The Nature Of Sex Attraction. Where Does The Desire For Sex Come From?

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The Nature Of Sex Attraction. Where Does The Desire For Sex Come From?
The Nature Of Sex Attraction. Where Does The Desire For Sex Come From?

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sex attraction
sex attraction

Sexual attraction is a phrase that everyone has heard. Everyone knows its approximate approximate meaning, but not many people guess what exactly is hidden under this dry term. For most, it's the banal "You're attractive, I'm damn attractive," and that's it. But, what exactly does this mean you need to figure it out. After all, the attraction of the sexes is the basis of the universe.

The content of the article

  • 1 The great mystery of nature
  • 2 The mechanism of libido
  • 3 Testosterone is the cause of male "yabbud"
  • 4 The magnificent four of the female body - the reason "I want"
  • 5 What else affects libido?
  • 6 How to increase libido?

The great mystery of nature

Sexual attraction, or, more simply, libido, is a whole complex of emotional experiences, sensations and other outbursts aimed at achieving only one goal - intimacy. This thing is available exclusively to humans. Animals are devoid of such emotions. They have only one goal - reproduction. Animals do not have “wow, what a female, I want to bang her off”, they have only “tek-s, this female is strong and healthy, so she will become a mother of cubs”. And maybe even easier. In humans, the opposite is true.

The instinct of reproduction is secondary, but the desire to "tinker" is primary. Well, what to do if people have learned to enjoy sex, and even to protect themselves. This is cool!

It should be noted that gender attraction has nothing to do with the chemistry of love. That is why the desire for sex arises separately from falling in love. Still, they may remember that "yabvdul" occurs much more often than "la-mur".

The mechanism of libido2

A bunch of all centers in the human body are responsible for the emergence of libido. This is not some kind of mystical phenomenon, it is quite well studied and amenable to control. So what affects a person's libido.

The endocrine glands are responsible for sex drive in women and men: the pituitary gland, adrenal cortex, testes and ovaries. They produce the appropriate hormones. In men it is testosterone, in women it is estrogen. Of course, both representatives have those and those hormones, and without them there is no way, all this chemistry is too complicated. If the organs are working smoothly, then hormones are released in sufficient quantities and affect the central nervous system. The central nervous system, in turn, triggers the higher parts of the brain, which are responsible for the psyche and reflexes, both conditioned and unconditioned.

With various pathologies associated with the endocrine system, there may be disturbances in the process of libido. This leads to a decrease in sex drive. Simply put, women develop frigidity, men - impotence.

But it's not that simple. In addition to physiological factors, the environment, the social sphere, and the psychology of relationships also affect the strength of libido. That is why you can be an absolutely healthy man, but at the same time suffer from sexual impotence, as well as a woman can be all right, but sex life is absolutely not interested.

why men are attracted to women
why men are attracted to women

The libido scheme is simple:

  • an object of the opposite sex appears,
  • information from it is transmitted to the senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell,
  • the brain begins to produce associations associated with pleasant memories and sensations,
  • the sexual dominant is triggered, in other words, sexual arousal arises.

All this happens in just a few seconds. In general, here it is, a conditioned reflex in all its glory.

The consolidation of a conditioned reflex is influenced by many external factors that shape it during puberty. It is clear, yes, why does this consolidation occur in adolescence? In childhood, sex hormones are not produced, which means that the libido is zero, therefore, there will be no reflexes. But the first hormonal surges are fraught. And here education and environment come to the fore.

sex drive in women
sex drive in women

Parents directly influence the sex education of a teenager. In adequate families, conversations begin long before the first views of porn videos on the Internet. First of all, this is the behavior of adults who need to be as careful as possible in the manifestation of their intimate life. The point is that the emergence and consolidation of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes associated with the first sexual experience are very strong and practically cannot be corrected.

If a teenager becomes a participant or spectator of obscene scenes, then his sex life is unlikely to be successful. This is how psychiatrists explain the development of manic needs in sex offenders. And they are absolutely right. When collecting information during a survey of sexual maniacs, it was found that they all have firmly fixed associations from childhood and adolescence.

The first sexual intercourse also contributes to the consolidation of reflexes. Hence such a desire for older partners, for certain places for sex, certain positions and attributes. Corrections are made later. But the way it happened the first time is of great importance.

chemistry between boyfriend and girlfriend
chemistry between boyfriend and girlfriend

As mentioned above, different hormones are responsible for libido in men and women. It is worth considering this moment in a little more detail, because the quality sex life of an individual representative depends on it.

Testosterone is the cause of male "yabbud" 3

In men, sex drive appears during adolescence with the onset of testosterone production. This hormone has its own indicators that allow us to draw conclusions about men's health. So, in adolescence, the numbers just go off scale, which is the reason for adolescent hypersexuality. In the future, the numbers fluctuate slightly, but after 40 years, their systematic decline begins.

So, testosterone indicators (nmol / l):

  • boys 11 - 15 years old: 0.48 - 22.05;
  • boys 15 - 18 years old: 3.61 - 37.67;
  • men 18 - 50 years old: 5.76 - 30.43;
  • men 50 - 90 years old: 5.41 - 19.54.
sex drive in men
sex drive in men

As you can see from the list of indicators, testosterone levels directly affect a man's libido.

Many factors affect the level of this hormone:

  • Not getting enough sleep. Here and non-observance of the regime, and violation of biorhythms of shift work or night adventures in bars and clubs. And no matter how people get used to that the time for sex, it's evening or night, all this is idle speculation. The best time for love joys is morning, when the body is rested and replenished.
  • Physical inactivity. Movement is life! When wiping your pants while playing "tanks" or sitting in a stuffy office, you should expect a decrease in libido, and quite quickly. You need to move as much as possible: jogging, cycling, gym. Without fanaticism, of course, but at least a couple of times a week, activity will not hurt.
  • Stress. This is the real scourge of the androgen. The more a man is stressed, the less often he is. Yeah, yeah … it is. The wives of representatives of professions full of adrenaline will only confirm the reduced libido of their husbands.
all about sex attraction
all about sex attraction
  • Irregular sex. Everyone knows the "sailor's syndrome". The longer the abstinence, the lower the libido. The same goes for excess sex. The man just burns out. That is why the “carousel” of partners leads to sexual indifference.
  • Nutrition. Fans of beach packs and dumplings are doomed to low testosterone levels. And by the way, a large amount of meat will not increase the hormone numbers. So to the lamb leg on a spit, you must add vegetables without fail.
  • Bad habits. You can now snort that, they say, I smoke and drink, but stands in such a way that you can't tear off your stomach! Wonderful! But suppression goes unnoticed. By the way, alcoholics shouldn't … Probably no one wants to check it.
  • Penis injury. A sad thing that happens. There is only one wish: less extreme in life.

But besides the physiological aspect, there is also a psychological aspect.

a man's sexual attraction to a woman
a man's sexual attraction to a woman

Men are incredibly gentle in this regard. A careless remark or bad experience can negate a man's ability. It turns out a vicious circle: something went wrong, the negative took hold, avoidance of sex began, testosterone dropped, libido dropped and again a fiasco. And men are still silent. No, in order to address the issue, they begin to self-medicate: either wrap it in burdock, or cook chicken droppings.

The magnificent four of the female body - the reason "I want" 4

In women, the hormones estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and FSH are responsible for libido. Each of them has its own role in the body of a woman, but, in general, they are responsible for female libido.

Without going into medical details, estrogen is a combination of three hormones: estrone, estriol and estradiol.

Progesterone controls the menstrual cycle.

Testosterone, a "lustful" hormone, is found in very small amounts, but its impact is enormous. The higher this hormone, the more irrepressible a woman's desire. It is nymphomaniacs that give out high levels of this hormone. But its smallest amount, on the contrary, leads to indifference.

what is sex drive
what is sex drive

What's more, low testosterone numbers can signal the onset of menopause. So it needs to be monitored no less carefully than other hormones.

FSH or follicle-stimulating hormone. He is responsible for the production of estrogen. Its excessive level leads to a decrease in libido and a decrease, respectively, the attraction of the sexes.

Unlike men, whose hormone levels are present at approximately the same level throughout their lives, in women they depend on the menstrual cycle and change endlessly. Hence all these emotional outbursts that haunt men: either an unbridled desire, or a cannon shot cannot be approached. So, an inexplicable change in a friend's behavior, and not a one-time change, such as PMS, but a constant, negative one, is a reason for going to the doctor. Most likely, she became angry under the influence of endocrine disruptions.

Anything can be the cause of the jumps. But those that are present in men are also common: stress, nutrition, physical activity, taking certain drugs, and so on.

facts about sex drive
facts about sex drive

What else affects libido? 5

Not only hormones affect a person's libido. The following factors are involved in the formation and strength of sex attraction:

  • Heredity. As always, Israel is ahead of the rest, and its experts have found the D4 gene, which is inherited.
  • Health and physical condition. Hormones have already been discussed. But it is worth remembering that poor performance indicators do not contribute to attraction.
  • Appearance. Eh, again the brunettes have the palm. No wonder they say: a burning brunette or a cold blonde. The same is true for height and physique. No wonder they say about short men "gone to the root", hinting at high sexual activity. As for obesity, it is a sign of hormonal imbalance, namely those hormones that are just the same responsible for high libido. By the way, that is why "bbw-laughter" are more attracted to mature men than "cold vobla".
why are girls attracted to guys
why are girls attracted to guys
  • Temperament. It is directly dependent on hormones. Don't repeat yourself.
  • Geography and climate. The hotter, the more passion. So the "resort romance" appears for a reason, we can say that they are overheated. Well, it's no secret that the farther south people live, the more sexually active they are. So "hot Finnish guy" is not just sarcasm, it's true.
  • Intelligence. Well, it's debatable. Many maniacs have high intelligence, while the mentally retarded can boast of animal lust. Simply intellectually developed people, without mental disabilities, are more selective and aesthetic in the choice of objects of sexual desire.
  • Psychological state. Despondency and depression kill libido completely. While a positive attitude increases your sex drive.

How to increase libido? 6

Is it possible to somehow enhance libido? Silly question if the article is read carefully. Of course you can. It is enough to deal with all the factors influencing it:

Attraction of the sexes
Attraction of the sexes
  • Check hormonal levels. To do this, you need to visit an endocrinologist, andrologist and gynecologist,
  • With a constantly negative mood, visit a psychologist who will help you understand the situation and teach you how to cope with problems,
  • Engage in your physical activity. Get your ass off the couch and just walk around. Regular walks instead of TV shows will only help you want more sex.
  • Nutrition. Real men with their kebabs and vodka will never admit that they are not all right. Excessive consumption of animal protein and alcohol only reduces libido. Nutrition should be correct and balanced.

Sexual attraction is at the heart of human sexuality. Knowing everything about this phenomenon, knowing how to keep it at the proper level, a person provides himself with a healthy sex life for many years, making it bright and tasty.

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