How To Invite To Stay Friends? The Right Advice

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How To Invite To Stay Friends? The Right Advice
How To Invite To Stay Friends? The Right Advice

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Stay friends
Stay friends

Unfortunately, sometimes a relationship needs to end. Some exes declare war on each other, but for most couples, it is preferable to "break up in an amicable way" and leave only the best memories of themselves. It would seem that parting and maintaining a positive attitude towards each other is not difficult, however, the question of how to offer to remain friends worries many couples.

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Why is it important to stay friendsi

If, in adolescence and young age, the reasons for maintaining relations with former lovers are the same, then for people who have lived for many years in marriage, these reasons are different. If a person has to leave a painful relationship, then it will be not about friendship and maintaining further communication, but first of all about forgiveness. If you continue to resent a person, then the situation can repeat itself over and over again.

Young people, whose hormones literally boil in their blood, are very impulsive in their actions. They can fall in love quickly and fall out of love just as quickly. But why spoil a relationship with a person who was once admitted into your life and considered close? By offering to stay on friendly terms, you will be able not to lose the person to the end and thus cause less pain.

If the family breaks up, then it is paramount to maintain a positive mood in the relationship, especially if the couple has children. Whatever the reason for the breakup, work through the grievances, talk about your future fate and try to come to an amicable agreement. How best to offer to stay friends is described below.

How to offer to stay friends2

Prepare for the situation in advance

As a rule, the couple understands in advance that the separation is close. So that this does not become a blow, do not select phrases, do not go over to insulting the person, think about what you can say. The worst solution would be to send an SMS about the need to break up, because in this way, you definitely won't be able to part with friends.

How to invite to stay friends
How to invite to stay friends

Reflect on why it happened, that feelings have cooled, why it is necessary to end the relationship, and why you want to remain friends. First of all, for yourself, answer these questions honestly. The best solution would be to tell the whole truth to your partner. This will help to draw conclusions about mistakes so as not to repeat them in the future.

From words to action

Pick the right moment. To invite you to stay friends, having the right time to talk is one of the most important things. Keeping fond memories of each other will help to avoid conflict before the relationship ends. When your partner is in the most stable emotional state, invite him to talk. Tell us about your plans, what worried you and why it is better to stay on friendly terms.

How to speak better

Speak clearly and confidently. Do not hesitate or doubt the correctness of the decision. That is why think about what to say in advance, weighing the pros and cons again. Don't fall for provocations, don't go over to shouts and insults. All arguments in favor of breaking a love relationship and their transition into friendships must be supported by logically justified facts.

How to invite to stay friends
How to invite to stay friends

Honesty will be the best tool in solving the problem. Sometimes, when a couple starts talking about the reasons for their pain and dissatisfaction with their partner, at the end of the dialogue, the desire to remain friends may disappear. In addition to the classic development of the situation, there are two more scenarios - either the couple will reach a boiling point, and neither side will want to maintain at least some relationship, or the conversation will help loving people and become an assistant.

What to do next

Remaining friends, you can preserve shared memories, leave only the best opinion about yourself and minimize the pain of losing a loved one. Communication with your ex should usually be kept to a minimum. In the event that there is absolutely no one to turn to and you need help, then of course you can resort to an old friend. However, do not forget that now, people who once loved each other are no longer in a relationship, they may have new soul mates to whom they should devote time.

Reasons Against Friendship 3

Logically explaining why a couple should leave and at the same time continue to communicate on a friendly note was explained earlier. But often, the reason for the gap itself is other factors and situations.

A love relationship is also friendship, only with sex. Lack of cohabitation, but maintaining at the same time daily communication is a pathology. You should not resort to friendship if the partners still have feelings for each other. If there are no viscous reasons for warm communication, such as joint property, children, business and the like, then you can limit yourself to a few phrases during holiday greetings, a couple of times a year.

How to invite to stay friends
How to invite to stay friends

If a former partner calls everyone, often asks for help, is interested in the details of his personal life and continues to be jealous, then it is better to hint at obsession and limit communication. Parting on a positive note is a sign of high development, upbringing and humanity. This does not oblige partners to do for each other what they usually did when they were in a relationship.

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