We Constantly Argue With A Guy Over Trifles, How To Improve Relations?

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We Constantly Argue With A Guy Over Trifles, How To Improve Relations?
We Constantly Argue With A Guy Over Trifles, How To Improve Relations?

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We constantly fight with the guy over trifles
We constantly fight with the guy over trifles

Modern people are surrounded by constant stress and unforeseen situations. Often, such factors lead to discord in their personal lives and make girls wonder why they have to constantly fight with a guy and mostly over trifles.

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  • 1 What to do in order not to fight with a guy?
  • 2 Instructions for working on relationships
  • 3 How to start a conversation after an argument?

What to do to avoid fighting with a guy? I

Newly minted couples and lovebirds often quarrel for no particular reason. Often, many of them, because of their ardor and "fervor", cannot find out the reasons for such scandals as the wise and confident in themselves and their relationships.

Many girls quarreled with a loved one because of a bad hairstyle or a missed call. There are more than a hundred such examples, but it is much difficult to resolve such a conflict. It is even more difficult to come to a consensus when a girl presents herself as a “victim” and subconsciously programs herself in her own innocence. In such cases, the young man should not provoke the lady of the heart to further screams, but calm and try to talk calmly.

If a girl realizes her own guilt in most or certain conflicts, then she should think about what is the main reason.

Important! Guys are not wizards or psychics. Most girls want them to figure out the reasons and expected actions for themselves. But you should understand that this is impossible and the best way would be to tell the guy everything as it is.

Instructions for working on relationships2

The relationship between two people is based on mutual understanding and trust. In order to preserve them, and not destroy them due to constant quarrels, which often arise due to trifles or a bad mood of one of the partners (often - us girls), you should pay attention to a small instruction:

Swear with a guy
Swear with a guy
  1. If a girl values ​​relationships with her soul mate, then it is worth listening to more experienced couples and prioritizing. Realizing that this person is the one you want to see next to you in the future, you should learn to accept him as he is. Each of us is a vessel full of both pleasant character traits6 and shortcomings. In the event that your feelings are true and true, many flaws will automatically cease to be a key topic in quarrels.
  2. In case the quarrels do not stop, it is recommended to find out all possible nuances in advance. Communication between two people at the "negotiating table" will be more effective, which is based not on accusations, but on the usual discussion of unpleasant situations for one of the interlocutors. It is important, at the end, to find a common compromise that will satisfy everyone as much as possible. If necessary, come up with rules for each one that will help stabilize the relationship and reduce the number of fights.
  3. It is worth deeply interested in a partner, both a girl and a guy. Study his habits, interests, character - what he really is, not hiding behind a mask. Understanding that changing a person and his habits is almost impossible and difficult. Why break an established character? After all, everyone can approach from the other side and try to penetrate. Only by understanding what exactly interests your loved one, you can see the result of reducing quarrels. And in the end, and building strong relationships.
Girl swears with a guy
Girl swears with a guy

You shouldn't take it out on your loved one because of a bad mood. Learn to free your thoughts and mind of negative emotions. One of the right options would be to keep yourself occupied with what you love or something that will relax you - taking a bath, for example. Also, you should warn your partner about your condition by suggesting what he can do in the form of help. Such actions will not only prevent another scandal, but also strengthen the relationship

  1. Girls are encouraged to put themselves in their place. As they say, each of us is children of different planets, which does not allow us to objectively judge the opposite field. Thus, a girl can analyze her and his actions by seeing what exactly she did wrong and what should be changed as much as possible.
  2. Don't use tantrums as a means of manipulation. Basically, such actions only lead to negative consequences. The girl, getting used to it, constantly asks for something only in this form. But men's nerves are not made of iron. Sooner or later, any person will get tired of this and lead to unpleasant consequences. So it's better to ask and make fun of everything, or just discuss all your desires based on facts.
quarrel with a guy
quarrel with a guy

How to start a conversation after an argument? 3

Quarrels are an integral part of our life. Earlier we discussed how you can eliminate constant quarrels with a guy as much as possible. However, how to start a conversation and make up after a quarrel - if it was never avoided. To do this, there are several tips to help you.

Tip 1 - matching behavior

It is worth paying attention to why your interlocutor reacted that way. As stated earlier, put yourself in his place. This will help you as much as possible to find the first words for reconciliation.

Tip 2 - be wiser

The one who takes the first step is not a surrender or a loser. A person who knows the true rule "The first step is always for the smart" will do at the behest of reason, not pride. The person who is the first to end the quarrels and go to reconciliation clearly shows his wisdom, strength and love.

Tip 3 - look for compromises

If you don’t want to directly back down, it’s worth choosing a different tactic. Seeing a loved one in a serious condition after a quarrel, you can cook a delicious dinner or just come up and kiss and say how dear and loved this person is to you.

Fight with a guy often
Fight with a guy often

Tip 4 - be decisive and quick

Dragging out the time for reconciliation only aggravates the situation. The longer you decide, the higher the likelihood of a new scandal or quarrel brewing. Also, delaying the explanation and reconciliation only weighs more heavily on both.

For even more advice from family counselors on how to behave after an argument in our next article!

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