Female Egoism - Angles Of Its Manifestation

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Female Egoism - Angles Of Its Manifestation
Female Egoism - Angles Of Its Manifestation

Video: Female Egoism - Angles Of Its Manifestation

Video: Female Egoism - Angles Of Its Manifestation
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girl with colored hair
girl with colored hair

There are many rumors that female egoism is a negative manifestation of character in the weaker sex. It should be noted that with this concomitant phenomenon, every person lives from infancy to a ripe old age. Some ladies try to develop, engage in self-education, learn to think not about themselves, about other people. Others do not care about the feelings of others, they live for themselves, so that they feel good. But no matter how much one wants to correspond to the ideal, it is almost impossible to eradicate selfishness. Even great people have not always spoken badly about this quality.

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  • 1 Types and causes
  • 2 About healthy egoism
  • 3 Is it possible to overcome selfishness

Types and causes

If selfishness does not cause suffering to others, this is a healthy form of its manifestation, it is important to be able to distinguish between an ordinary view and a sick one. Some may manipulate other people's feelings of guilt. Not every woman is pleased to hear that she:

  • selfish;
  • thinks only to himself;
  • does only what she wants, without thinking about the feelings of others.
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skate girl

Yes, maybe it is, why it happened, nobody wants to figure it out:

  1. Firstly, the parents themselves raise egoists, then they are surprised that the child does not consider their interests. Relatives from an early age pamper their girl, indulging her, thereby raising the "queen". But the reality of life is not always favorable to such girls and women. Many become lonely, unsettled in life, they are unaccustomed to obstacles, and are used to getting everything on a silver platter. Their self-esteem is very high, criticism of other people is perceived with hostility. Not everyone around, as relatives, will be supportive of such a "princess".
  2. Secondly, selfishness can manifest itself from the indifference of adults. The child receives all the good things in life with certain difficulties or not in full. From childhood to adulthood, such an individual will fight for a "place in the sun." Such a person adheres to a life position - you can take everything from a cold soulless society, without giving anything in return.

It must be admitted that every person is inherently selfish, if it were not for this "bad" quality, many people would not have achieved what they have.

Female egoism manifests itself in adulthood, Madame received benefits that were previously not available. In this case, a woman does not ignore society, does not feel hatred for others, on the contrary, she has a thirst for profit, a desire to master everything that she has not yet had.

Also, female egoism is revealed in relationships with a man. In this situation, a woman is trying to achieve something with his help. This position does not always lead to good. A man, albeit not immediately, but gets tired of such consumer relations. In our time, representatives of the stronger sex are not very much affected by “blackmail” denial of sex.

The natural essence of a woman differs from a man's in its foresight; they think about tomorrow more than men. When a child appears, normal mothers will protect him, will do everything to make him more comfortable to exist. And here the father-husband fades into the background, many men are not satisfied with this, they begin to show jealousy of their own child. The question arises by itself, who then is the egoist? Of course, there are cases when a woman with her motherhood goes too far in relations with her husband, this leads to misunderstandings, scandals. If the two halves find the strength to understand, hear each other, the relationship will continue. But it happens that couples disperse, accusing their spouses of selfishness.

girl in a cafe
girl in a cafe

About healthy egoism2

It turns out there is a form of "bad" quality. Oddly enough, healthy selfishness helps develop relationships between men and women. The male gender takes self-sacrifice for granted:

  • care;
  • kindness;
  • understanding should be moderate.

Men have always been attracted to opposites, women who know their own worth. For such, they move mountains, women who sacrifice themselves for the sake of men will turn them over themselves.

Is it possible to overcome selfishness3

Basically, the manifestation of female egoism is observed because of the narrow boundaries of consciousness, closed only on themselves, their problems, needs. She doesn't care, she won't guess that loved ones can:

  1. To suffer.
  2. Experiencing.
  3. They suffer.

For such ladies, the whole world is fixated on them, they all owe them, they do not understand what is different. Can a woman be different? In some cases, yes. You just need a conscious desire to change for the better. To do this, you need to switch your consciousness to the needs, needs of other people, you can start with relatives, friends, relatives. Offer your help if they have a need, be:

  • attentive;
  • responsive;
  • do not lie;
  • keep your word.

And the reciprocal positive results will not be long in coming, but do not overdo it to your detriment. After all, it is not for nothing that the Bible says: do with people as you want them to do with you.

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