Reasons Why Men Have Mistresses

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Reasons Why Men Have Mistresses
Reasons Why Men Have Mistresses

Video: Reasons Why Men Have Mistresses

Video: Reasons Why Men Have Mistresses
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a man looking for a mistress
a man looking for a mistress

Sometimes life with one woman turns into a constant routine in all aspects of life. There can be many reasons why a man is looking for a mistress, ranging from the banal dissatisfaction of his partner to serious quarrels. Polygamy is characteristic of all men and women, this is also an essential reason for the search for new sensations, and, as a result, a new woman. Everyday family life is not enjoyable.

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  • 2 Shackled by one chain
  • 3 Young family
  • 4 Self-affirmation
  • 5 "I have a headache today"
  • 6 Personal space
  • 7 The woman before and after the wedding
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  • 9 About social roles
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Quite often, the cause of cheating is the state of alcoholic intoxication. In general, the following reasons for treason can be distinguished:

  • Womanizer man. Will not miss a single skirt in front of him. An extremely unstable type of men;
  • Self-doubt. An attempt to assert yourself through a bed with mistresses, to prove to yourself and others your sexual greatness;

Of course, such an act cannot be justified. This is a one-way ticket, when there can no longer be talk of great love.

Children's time i

A decisive role is played by the upbringing and attitude of the mother to the boy from early childhood. If the mother constantly indulged his whims and there were no various restrictions, then it is logical that the boy will grow up spoiled and will constantly need attention. Already being an adult man, this desire for everything to be the way a man wants remains and is deeply rooted in the young man's belief system. As soon as a woman ceases to satisfy his requirements, he will look for satisfaction on the side, where they will tell him how good he is, and indeed well done.

A woman in such a situation can use the tactics of a stick and a carrot, become for a man both a caring mother and a passionate lover. This can definitely help maintain the relationship.

Chained 2

There are men whose views on relationships are very windy and free. Cheating is not terrible for them. Such a person simply has no inner devotion and a sense of boundaries. Due to age and a strengthened worldview, it will also be almost impossible to correct it.


For most women, this behavior is likely to be inappropriate and disgusting. Therefore, starting a relationship with hope for the future with such a man is not worth it. You can find out about his views directly by asking him about it.

Young family 3

Marriage is most often accompanied by a replenishment in the family. With the appearance of the toddler, all the woman's attention is switched to him, and the man seems to be left behind. The head of the family, offended by the whole world, seeks consolation in the company of another lady, who will give him affection and her mortal body.

A spouse should pay due attention to a man, remember that every man is a child in his soul who needs help and support! Conversation and praise are as important to a man as it is to a woman. There is no need to turn intimate intimacy into routine, you always need to come up with something new and diverse.

man is cheating
man is cheating

Self-affirmation 4

Middle age crisis. A terrible phrase, in fact. A man begins to be driven for all sorts of reasons, and sex life is no exception. To prove to himself that he is still on horseback and capable of great feats, a man is looking for a mistress.

The help from a woman can serve as global changes in life together. You can go on a trip, make repairs in your apartment, go to new and unknown places. You can also change your lifestyle, update your wardrobe. It is important to give a man the feeling that his life is not as gray as it seems.

"My head hurts today" 5

The banal reason is lack or unsatisfactory sex. Intimacy is an important part of any relationship. Quality sex can hold back and strengthen relationships. Through this process, partners get to know each other better and understand whether they were created for each other or not. Frequent excuses of the partner lead to the appearance of a rival who does not have a headache.

The best outcome is to talk. Discuss everything in the right atmosphere and at the right time in a supportive atmosphere. You can fantasize about how you would like to do this. This will definitely help.

Personal space 6

Anyone needs personal space. With constant checks from a woman, a man feels like he is driven into a corner, this hits the man's ego very hard. The feeling of freedom is an important feeling for a man.

reasons for betrayal
reasons for betrayal

You should not constantly monitor and check everything that your significant other says. There should be trust and calmness in a relationship. You have to trust your partner. As they say - trust, but verify. If it comes to checking, then you need to do it wisely and so as not to be caught.

Woman before and after wedding 7

It often happens that after the wedding, the young lady stops caring for herself. A dirty head, not well-groomed nails, not shaved legs, etc., can shock any unprepared man. Looking at the beautiful and well-groomed ladies on the street, one subconsciously wants to see the same person next to him. And this is what pushes the representatives of the stronger sex to treason.

You need to look at home at home. Not like a ragamuffin from the yard, but like a nice-looking girl, not dress like some kind of institution, but be on the level.


Alone with his mistress, a man feels like a joyful teenager, gets real pleasure and pleasure. The mistress will always listen and help with a warm word. With a wife, there may no longer be such an emotional unity, people get fed up with each other and this is a fact. Only both can try to restore the old relationship, but not one. If the relationship is approaching its logical conclusion, then parting is not far off.

family cheating
family cheating

About social roles9

Each person in society plays a specific social role. It was from time immemorial. Asking any man about how they see his wife and mistress, they will tell completely about different types of women. A descriptive image of a wife will contain qualities such as loyalty, the ability to cook deliciously, and thrift. A lover must be sexy, attractive, desirable and approachable. Before the wedding, a woman fits the description of a mistress, after - no longer. This begs the question - why is this happening?

It's all about a society that imposes a certain model of behavior. The spouse understands that it is necessary to fulfill the role of a good housewife, but on the other hand, the need for sex remains. But this role does not seem to imply dissolute behavior. This is how the fairer sex is between a rock and a hard place.

To get out of this situation, you can, again, talk to each other. There is nothing better than a conversation. A lot can be changed with a word.

Let's sum up 10

From a moral point of view, the search for a mistress and betrayal of your chosen one is a low act that does not deserve any forgiveness and, even more so, understanding. It is worth going all out with great confidence, realizing that there is no turning back.

You can forgive treason if you love a person very much, but a reminder of this will still make itself felt. And trust in a person is already disappearing and love is gradually fading away. It happens that people have been together for too long and simply cannot part with each other, but this must be done! If this is not stopped in time, then children will appear, and parting when there are children is much worse. The child is actually left without a normal family, no one really needs.

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