How To Look Sexy At Home: TOP 5 Rules And 6 Ridiculous Mistakes

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How To Look Sexy At Home: TOP 5 Rules And 6 Ridiculous Mistakes
How To Look Sexy At Home: TOP 5 Rules And 6 Ridiculous Mistakes

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booty in flour
booty in flour

The most important, strong driving and decisive force in a woman's life is her sexuality. Skills and the ability to be sexy for a woman are the most important criteria for success to keep and hold a man's attention - wherever it may be. Therefore, today the article contains the main secrets to help you understand how to look sexy at home.

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  • 1 5 rules of home sexuality
  • 2 6 common home image mistakes

It is very important for a modern man to see his woman at home looking well-groomed, confident, mysterious and sexy. At the same time, for a modern (successful, working, busy) woman, a home is such a “haven” where you want to relax, wash off your makeup, change into comfortable, long-worn slippers, collect your hair in a bun and … be yourself … The resulting dissonance often leads to the fact that a man (who sees his woman in most cases only at home) loses interest in her, she becomes for him "his usual worn-out slippers."

5 rules of home sexuality5

But still, how to look sexy at home? This is a whole science! The components of a successful image are:

  • hairstyle;
  • clothing and footwear;
  • makeup;
  • mood;
  • manners, speech and gestures.

So, according to psychologists, revealing clothes do not always speak of a woman's sexuality. But walking around the apartment in curlers, stretched "tights" is a direct path to nowhere.

Clothes are truly the hallmark of every woman. A peignoir with promising inserts and lace will impress any partner. And, as the legendary Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya said, according to research results, every fifth out of 2,000 women does not wear panties. If you still leave them on the body - let it be beautiful underwear.

sexy at home
sexy at home

Definitely, what can be argued - home clothes should always be fresh and such in which it would not be a shame to meet the man of your dreams. Standard house slippers are far from always suitable for a playful peignoir or a light dress, so if the option with a small heel is no longer appropriate, it is better to give preference to neat textile ballet flats.

Another step to understanding how to look sexy at home is getting your hair done well. This is really half the success - it is not for nothing that they say: “the way you are combed, they will listen to you,” and “what is on the head is in the head” and it will be difficult to keep the attention of a man if migratory birds have built nests on his head … Here, as they say, there is no time for sexuality.

The hairstyle is acceptable, not perfect, but promising. Loose hair - it already looks like a call for sexuality. If a tail is tied on the head, you can have a couple of playful curls in front.

A woman's makeup also plays an important role: it should be inviting, light and delicate, but certainly not “war paint”. Let's say a light make-up that emphasizes the advantageous features of the face.

how to look sexy at home
how to look sexy at home

Perfume should complete the composition of sexuality. Yes, you need to use them not only before going out, but also at home. This is a vivid sign of individuality, the personal code of a woman who cannot be compared with anyone or anything. This is a subtle alluring scent that reveals a whole spectrum of feelings, emotions and desires in a person who is with a lady.

We will tell in detail about how to always remain desirable in our article-review of life without panties.

6 common home image mistakes6

Even if the hairstyle, clothes and makeup look perfect, and the price tag on the underwear goes off scale - there is something that will ruin the home sexuality in a woman forever. What exactly should not be allowed:

  1. Rudeness (in speech, in gestures and treatment of a man).
  2. Vulgarity (external) and excessive openness (internal).
  3. Untidiness (stains on household clothes, smell of kitchen or sweat).
  4. Unrestrained chatter (this creates the impression of a cheap bazaar, not a cozy home, and turns a woman into a tradeswoman).
  5. Bad mood (yes, you need to hide it).
  6. Be like everyone else (be afraid to show your individuality, style and life position).
home image mistakes
home image mistakes

All these common mistakes are mostly not about appearance. Beautiful clothes and inner appeal should harmonize. And if the issue of hairstyles and dresses can be solved in half a day, then you need to work on the inner world constantly and not stop developing. Literate speech, a beautiful gait with an even posture, sexual gestures and listening skills cannot be bought in a store - they are developed over the years, and then they reap the fruits of labor and efforts on themselves. It is these women who are admired, and the sexual energy that does not leave them even within the walls of the house makes a man feel close to the queen and … correspond!

Many books and films have been made about female sexuality. Only in the hands of a woman is the decision to follow the path of comprehensive development, to be interesting and develop sexuality, or to remain uninteresting and unclaimed. At all times, the beautiful half of humanity has sought to lead and choose the path of development. The ability for introspection and learning is a direct path to finding happiness and good luck, not only in the sexual sphere, but in all aspects of life.

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