What Happens To A Man When He Falls In Love: "symptoms" Of Love

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What Happens To A Man When He Falls In Love: "symptoms" Of Love
What Happens To A Man When He Falls In Love: "symptoms" Of Love

Video: What Happens To A Man When He Falls In Love: "symptoms" Of Love

Video: What Happens To A Man When He Falls In Love: "symptoms" Of Love
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What happens to a man when he falls in love
What happens to a man when he falls in love

Women live with emotions and when love arises in their hearts, it is clear to everyone around, including the object of their adoration. Caring, the desire to be always there, increased attention, shining eyes, a smile that does not disappear from the face are signs of female love. However, the manifestations of love that are characteristic of different sexes are different.

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To understand what happens to a man when he falls in love, you first need to learn that between attraction and sincere serious feelings, they go a long way in several steps. Male love for the chosen one must be conscious and mature, so it takes a lot of time for such emotions to appear.

Many ladies would like to read the thoughts of their chosen one, to understand what he really feels and why he acts so slowly. For some, this becomes a "bone of contention", as a result of a different perception of the world by different sexes. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at what happens to men when they fall in love.

Stages of male lovei

As mentioned earlier, a man's desire to live with this particular woman for many years arises gradually and goes through several stages. Psychologists distinguish seven:

  1. Assessment of appearance.
  2. Interest that engenders continuing to get to know the chosen one better.
  3. Mutual attraction is one of the most important points. At this stage, it is very important for a woman to give the right reaction, to show interest in response, so that the man is interested in developing the relationship further.
  4. The desire to show your best qualities to win the heart of a lady.
  5. Confirmation of the correct choice of an ally. Now she often "sits" in his thoughts.
  6. Making plans for the future, weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of a relationship.
  7. Interest in the reciprocal feelings of his girlfriend.

Having gone all the steps from interest to serious feelings, now the man realizes that he is in love with his partner.

10 signs he's already in love

In addition to internal comprehension of their emotional sensations, there are a number of clear signs that signal that a male representative is experiencing strong attraction. And the behavior of a man in love is not always amenable to logic and explanation. In the presence of all or at least several "symptoms" from this list, one can draw conclusions about his attitude towards a woman.

Change in behavior. A strong and strong-willed person can become infantile and gentle, a talkative and active guy can become withdrawn and silent. Such phenomena are due to some stressful situation experienced by the male body under the influence of fresh feelings

symptoms of love in men
symptoms of love in men
  • Increased interest. A man wants to know absolutely everything about his chosen one. It is important for him what and how she lives. He wants to take on all the problems and worries, making her life easier. Such elementary questions as “Are you warmly dressed?”, “Did you get home without any problems ?,“What is your mood?” once again prove his indifference.
  • Desire to pay attention. Perhaps the most significant point. A man in love will find a thousand opportunities to connect with the object of his adoration, he will always be in touch to hear his beloved voice, to know that everything is in order. If there are reasons to behave differently, according to him, some circumstances systematically prevent him from spending enough time on relationships, an unambiguous conclusion can be made: the woman is not interesting to him.
  • Investments. This applies not only to the waste of financial resources, but including this factor. Gifts, pleasant signs of attention, surprises are a manifestation of male indifference. Moreover, in addition to money, he wants to spend his energy, time and is always ready to provide moral and physical assistance.
  • The ability to wait. Passion has not been canceled, however, the sincere feelings of a man in love fill him with patience. He is interested not only in the body of his lady, but also in the inner state. He cares first of all about her desires and comfort, which is why he does not rush her to go to bed with him.
What happens to a man when he falls in love
What happens to a man when he falls in love
  • Pride in your passion. If you really like a woman, then you want to show off your treasure to absolutely everyone without any hesitation. Their presence indicates a man's lack of confidence in the seriousness of his intentions.
  • Expressions of care and protection. He must be strong and reliable. He wants to be her support in everything and make the life of his woman a fairy tale.
  • Tactile contact. And it's not just about sex … Psychologists say that the desire to touch your hand, hair, face, gentle strokes, kisses and hugs are the best way to express your feelings.
  • Idealization of the object of adoration. Anyone who is in love does not even notice the visible flaws of his partner at times, this helps to create a strong durable couple.
  • The dynamics of the development of relations. Any union must develop. From rare meetings, relationships move to a closer level. Meeting friends and parents, many common interests, living together, etc. - an integral part of a mature, serious relationship in which people have tender feelings for each other.
What happens to a guy when he falls in love
What happens to a guy when he falls in love

Creating in his head the image of an ideal woman, a man is looking for a chosen one who matches him. Having found a seemingly suitable candidate, he carefully looks at her. If disappointment does not come over time, the union grows stronger, as well as the feelings of the partner. This process is what happens to a man when he falls in love.

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