Guy About A Gift: TOP-3 Best Ways
How To Hint A Guy About A Gift: TOP-3 Best Ways

Video: How To Hint A Guy About A Gift: TOP-3 Best Ways

Video: How To Hint A Guy About A Gift: TOP-3 Best Ways
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The main problem of interpersonal relations is the inability to speak correctly with the interlocutor. A girl counting on a kind and generous attitude towards herself from a man does not know how to say what she wants. Not all representatives of the stronger sex understand women's hints about buying a purse or other trinket. How to hint a guy about a gift and not turn into a parasite?

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  • 1 Why young people do not give gifts to their girls
  • 2 Difficult financial situation
  • 3 Partner's stinginess
  • 4 Male age
  • 5 Shy girl
  • 6 Family relationships
  • 7 Three effective ways to hint a guy about a gift

Why Young People Don't Give Gifts to Beloved Girls

First of all, you need to understand the reasons for this very strange phenomenon. A man's reluctance to spend money on a girl can have five reasons.

Difficult financial situation2

Men are afraid to show weakness in front of girls. He will never admit to having financial difficulties. Therefore, when talking about upcoming holidays, the representative of the stronger sex will begin to change in face and will dodge the topic. Despite the lack of money, the girl can be pleased with an inexpensive gift, for example, made by hand.

Partner's Avarice 3

If a man keeps track of the budget, never gets into loans, then such a guy is confident in the future and any girl will feel next to him like a stone wall. But sometimes a healthy economy translates into a manic unwillingness to spend. For such young people, the wallet is locked with several reliable locks. You won't get an unexpected present from them, a bouquet of flowers for March 8, and for the birthday of his beloved, he can give a cup or a set of dishes.

how to ask for at
how to ask for at

Age of man4

After thirty-five years, any representative of the stronger sex considers himself an old man, unable to feel true love. Such a partner, while walking, is embarrassed to take a girl's hand, kiss her in a crowded place and even hug her when meeting. The candy-bouquet periods remained for him in the distant past, when ice cream cost ten rubles, and the trolleybus fare was only five.

Shy girl5

The fair sex simply does not know how to ask for what she needs. She answers all questions about possible gifts in the negative and says that there is no need to spend money on her. A man does not understand how to behave correctly and simply forgets about his duties.

Family relationships6

If the parents of a young man have never confessed their love to their partner, for all the holidays they gave very strange, everyday gifts and did not give compliments to their soulmate, then their son with a hundred percent probability will not show feelings for the girl and spend money on her whims.

Three effective ways to hint a guy about a gift7

Getting the present you want is not always easy. Having figured out the reasons for the reluctance of men to spend money on a gift for their soulmate, you can proceed to the main and most important advice on cunning, female manipulation.

how to hint at at
how to hint at at

First way: work with other examples

Men are very social creatures. They are constantly jealous of each other and try to do better than their neighbor. A woman can easily take advantage of this by saying that in pair X, the husband gave his wife a serious wedding anniversary gift. Then you need to make sure that the man heard the thought accurately and calmly translate the topic. The young man will not show his interest in the problem immediately. He will not call a close friend and find out where he can get a fur coat at a discount and save a lot. Instead, the guy will start looking for an excuse to give his girlfriend a gift, which is no worse than what the husband did in married couple X. The comparison method has been for many years. Despite this, it loses its relevance and helps a woman get what she wants.

Second way: find a cheap analogue

The market for Chinese handicrafts, branded and expensive items is very diverse. Not every girl can tell the difference between an original Gucci handbag and a good replica. If the girl is still caught in a fake, then you can complain to your husband or young man about it. Then a self-respecting guy will definitely not tolerate bullying of his soul mate, he will take out a wallet and buy the desired thing.

Method three: look what a beautiful bag

A man loves with his eyes. Therefore, it is best for girls to show the desired thing, and not just talk about it. Looking at the handbag with her partner, a woman can add a couple of phrases praising the product and, slightly bulging with unexpected delight, snuggle up to the man. If from the first time the young man did not guess about the desire of the second half, then you can repeat the hikes for the desired object several more times. The main thing is to take your husband to the department with fur coats or other things unobtrusively and very carefully. Also, do not go to shopping centers more than twice a month.

how to get at
how to get at

The answer to the question "how to hint a guy about a gift" is quite simple. It is important to use advice wisely and not to pressure your partner. Then the man himself will be happy to give his girlfriend a gift and will be satisfied even with an empty wallet.

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