Research That Shows How Important Openness Is In Sex

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Research That Shows How Important Openness Is In Sex
Research That Shows How Important Openness Is In Sex

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Relationship test
Relationship test

American psychologists McGuirl and Wiedermann from Ball State University are interested in what personal characteristics people of different sexes value in their lovers. And they conducted an interesting research on this.

The content of the article

  • 1 Instructions for testing
  • 2 What the subjects wanted
  • 3 What the girls thought of their partners
  • 4 What guys say about girls

Testing instructions

In their polls, they passed the following test - which, of course, our readers can also pass right now. Only in this case, you need to give a questionnaire to your partner - to find out how much your ideas about each other coincide. The instructions for the test sounded like this:

“Read the information about the following personality traits and rate them according to the scale:

  • “Strongly disagree” - 1 point.
  • "Disagree" - 2.
  • “Slightly disagree” - 3.
  • "I treat this neutrally" - 3.5.
  • “In principle, I agree” - 4.
  • "Agree" - 5.
  • “I totally agree” - 6.

Using this gradation, answer the question of whether such quality as … is important in a relationship with a partner.

  • Openness in discussing sexual matters.
  • Relaxation in bed.
  • Physical attractiveness.
  • Sex awareness.
  • The ability to say compliments during intimacy.
  • The ability to clearly communicate their own desires.
  • Faster sexual arousal.
  • No difficulty in achieving orgasm.
  • Loyalty to materials of erotic content - for example, pornography.
  • Persistence in sex, great initiative. "
Needs test
Needs test

During the study, the subjects answered questions about the extent to which these qualities are important to them. The polls were attended by 429 heterosexual students - 185 men and 244 girls aged 18 to 22 years. As a result, it turned out that both men and women have, in principle, similar ideas about what they need from partners. However, as for the views on the needs of the opposite sex, they were much further from the truth.

What the subjects wanted2

So what are the results obtained by scientists?

  • Openness in communication - for guys the average score was 5.19, for women - 5.5 points.
  • Relaxedness. 4.36 for boys, 4.37 for girls.
  • External attractiveness - 5.21 for the stronger sex and 4.75 for women.
  • Experience in matters of intimate life. 5.01 for boys and 5.21 for ladies.
  • The desire to hear pleasant words, compliments. 4.41 for male subjects and 4.73 for girls.
  • Ability to communicate your desires. Almost the same results for both sexes: 5.1 for the stronger sex and 5.11 for women.
  • Rapid excitement. 4.59 for guys, 4.57 for girls.
What men want from women
What men want from women
  • An easy climax. 4.32 for men and 3.73 for women. As you can see, the fair sex, in general, does not care how long it takes their lovers to reach the climax.
  • Loyalty to pornography. For the respondents of the stronger sex, this factor was more important - 3.48. For girls, the indicator was 3.08.
  • Persistence and initiative. Men - 3.91, women - 4.19.

In general, the researchers were impressed by the fact that the responses of subjects of different sexes did not differ as dramatically as is commonly believed. But then they moved on to the second part of the study. It assessed the following: how much, in the opinion of the respondents, this or that characteristic is important for their partners.

What the girls thought of their partners3

In this regard, the opinions of the fair sex about lovers were as follows:

  • Openness in discussion. Ladies believed that this factor was important for men by 4.84 points, while the result for guys was 5.19.
  • Relaxedness. Women's score - 4.45, men's - 4.36.
  • Physical attractiveness. Women's score - 5.36, men's - 5.21
  • Sex awareness. The ladies assumed that this factor was important for their partners by 4.85 points. In fact, by 5.01.
What women expect from men
What women expect from men
  • The desire to hear compliments. The girls thought the guys wanted it - 5.06 points. The men's rating is 4.41.
  • Ability to communicate your desires. For men, this factor was 5.01 points important. The ladies underestimated him: 4.86 points.
  • Rapid sexual arousal. Ladies believed that men want them to be aroused faster (4.98). In fact, the factor is important at 4.59 points.
  • Easy achievement of orgasm. There was also an overestimation here: 4.6 for women and 4.32 for men.
  • Loyalty to pornography. Women believed that this factor was more important for men - 4.22. In fact - 3.48.
  • Persistence and initiative. Here the scores are almost equal: 3.98 points for girls and 3.91 for men.

Guys opinion on girls 4

In the subjects of the stronger sex, the results were as follows.

  • Openness in discussion. This factor actually turned out to be more important for women (5.50) than men thought (4.95).
  • Relaxedness. Male score - 4.11; female - 4.37.
  • Physical attractiveness. Women considered this factor important for men by 4.75 points. The men themselves disagree a little: 4.96 points.
The opinion of men about women
The opinion of men about women
  • Sex awareness. Men thought that ladies liked sophisticated lovers - 5.05 points. And yes, it turned out that way: the girls rated this factor by as much as 5.21 points.
  • The desire to hear compliments. The guys almost got it right. Their guess is 4.77; and it was almost equal to a woman's need for compliments - 4.72.
  • Ability to communicate your desires. Men did not even know (4.83 points) that openness was so important for women (5.11).
  • Rapid sexual arousal. Guess men - 4.32; female opinion - 4.57.
  • Easy achievement of orgasm. The stronger sex (3.33 points) is convinced that girls value control of ejaculation less than they actually do (3.73).
  • Loyalty to pornography. Male score - 3.06; female - 3.08.
  • Persistence and initiative. The stronger sex almost guessed the preferences of beautiful ladies in this regard: 4.24 against 4.19 points.
K / f
K / f

So, one conclusion can be drawn from this. The needs of the floors are similar. However, assessing the needs of a partner is almost always different from the true state of affairs.

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