A Man Is Afraid Of His Feelings For A Woman And Other Fears Of The Fair Sex

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A Man Is Afraid Of His Feelings For A Woman And Other Fears Of The Fair Sex
A Man Is Afraid Of His Feelings For A Woman And Other Fears Of The Fair Sex

Video: A Man Is Afraid Of His Feelings For A Woman And Other Fears Of The Fair Sex

Video: A Man Is Afraid Of His Feelings For A Woman And Other Fears Of The Fair Sex
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a man is afraid of a woman
a man is afraid of a woman

Family relationships can be compared to building a house. Everything is important here, from the foundation to the roof. A man and a woman should exist in harmony, complement each other and achieve their goals together.

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  • 1 Unequal relationships
  • 2 Which women are men afraid of?
  • 3 Men who are afraid of women - who are they?
  • 4 Where does a man's fear of a woman come from?
  • 5 How to get rid of fear?

Mutual respect and understanding are very important, otherwise the house will simply fall apart and you will have to start all over again. That is why in a relationship where a man is afraid of a woman, there can be no harmony and a happy marriage, this phobia will destroy the relationship day after day. And yet, why should men be afraid in relationships with women?

Unfortunately, one of the most common problems is female dominance, inability to give in and encourage. In such a relationship, a man is afraid of a woman, he does not perceive her as an object of desire, as a gentle and loving being. Other associations arise, more like Baba Yaga or an evil stepmother from a fairy tale.

You should not put an end to the relationship ahead of time, if you competently sort everything out on your own (not alone, but with your soul mate) or visit a good psychologist, then you can quickly normalize relations and relieve fear. Let this article be a small guide to this problem.

Unequal Relationshipsi

There is a leader in every relationship. Only with rare exceptions in a relationship there is a complete balance and equal division of duties and rights. Basically, one person has taken to bed (or not) dominates the other. And, by the way, according to statistics, most often it is the woman who dominates. This fact is not always obvious to a man, but it is perfectly obvious to a woman.

Domination can be of a different plan - you can manage the family budget, keeping all the “treasures” under your pillow or on your account, you can secretly give commands and solve all incoming problems in your own way, or you can even see elements of tyranny. As for the latter, this is observed in male-dominated families.

Still, men are endowed by nature with greater physical strength, and what else besides the fear of violence will allow you to subdue a person? The answer is - fear of one's own insignificance and failure, fear of being a “loser” in the eyes of a partner, fear of screwing up. Yes, men can also be afraid of relationships and may even be afraid of women with whom these relationships are built. Fortunately, not all men are cowards and not all women are fiends.

What kind of women are men afraid of? 2

Oddly enough, they are not afraid because of their ugly appearance or great weight, not because of a crooked nose or peculiar hobbies. The fear of many men is directed precisely at beautiful, slender and successful women. According to statistics, they get acquainted with girls “in the body” more often than with long-legged beauties, and girls with average and low salaries find suitors much easier. Is this a coincidence? Or are men afraid of smart and beautiful women? We will answer the question here.

Male psychology is largely focused on success, on maintaining his own family and achieving goals. Even if a man arbitrarily sits on the couch and does nothing, at the subconscious level he craves success. At the very least, you always want to be a cut taller than a woman.

A man is afraid of a woman
A man is afraid of a woman

And if this woman begins to take good care of herself, get a higher-paying job and change her wardrobe, then such a man will simply be afraid of responsibility and will go in search of someone more suitable and modest.

Men are really afraid to meet beautiful girls, because it seems to them that she has a young man, and "she is unlikely to agree."

Girls who are able to provide for themselves, it would seem, are convenient for relationships. They do not need to give cars, dresses, and other gifts. But this is just an illusion. If a girl cannot be impressed with money and going to a restaurant, then what to do?

You will have to be sophisticated to prove your importance and need - fixing a table is much more difficult for many than buying a cake for tea. Do men need these difficulties and problems, because it is much easier to find a more modest girl and please her simply by being on the couch?

By the way, this psychology does not work for women, many want only a successful and rich man, and few people think about their own position in society.

what is fear of women
what is fear of women

Male fears are largely removable. But they take roots in childhood, there may be different stories - for example, a strict mother who forbade everything and kept the whole family in fear, or, conversely, a lack of female attention, love and warmth.

Almost all human fears are inherent in childhood or adolescence, so if there is a desire to understand yourself and eradicate fears, then you should turn to the past. The easiest way to do this is by contacting a psychologist or psychotherapist, these people are trained in special techniques and will noticeably speed up the process.

Men who are afraid of women - who are they? 3

Insecure men

Most often, men who have sufficient self-esteem or even overestimated do not suffer from such problems, they assess their capabilities sensibly, or, in the second case, overestimate. Men who are satisfied with the state of current affairs, who do not have aspirations for a better life and similar goals, really see success in the career of their own woman and openly enjoy it. And all because they know that they are better than their partner.

reasons for fear of women
reasons for fear of women

This behavior can definitely be attributed to a mental disorder. Understanding of their own lives is extremely necessary for such men, because for the success of a loved one, a happy and contented person will rejoice, and not look for ways to retreat.

Men avoiding women

The second category of men does not understand women's logic at all, how and from which side to approach a girl, what to talk about, and does not see common points of contact at all. There is a misconception that all women are the same, they love cosmetics, shopping, talk about typical female topics and are looking for rich husbands.

At a minimum, you should think about the variety of professions when girls work as engineers, builders, painters and artists. You cannot rake everyone together, each has its own interests, so different approaches are needed.

Girls are, first of all, people with whom you can talk, laugh and have a good time. Men who are generally afraid of the opposite sex simply do not understand this and think too narrowly. A girl may not differ in any way in her interests from a neighbor or best friend.

where does the fear of women come from
where does the fear of women come from

This category often includes young guys who want to build relationships, but do not know which side to approach, what to talk about and how to behave. This is only a temporary problem through which many people who do not have super charismatic qualities and ease of dealing with people go through.

Men in same-sex relationships

This category is one order of magnitude smaller, but it should not be ignored. Often, men who maintain homosexual relationships perceive women as a hindrance and competition. Although homosexuality is mostly a genetic disorder, there is always a fear that a partner will find something more interesting in a woman.

A man in love

Falling in love is a feeling associated with strong emotions and experiences. A man can desire a girl and be afraid at the same time. This happens due to the following fears and prejudices.

First, the man is afraid of losing his independence. It's scary to get out of control of your own feelings, do crazy things for the good of love, and overshadow other problems. The feeling of control over one's own life can dull and a person becomes scared that so many of his emotions and hopes are concentrated in one single person.

reasons for fear of girls
reasons for fear of girls

Secondly, it becomes scary for the surging responsibility. You have to think about the future, make plans, relationships, talk about marriage and take on a bunch of obligations. In this regard, a woman greatly changes a man's bachelor life.

Thirdly, it is scary to open up in front of a woman, remove all masks. And then what is left? Vulnerability and vulnerability are what all men fear. Being courageous, brutal and unshakable, it is difficult for them to appear before a girl like an open book.

Where does a man's fear of a woman come from?

The most frequent question of any psychologist's visitors is "Where did I get this fear?" And if specialists could find out after five minutes of the session, then it would be much easier to treat patients. All fears are buried deep inside a person and do not want to show their roots. Most often these are childhood traumas, lack of upbringing, or other negative factors that influenced the formation of consciousness.

Tyrant mother


A couple of words have already been said about this, but it is better to explain. Women who behaved inappropriately with their sons, showing their superiority, negatively affected the psyche of the child. From childhood, there was a connection between women and violence, and even then the preconditions for future fear appeared.

Father's absence

The other side of upbringing lies in the absence of a masculine word. Even if the mother in the life of such a man was the most caring and loving, she may not have been able to invest in her son that masculine part of the character that is responsible for communicating with women. A full-fledged family is good because the father shows by his example how to behave with women, and the mother with men. If one of the components disappears, then it will be difficult in education.

Old grudges

Sometimes problems do not come in childhood, but in the course of adulthood. A girl who severely injured, broke her heart or left without saying goodbye could easily leave a mark in her heart and cause a developing phobia. A man may be afraid to step on the same rake, be deceived and feel those unpleasant feelings again.

what women are guys afraid of
what women are guys afraid of

Lack of communication with girls

If a man from childhood is surrounded by some guys and has practically no contact with the opposite sex, there may be some difficulties in further communication or barriers that will prevent the establishment of contact. An example can be classes where only guys study, or military institutions, where from an early age they are isolated from external manifestations, including communication with girls.

How to get rid of fear? 5

A man is afraid of a woman - now what to do with it? It is good if a man understands this and is actively looking for a solution to his problem. Oddly enough, awareness of the problem is already half of the solution.

If the matter is in a man's love, in ardent and hot feelings that have arisen quite recently, then the good old advice “time heals” is more relevant than ever. Falling in love always ends - it develops into love or fades away as rapidly as it appeared.

It is really difficult to think adequately during the period of falling in love because of the excess of hormones and the "stuck" pink glasses. You just have to trust your feelings, trust a woman, try to get to know her better and let her into your world.

why is a guy afraid of a girl
why is a guy afraid of a girl

You can tell her directly about your inconveniences, many will perceive this as a sweet frankness and will support her in every possible way. You can try to keep your distance and spend a little less time together than you would like, then the feeling of your own independence will remain, and the money in your pockets will remain whole.

If the fear of women is associated with one's own dissatisfaction, with a passive lifestyle and a lack of desire to develop, then the work is grandiose. To get rid of this fear, you will have to forget about relationships and plunge into working on yourself. You need to find areas of life that do not suit you and begin to correct it. Change jobs, move out from your parents, or go to the gym. The fear of strong and successful women is associated with one's own failure and dissatisfaction, therefore the surest path is the path of finding oneself.

Whatever the fear, no matter how much you want to hide in a dark corner and blame women for all sins, the matter always lies in the man, in his head and the cockroaches that live there. Sometimes it will be useful to go deeper and find the root causes of this phobia, in order to stop being afraid of women once and for all and start living with them in harmony and understanding.