Seduction Technology. Male And Female Approach

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Seduction Technology. Male And Female Approach
Seduction Technology. Male And Female Approach

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seduction technology
seduction technology

All men and women have individual views of the opposite sex and use different methods to seduce a partner. Of course, society imposes veiled stereotypes on relationships between people, but it is impossible to walk against nature.

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  • 1 Female approach
  • 2 The main types of men and how to conquer them?
  • 3 Male approach
  • 4 The main types of women and how to win them over?

All dates, going to theaters and movies, expensive gifts and stormy nights have only one goal - to continue their family. It is the desire to give the offspring a certain appearance or endow with specific qualities that beckons to bed with a chosen partner. This all happens on a subconscious level. What stages can both parties go through to achieve the result? It is worth skipping the ladies ahead and starting with them.

Women's approach

Biologically, women occupy a more important niche in procreation. First nine months of pregnancy, pain during childbirth, breastfeeding, sleepless nights at the earliest age of offspring. In order for a man to be able to discern a potential mother of his own child in a partner, he must see health, beauty and youth in her. It is from these three whales that attractiveness develops. This is usually demonstrated in all its glory by girls to their chosen ones.

With the help of cosmetics, you can make your appearance much brighter and hide visible imperfections. Spa treatments will help cleanse your skin. Fitness will bring your figure closer to ideal. The next very important aspect, which has a huge price at all times, is loyalty. A woman, having identified a favorite, ignores the attention of all the other guys, thereby making it clear that he is the center of her attention.

Another tricky step is exposing sexuality. With this, the fair sex make the first hints of a willingness to share a bed. Tight clothes with a high slit and a deep neckline allow you to present your body in a gift wrapping. A man begins to mentally remove unnecessary things in order to appreciate all the delights in their beauty.

Slow dances allow more, and touch the beauty. When almost all the "pawns are in the kings", it's time to let the man make his move. The woman at this time simply makes a gesture of resignation, slowly straightening her hair and smiling mysteriously. This indicates that the surrender has already been accepted and all that remains is to sign it.

Seduction technology
Seduction technology

The main types of men and how to conquer them? 2

  • Daddies - these characters tend to take the lion's share of responsibility for everything that happens in a relationship. If a woman decides to acquire a kind of "patron father", then in this case, apart from obedience, nothing else is required, but it should be borne in mind that this will make a permanent sense.
  • Hidden romance. They regard a woman as a muse, as the only way to inspiration. If the favorite is ready for continuous adventures, then this type is the most suitable.
  • Master pickup. These are ready to pour a lot of compliments and wait for the appropriate return. They are so far removed from reality that they are terrified of it. If words are more important than deeds, then you just need to hang up your ears and enjoy the audio stream.
  • Alphonses are ready to sell their souls in order to gain confidence. They never talk about their own victories. Initially, they tend to exalt the chosen one over the whole world. When keeping such an individual is not a hassle, this is a winning option.
How to seduce a man
How to seduce a man

Real men are not inclined to play around and embellish the situation. They say everything as it really is. They don't need words of eye praise or artificial admiration. With such you need to be extremely frank

Although there is also a hotel type - female-type men. We read more about them in our article at the link.

Male approach3

If the main thing for a woman is keeping the family hearth and raising offspring, then the main task of a man is to ensure financial stability. This is very much appreciated by girls, because at the intuitive level the question arises of the ability to provide a decent life for offspring. Guys know this fact, so they use their position as a bargaining chip.

If the status is not too great, then the search begins for less successful examples so that you can compare them with your more successful one. A kind of theatrical production, but quite effective. As you know, most men are pretty generous at the beginning of a relationship. By doing so, they demonstrate their willingness to share their achievements.

How to seduce a girl
How to seduce a girl

To show the favorite that the budget is already becoming common. They begin to take an interest in business, take on obligations for solving the problems of the chosen one. They show their devotion so that a woman develops the opinion that a man can be not only a lover, but also a reliable friend and support in a difficult situation. And, of course, the flirting itself.

The main types of women and how to win them over? 4

  • The first and brightest group is the fair sex with star fever. Such persons, as a rule, are arrogant and badly feel the ground under their feet. As soon as she feels the man's interest, her interest evaporates like a drop of gasoline in hot weather.
  • A man who has no experience of communicating with this type will stumble to run after her and try to please in every possible way, but an experienced male will show his indifference, which will instantly disarm her and make her think. This will help the vigilance to go into hibernation, allowing you to deftly take advantage of the situation.
  • Next on the list are the lovers of the friendly theme. They are trying in every possible way to mold a reliable friend out of the gentleman. Here you need to show patience, listening to tons of information about life's problems and troubles, sooner or later you will need support and then it's time to act.
Types of seduction
Types of seduction
  • This type of mystery girl requires a special approach. It is corny to give that "scarlet flower", which is necessary to confirm her individuality. Unusual gifts and surprises will do the trick.
  • The following love with ears in the fullest sense of the word. Those who like to make long-term plans for the future need to be provided with the appropriate information and the trick is in the bag. Promise a trip to the sea, abroad, etc.
  • Special natural girls can't stand artistry and theatrical scenes. You just need to be yourself and not try to apply acting skills. An Oscar will be awarded for natural behavior.

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