Why Is A Man Lying To A Woman? 5 Reasons

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Why Is A Man Lying To A Woman? 5 Reasons
Why Is A Man Lying To A Woman? 5 Reasons

Video: Why Is A Man Lying To A Woman? 5 Reasons

Video: Why Is A Man Lying To A Woman? 5 Reasons
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man lies to woman
man lies to woman

The reasons why a man is lying to a woman are many and varied. And in order to understand what exactly pushes him to lie, you need to analyze the reasons for which he is cunning, and the history of relations with his parents. Sometimes, educational measures in childhood become the basis for regular deception in adulthood.

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Of course, the analysis should be carried out only if the man is not a clinical liar. Who himself piously believes in what he says. To the surprise of society, doctors have identified this type of people. They lie pathologically because of the peculiarities of the structure of the brain. More precisely, the brain is being rebuilt under a deceitful master. It has been clinically established that, unlike honest people, the brain of liars contains 14% less gray matter, but at the same time, there are 22% more nerve fibers - white matter.

Reasons for Lyingi

I wanted the best

Sometimes men embellish something or do not say anything, or even colorfully lie, in order to protect them from stress or not upset their half.

For example, some of them are ready to lie that red lipstick suits their girlfriend's face, although in fact they do not think so if they see that the very half of this makeup is to their liking. Also, often husbands do not tell their wives about problems at work. They are afraid to show themselves weak. Although the situation is banal to the limit, it can be with anyone.

Male psychology is so arranged, to be the best in the eyes of his woman, but due to his imperfection, men now and then have to resort to lies in order to maintain a positive appearance for as long as possible.

Hiding behind work

Talks about very urgent urgent matters, and hurries out of the house. Or, what is better, weaves fables about urgent matters, slightly fogging the mirror in the hallway with his breath.

why is a man lying to a woman
why is a man lying to a woman

The reason for this behavior often lies in the monotonous family life. The husband is no longer interested in spending time with his family, and he runs off to friends at the first opportunity. And if there is none, then he deceives, referring to urgent problems and still rolls off. But there is also good news, since he is lying, and does not leave silently, as if it is necessary, then he understands that in general he is doing wrong. All is not lost yet.

Tells stories

The worst thing is when a man lies for any reason. Starting with the one who gave him a ride home, ending with where he spent his salary. Any little thing makes him think.

Pathological lies, where one could do without it, notices and annoys any woman. But in an attempt to attract attention to themselves, to colorfully tell some very simple story, the guys resort to lies. After all, it is much more interesting to be late for a date, because on the way he saved a person, or at least a kitten, than to honestly answer that he is purple, that they are waiting for him here, and he was watching his favorite movie.

Reasons why a man is lying to a woman2

Psychologists identify several aspects that contribute to the development of liar syndrome.

Reasons for Lying
Reasons for Lying

Childhood in severity

It was easier to lie to my mother about a deuce and a diary, about a fight and homework, than to confess and knowingly get what I deserve.

If a boy grew up in a family with strict principles and an iron charter, it is no wonder that, fearing reprimand, for the slightest offense, and in principle for having his own opinion, he will, if possible, hide the truth, or lie.

Childhood darling

Male narcissists lie even more than others, trying to build all their spheres of life so that they revolve around him, at his minimum energy consumption.

Grown in greenhouse conditions, surrounded by the care of helpful mothers and grandmothers, such a comrade knows how to manipulate people with the help of lies. By embellishing events and states, he pushes those around him to actions that are beneficial only to him. Accustomed to the best from the cradle, he is ready to lie to anything, just to get what he wants.

Why does a man lie to a woman
Why does a man lie to a woman

Lack of trust in the family

When a man for some reason has gone out of the trust of his half, he involuntarily tries to embellish himself in order to appear better and again endear the woman.

There are many situations when a woman ceases to believe her spouse, and, backwardly following him, tries to make sure of every, slightest, fact. In such an environment, a strong man becomes as vulnerable as possible, and tries to cover his tracks even where they really weren't. She even rewrites the number of her daughter's class teacher from "Marina Ivanovna" to "Fyodor a car mechanic", just in case. So as not to arouse suspicion from his wife once again However, more often than not, such actions have the exact opposite effect.

Bad example

Who knows, it is possible that in the family where the boy grew up, lying was the norm.

As they say, a bad example is contagious, children are able to unconditionally adopt the model of behavior of their parents, in the absence of personal experience, taking it as the norm. A father who hides from his mother what he drank with friends, so long as she does not scream, sets the trajectory of his son's behavior in his future family life. A mother, lying to her father about the amount of her salary, just to give the child more for pocket money, forms the future father of the family a wrong idea about the general management of the household. After all, since mom hid income from his father, then he too can.

reasons why a man is lying to a woman
reasons why a man is lying to a woman

Way to evacuate

Various stories are born in order to go to rest and communicate with friends under a plausible pretext.

Sometimes a man wants to run as fast as he can, but due to his little upbringing, he cannot do it. Or, accustomed to sleeping in his bed, he wants to go home as soon as possible. But to say that his beloved pajamas and a pillow with the smell of lavender are waiting at home, the mammoth hunter cannot, and therefore he will come up with plausible excuses, in the form of a hungry dog, which, moreover, will not fall asleep until he takes a walk, or an iron on.

How to recognize a lie? 3

There are generally accepted signs that give out a liar in a person. However, it is worth considering the individual characteristics of a man, his psyche and usual behavior.

Signs of lying:

  • Crossed hands, or hidden in pockets.
  • Fussiness to their appearance, collects dust particles.
How to recognize a lie?
How to recognize a lie?
  • Speaks, repeats, gets confused.
  • Touches face, ears, neck.
  • Facial expressions and gestures do not coincide with the meaning of what is being said.
  • Laughing or, on the contrary, inexplicably depressed mood.
  • Rapid breathing.
  • Sweating.

True, the more often a person lies, the less the amygdala of the brain reacts to the lie, and external manifestations are no longer so clearly manifested.

How to fight if a man is lying to a woman? 4

Speak frankly

The first, most harmless and constructive way to eradicate a lie, is to tell the guy frankly that he was caught in a lie. And for greater effect, give even a couple of examples. You should not demand truth and justification for those cases, but simply explain that such an attitude offends.

How to fight if a man is lying
How to fight if a man is lying

Wedge wedge

Often, an elementary method helps to eradicate problems in behavior. Accurately copying the lies and the situations in which it was noticed, the second half in paints will let the liar feel and realize what he feels when he lies.

Give a sense of acceptance

The most important thing in the fight against lies of any etiology is to give a person an understanding of what no matter what he is, and so that he does not do it anyway, is loved and appreciated. Yes, this rule is more often applied to children, but than a man is not a child. Spouses, no less than babies, need attention, affection and care. And the main thing is the confidence that he will be forgiven under any circumstances. Then the need to lie to save household goods will simply disappear.

Thus, despite the ubiquitous male lie, it is important to understand that some men, due to various circumstances, do this not intentionally, automatically. And if your partner's lies go so far as to affect your life together, there are always ways to fix it.

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