Why Don't Girls Like Good Guys - At School, College, At Work?

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Why Don't Girls Like Good Guys - At School, College, At Work?
Why Don't Girls Like Good Guys - At School, College, At Work?

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girls don't like good ones
girls don't like good ones

The main reason girls don't like good ones is because they BORE with them. They want vivid emotions, full of passion and adventure, crazy deeds done for them, drive, adrenaline, ardor, heat, etc. All this need for girls was born by Mother Nature. A woman wants to see next to her a fearless, somewhat reckless man, next to whom she will feel protected.

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  • 1 Why girls don't like good girls at school
  • 2 Why girls don't like good girls at the institute
  • 3 Why at work girls don't like good ones
  • 4 Remember the movie "Three meters above the sky"
  • 5 Parenting is another reason
  • 6 What other reasons?

A good guy, probably, is also capable of some actions for the sake of a girl, but he, most likely, behaves more calmly, deliberately, makes a balanced decision that, from the girl's point of view, can be mistaken for timidity, timidity, cowardice. In general, good guys are often perceived as mama's sons. Although this is far from the case, or rather it is not always the case.

Now I will try to list those qualities that, at first, girls may misinterpret in a given situation.

Why girls don't like good girls at school

A good guy is a good student. No longer interesting. So he is a nerd

  • A good guy - comes home on time, listens to his mother - a mama's son.
  • A good guy - he doesn't hang out in cool companies, doesn't smoke, doesn't sing beer - he's boring.

Why girls don't like good girls at the institute2

  • A good guy is ready to wait for sex before the wedding, in order to preserve the honor of the girl: it means that he does not want her, or something is wrong with him, or cannot.
  • She is never late for a date - she gets bored.
  • He always calls first - does not give the opportunity to get bored with him. Too intrusive.
  • Constantly asks for her advice, takes into account her opinion, which means he is a weakling, unable to make a decision on his own.

Why girls don't like good girls at work3

  • Always neat, ironed, carries lunch with him - 100% lives with his mother.
  • Doesn't come late and doesn't stay up after working with friends - boring!
  • Doesn't go to corporate parties, or walks, but doesn't drink - boring!
  • He does not intrigue colleagues, does not swear, does not scandal - weak-willed, boring!

For a long time, you can list the qualities of a good guy, which girls can misinterpret. With bad guys, do not have to get bored.

Remember the movie "Three meters above the sky" _171__187

In 2010, the Spanish film Three Meters Above Heaven made a splash. The film owes such popularity to the main character Ache, played by the handsome Mario Casas.

Anyone who has watched this film will agree that Ache is a bad guy. He is handsome, sexy, cocky, fearless and … aggressive. That is why millions of girls dried up behind him. Throughout both films, their hearts were in limbo, in constant tension, experiencing very strong emotions. Although, to call the ending of the film happy is not necessary. We watch the film, draw conclusions.

Education is another reason_8212

Another reason girls don't like the good is because of their upbringing. Most often, girls are raised to be gentle and fragile creatures, decent and modest. They have no right to openly express their feelings and desires. Such statutes affect the girl for a long time. They can play a cruel joke on a teenage girl. Then, femininity, sensuality arise, passions heat up, a desire for intimacy arises.

macho and nerd
macho and nerd

A well-mannered, modest girl, she will never openly state her desires. A good guy, he doesn't even dare to kiss her without permission. He does this out of respect for her, so as not to offend her with his pressure. Comic, it becomes a situation when a good guy asks permission to kiss. So what should she answer? The well-bred girl was not ordered to answer positively. Therefore, even at this stage, she does not associate with the good guys, and prefers the bad guy who does not ask about anything. The girl's honor remained with her, as she was conquered, and she didn't want it.

What other reasons? 4

The same thing happens when it comes to sex. Girls are very two-faced in a way. Despite the external chastity, passions boil inside the girl. A decent girl will almost always insist on having sex after the wedding, even against her true desires and needs. A nice guy, almost always willing to wait and dare not insult her beliefs. Therefore, such a liar girl is looking for a bad guy who will win her heart and soul without her permission.

From bad guys, girls often become addicted. Bad guys are, in a sense, despots: they are constantly jealous, stage scenes, making it so that even the most honest girl feels guilty. In such conditions, the girl constantly makes excuses, looks for meetings, calls. Pay attention, here it is no longer he calling, they can not ignore him, but her.

He, you see, was offended: he did not pick up the phone, did not come to meetings, and generally disappeared somewhere. The girl exhausted all her nerves, called all her friends, she so wants to prove that everything is not true, she is not like that. And he doesn't care. Maybe at this moment he is having fun with another girlfriend. A couple of days pass, he shows up, says: forgive, forget, I don't believe the rumors and they end up in bed. Stormy passionate sex, all is well. The girl received her dose of adrenaline this week. Quiet and smooth.


Some time passes, and the picture is repeated anew, only slightly changed. So, the girl becomes emotionally dependent on her beloved and gentle tyrant.

The bottom line is that, due to their youth or stupidity, girls, not choosing good ones, after years, mentally return to them. And if they have to divorce, then for the second time, they are already looking for a calm, balanced, good person, without bad habits, who do not like noisy companies and parties and without a roller coaster in their hearts.

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