30 Romantic Phrases Every Girl Dreams Of Hearing

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30 Romantic Phrases Every Girl Dreams Of Hearing
30 Romantic Phrases Every Girl Dreams Of Hearing

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man and woman in love
man and woman in love

What girls want to hear in everyday life from men with whom they have a great feeling. Many do not know how to express their thoughts in words, unfortunately, we are not given to read in our head what a man thinks about. Everything is clear anyway, he likes a woman, why talk about it. And words are so lacking! He who knows how to speak beautifully wins, directly takes prisoner, resistance is pointless. Much is not required, one phrase: "I have been looking for such eyes all my life!"

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  • 1 Sweet empty speeches, but so golden! Speak, speak …
  • 2 Create your own image, your own world, with one stroke of a golden pen!

And nothing that the Turks don't know a single word of Russian anymore, that was enough for a Muscovite to quit a normal life in Moscow, a prestigious job and stay in a foreign country, voluntarily put on a veil and serve him for the magic six words that he says to her every evening. Many fell for this sweet bait, no one knows how their further fate developed, but words can captivate any woman.

Sweet empty speeches, but so golden! Speak, speak … i

Husbands who know a lot about compliments maintain their family without quarrels and scandals, the main thing is to say in time: "You look great, dear!" and any claim fades away.

There are a lot of phrases that girls want to hear, and smart guys use them to build relationships.

  • “I’m only thinking about you, you can go crazy”, how can you not believe, especially such wonderful words supported by action.
  • “Let me and you have the keys to my apartment,” this trust is especially inspiring.
  • "Without cosmetics, you are even more beautiful, dearer", it is good to hear in the morning and not to be complex.
  • "In this robe, you are like a little kitten", the mood will jump to heaven.
  • “You may well not work, my money will be enough for two,” a rare gift that is better to accept.
  • “Take all the dresses that you like, do not deny yourself”, a comfortable position, immediately update your wardrobe.
  • "Marry me! I love you so much!”, The cherished words that you are waiting for.
  • "My mom wants us to be together", a rare confession, you can get confused.
  • “Don't worry, forget about it, I’ll decide everything myself”, how wonderful that you can just wait and not tweak anything.
  • "Look what a wonderful tour to the south, let's swing right now", long fees are canceled, we will buy everything on the way.
  • “I don’t want you to get tired, we take a housekeeper, your health is more expensive”, how much time is free, you can do your favorite hobby and creativity.
What the girls will run for
What the girls will run for
  • “Well, you think the car is crumpled, the main thing is that you are safe and sound,” three tons immediately fell off my shoulders, and I was so worried.
  • "You are right as always, my darling," and there is no need to prove anything.
  • "I need to buy firewood for the fireplace, today we will arrange romance", so he will organize everything and you can relax.
  • “French wine will come in very handy if you don't mind,” so real princes say, it's a joy to be in his company.
  • "Everything will be fine! I'll take care of it anyway”, like behind a stone wall, only in the movies.
  • “Do you remember how I ran after you at school!”, Even then a lot was decided.
  • “Rest, my love, and I'll clean the house,” great, you can still soak up your bed.
  • “You've lost weight, just a girl,” and indeed the dress has become loose.
  • “It’s easier to say what you don’t know how to do than to list what you do best,” it took so many years to hear such a confession.

These are not all the phrases that girls want to hear, there are much more of them, but if the strong half of humanity were not lazy and told her, beloved, the only one, then who would be against such communication.

What girls want to hear
What girls want to hear

Create your own image, your own world, with one stroke of a golden pen

Lovely ladies are ready to hang lists of desired phrases all over the walls, let them read them aloud, and we will listen to them and rejoice. When you hear nice compliments, life turns into a fairy tale. This does not always come true, but you can imagine that you hear it every day and walk in high spirits, smile and someday everything will come true what girls want to hear, as if written.

Like attracts like, such is the law of nature, if you want to be smiled at you - smile yourself, so that pleasant words can be said - admire, to love - love even more. Bypass gloomy losers, bad mood is contagious. Bring luck and love into your life and you will definitely hear:

  • "I love you with all my heart, be mine!"
  • "Friends will not run away, but every minute with you is precious to me!"
  • "You are the best mom in the world!"
  • "You are very attractive, I want to always be by your side"
  • "You have great taste, I only trust you"
  • "I have never met such light energy as a fairy's in my life."
  • "You are just amazing"
  • "I didn’t hope that you would agree to meet me."
  • "You laugh so contagiously!"
girl holding her portrait
girl holding her portrait
  • "How quickly time has passed, I do not want to leave"
  • "I want to see you over and over again"

It is worth living for the sake of such words in order to feel special, desired, loved. Regardless of whether you hear these words or not, just be worthy of these words, let them sound in you, they will be felt, people will see and joy will pour down on you like a golden rain.

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