Polygamous Man Is An Urgent Problem Of Modern Society

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Polygamous Man Is An Urgent Problem Of Modern Society
Polygamous Man Is An Urgent Problem Of Modern Society

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Polygamous man
Polygamous man

There is an opinion that monogamy does not exist and all people are polygamous by nature, especially men. Scientists say this is normal. But is it really so? And what does a polygamous man mean?

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  • 2 Is it worth fighting polygamy?

In ancient times, even before the spread of the Christian and Jewish faith, all people in our land were polygamous. This behavior was driven by a simple desire to survive. Periodic wars destroyed a large proportion of the male population, and the birth of boys at such a time was considered a necessity.

For this, harems were ubiquitous in which one man was able to fertilize several women. This situation has remained unchanged for millennia. But even after the situation in the world has changed for the better, men still find it hard to restrain their instincts. It turns out that loyalty is not characteristic of men?

When considering the animal world, it can be seen that the ratio of polygamy and monogamy in it is not proportional. Animals are not polygamous. There are very few animals that create stable pairs for life - about one percent of all representatives. These animals include the wolf, the duk-duk antelope and several other species. The rest are polygamous, even swans, despite the popular belief about them.

When examining the body of a man, you can see that, compared to women, they have a large hypothalamus, which, accordingly, produces large doses of testosterone. The high content of this hormone in the body affects the increased desire for sexual pleasure. Studies have shown that 68% of men are obsessed with sex.

In addition, the discovery of physiologists from the University of California fully confirms the absence of monogamy. As a result of research, a hormone was discovered that provokes men to commit adultery - arginine - vasopressin. It is developed not only in the event of a quarrel between a guy and a girl, but also when relationship fatigue rushes over, or a pretty girl walks by.

causes of polygamy in men
causes of polygamy in men

Psychologists do not agree with the opinion of scientists, they believe that it is wrong to refer to animal instincts. Man is a rational creature that can be fully aware of his actions. In their opinion, polygamy is one of the main problems of modern society, because a polygamous man and a monogamous woman is a completely wrong example of a good family.

Causes of polygamyi

In order to understand in more detail the essence of the whole problem, it is necessary to study the causes of polygamy. The main ones include:

  • Lack of maternal love. It greatly affects the boy's later life. The desire to feel needed and loved throughout his life haunts him, so he seeks affection and love from everyone who can give it to him. Thus, the young man, without realizing it, becomes polygamous.
  • Excessive control in childhood, which greatly suppresses a man's determination. Fearing a repetition of the situation, he does not want to stay with one partner in a serious relationship and not burden himself with them.
why men are polygamous
why men are polygamous
  • Don Juan's syndrome is common in many men. For them, public opinion and female recognition are important. The more women he has, the happier he feels.
  • Unreadiness at the psychological level. Fear of responsibility and decision-making, not only for themselves, but also for their family, encourages men not to commit themselves to serious relationships.

A man does not always get himself several women and hides it. Often, he talks about his polygamy on the first date, warns about the importance of freedom and personal space. Some directly talk about their sexual inclinations, about the desire to diversify their sex life.

Is polygamy worth fighting? 2

There is a lot of controversy about polygamy, not only between scientists and psychologists, but also between ordinary people. The main question that worries everyone. Should polygamy be treated, and is it cured at all?

natural polygamy of men
natural polygamy of men

First of all, you need to try to build relationships with your partner. It is important for a man to fully open up, understand the problem and agree with the need to solve it. This process can take a lot of time and effort, but with the right approach, you can get good results. If problems arise, you need to contact a psychologist-sexologist to identify the reasons for this person's behavior.

A woman confronted with a polygamous man does not need to leave him and leave. We need to try to remedy this situation. Since a man who goes to the side is interested not only in other women, but also in receiving new emotions, you need to provide them to him within the relationship. The more you interest and inspire him, the more likely you will become his ideal woman. We wish you love and family well-being!

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