How Can A Woman Keep A Man? 7 Tips From Men Themselves

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How Can A Woman Keep A Man? 7 Tips From Men Themselves
How Can A Woman Keep A Man? 7 Tips From Men Themselves

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How can a woman keep a man?
How can a woman keep a man?

They lived happily ever after and died on the same day. This is how most romantic fairy tales end, but in real life everything often happens differently. After fervent promises of love to the grave, the wonderful halo soon dissipates, leaving recently lovers with a heap of problems, claims and conflicts, which not everyone can overcome. After this, the beautiful half of humanity always has a question: "how can a woman keep a man?"

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  • 1 Appreciate his personal space
  • 2 His friends are sacred to him
  • 3 Like his mother
  • 4 And what about his ex?
  • 5 And now - the three main secrets of happiness

This article is primarily intended for the fair sex, we will talk with men another time. Men themselves will answer the question of how a woman can keep a man!

Appreciate his personal space

No one can and should not completely and completely belong to their soul mate. If you want to control his every step, to know what he thinks about, with whom he communicates and what he wrote in his school diary twenty years ago, this is not very similar to love and care. Not so much is needed for your beloved to feel in a concentration camp under the close supervision of a warden, and every trip to the store for bread is appreciated as moments of freedom. Sooner or later, he will simply choose freedom, do not hesitate.

Curiosity prompts you to inspect his personal belongings, open a locked desk drawer, rummage through his files on his computer, or look into his cell phone while he washes in the shower? Shock yourself in the hands for such thoughts! Perhaps you, too, had to hide your girlish secrets from a strict mother somewhere in the dust under the bed? Remember your feelings, how pleasant it was? Do you want your man to shy away from you in the same way and start hiding even the most harmless things?

His personal space is only his personal space. Personal things, hidden from prying eyes, are hidden not because there is something criminal in them. It just doesn't concern anyone else. Personal correspondence is closed from outsiders, not because he conducts it with two dozen mistresses, but because it is personal. Your man's hobbies, which you do not share, existed long before you appeared in his life, and you can be sure they will continue to exist after.

If, by a lucky coincidence, you also enjoy football, fishing, shooting at a shooting range or downhill skiing, and this common hobby has become a bridge to each other, great. If not, do not try to portray an increased interest in something that you are not really interested in, men feel this falsehood a mile away. Leave him alone along with his hobbies and take care of yours. One of the best ways for a woman to keep a man is simply not to disturb him or touch him!

His friends are sacred to him2

You don't have to like them. You don't need to be part of their social circle and share their interests. But any attempts to get between a man and his friends will not help strengthen your relationship, be sure.

How to keep a man
How to keep a man

If a man himself wants to introduce you to his company, get acquainted. Perhaps you will find their society interesting and informative, you will find friends among their wives, the expansion of the circle of communication has not bothered anyone in life. But you don't need to deliberately try to please everyone, especially if you don't like these people, remember what we wrote about fake? If your relationship with your man does not work out, do not try to turn him against friends. Remain neutral.

If you began to appear around his friends more and more often, and these people seem pleasant and interesting to you, you are already lucky in a sense. But remember one important thing - never, under any circumstances, argue or conflict with a man in front of his friends. Firstly, they will almost always side with him, and nothing good will come of it. Secondly, by publicly clarifying the relationship, you will strike a blow to your man's self-esteem in the company of his friends, and this is a serious blow for a man.

If your chosen one decided that love is separate and friends are separate - do not impose and do not try, contrary to his desire, to find out everything about his friends. Believe me, if he made such a decision, it is probably dictated by caring for you, and not some unpleasant secrets. The reluctance to introduce you to friends most likely has a simple explanation: for example, he simply does not want his angelic girlfriend to listen to the noisy conversations of not quite sober men interspersed with obscene language.

Like his mother3

If everything is quite simple with friends, then you will almost certainly have to build a relationship with his mother. And every mother wishes her beloved boy the most intelligent, beautiful, modest, educated, gentle, honest, immaculate … And you are hardly a living embodiment of her fantasies. Alas, there is no universal recipe for this situation.

How can a girl keep a guy
How can a girl keep a guy

But even if your relationship with his mother isn't working out, keep in mind that you have one advantage. For a mother, her adult son always remains a child, and she is sure that she understands life better than him and knows what he needs better than himself. But having made a choice in your favor, the man has already made an adult and independent decision.

And if you consider him not a helpless child, but an independent and grown man, you will always look in a favorable light. “Yes, mom is right, this girl is not the most ideal, not a supermodel, not a princess, and has not defended two doctoral dissertations, but she makes me a man” - your chosen one thinks and hurries from mom into your arms.

What about his exes? 4

First of all, don't become one of them. In this case, one simple way works: just forget about them. Do not be jealous, do not try to get to the bottom of the past, do not burn their letters, which he can keep as a keepsake. The past remains the past, and you cannot change it in any way. But as long as you are the present, the future is in your hands.

girl in neon
girl in neon

Any of his ex is a story of parting, and each parting had its own reason. Perhaps he wants to tell you about it himself: just listen, draw conclusions and do not repeat the mistakes of your predecessor. On rare occasions, your man's ex-girlfriend may remain in his circle of close companionship, and even become his good friend, but even so, you have no reason to be jealous and anxious: of the two of you, he has already chosen you.

And now - the three main secrets of happiness5

Knowing all this, do not forget about the main thing. For a woman to keep a man, only three of his needs must be satisfied. Yes, men are very simple and understandable creatures, the secret of their happiness is very simple, and when a man feels happy with you, he will not go anywhere from you.

First, it is a comfortable life. No wonder they say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Especially if this stomach is filled in a pleasant environment, cleanliness and order. Does this mean that you need to turn into a housewife in order for a woman to keep a man? Not! Modern technologies solve many everyday problems

Ways to keep a guy
Ways to keep a guy

A washing machine will save you from the need for hand washing, and a dishwasher will save you from washing dishes, a robot vacuum cleaner can silently do its important work, a multicooker will simplify food preparation. Optimize your life together, and your common home will become a place for him to return to every day.

Secondly, honest, interesting and trusting communication. It's good if your relationship began not with a fleeting sexual desire, but with common hobbies, interests and topics. But even if they are not, try to find them so that you have something to discuss not only in bed

Thirdly, the bed itself. Long-term unsatisfied sexual desires force many men to go to the left, but there is nothing difficult in their satisfaction. Most men want the usual variety and emotional impact in sex, and if yours has oddities like dressing you up in your school uniform, why not? This is another reason for you to feel younger

What it takes to keep a guy
What it takes to keep a guy

Love each other, respect the right to personal space, be honest - and you will not have to look for ways to keep someone who will dream of being in your company again and again. Perhaps everything said in this article will seem simple and banal to you, but happiness is really simple.

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