She Went To A Rich Man - Is She Really To Blame? Main Reasons

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She Went To A Rich Man - Is She Really To Blame? Main Reasons
She Went To A Rich Man - Is She Really To Blame? Main Reasons

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rich man
rich man

The fact that women most often choose financially wealthy men as their companions has long been no secret. There are numerous explanations for this. Many of them originate on an instinctive level deep in the female subconscious. If a woman went to a rich man, it is worthwhile to understand the reasons for this act.

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  • 1 Confidence in the future
  • 2 "Comfort" of small housing
  • 3 Laziness is the main cause of poverty
  • 4 Sanctimonious opinion is outdated

Confidence in the future

One of the main reasons why a woman leaves her poor and, accordingly, unsuccessful husband is the lack of confidence in the future. By itself, the definition of the term "married" means that a woman who has a constant companion should feel behind him, like behind a stone wall. That is, it should at least be provided with food, clothing and everything necessary for life.

Although, this is not all that should be in a full-fledged family. In addition, funds are needed for the universal development and education of children, comfortable housing in which you do not have to huddle on each other's heads, a car (preferably more than one), so that spouses can, if necessary, go about their business and not depend on each other. friend.

"Comfort" of small housing2

Perhaps to some, all of the above will seem strange, meaningless and filled with excessive excesses. Someone may say: “What are you, two cars is already a luxury. And the apartment is 200 sq.m. for a family of four with two bathrooms is also not needed at all.

Our parents felt great with us in the one-room grandmother's "Khrushchev" !!! " Do not pay attention to statements of this kind. This is all a lie. Take the same living space, for example.

It has been scientifically proven that every person should have their own comfort zone. That is, a place where a person can retire, and, no matter what he does, not be distracted by the presence of other family members. Or another example of when four people are forced to sleep in one room.

Someone still cannot sleep, but there is no opportunity to read a book, since the light will interfere with the rest of the rest. We are not talking about the morning line to the bathroom, when there are fistfights under the door between relatives hurrying to work and study.

Now let's look at the situation from the other side. If a woman is forced to live in such conditions and her beloved is lying on the couch with a newspaper in his hands, declaring that such is life and many families live this way, it's okay, is it right.

Is it worth condemning a spouse who, having the opportunity to change a lazy husband, and provide herself and her children with a better future, will make the right choice and go to the rich? In no case. As a homemaker, she just subconsciously cares about the level of her family's well-being.

why did the girl go to the rich
why did the girl go to the rich

Laziness is the main cause of poverty3

You can often hear about the laziness of financially secure people. Of course, they are distributed by those poor losers who are not able to provide not only their family, but also their beloved. How many people thought about the fact that before making a fortune a man put a lot of intelligence, perseverance and, of course, hard work into the business.

After all, only in fairy tales everything is simple - he killed the dragon and received half his kingdom. In real life, this does not happen and a rich man simply must have intelligence and business acumen. Moreover, such qualities are needed not only in order to earn capital, but also in order to subsequently keep it in hand and increase it.

So what is surprising in the fact that, relying on sound judgment, a woman goes to an Alpha man - a breadwinner who can take care of her and her children. Everything is completely natural and, moreover, absolutely correct.

Sanctimonious opinion is outdated4

The opinion that spiritual values ​​should be in the first place has long been a thing of the past, and everything material is perishable and, accordingly, it is not worth thinking about it. Moreover, there is no need to worry about the completeness of the wallet. Of course, the importance of the spiritual is not denied, but it is difficult to be kind and caring with an empty stomach.

Almost all failing men understand that they are failures. The exception is round fools, who are simply not interested in anything in this life. The rest of the stronger sex choose two lines of behavior for themselves.

Went to a rich man
Went to a rich man

In the first case, realizing their own insignificance, they huddle even deeper into their corner and finally become downtrodden and devoid of self-respect. If a woman leaves such a "man" for a rich man, she only gets a huge respect and respect for that.

The first option is even more acceptable, and brings the companion of such a "activist" much less trouble than the wife, whose spouse belongs to the second category. Such heads of the family become angry and all their aggression on their own failures begin to pour out on the woman nearby.

So men should not condemn the ladies who change their unlucky spouses for wealthy and successful men. It is much better to reevaluate your actions and focus on making your first million.

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