Should You Be Friends With Your Ex? The Pros And Cons Of Such A Relationship

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Should You Be Friends With Your Ex? The Pros And Cons Of Such A Relationship
Should You Be Friends With Your Ex? The Pros And Cons Of Such A Relationship

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How to stay friends with your ex
How to stay friends with your ex

How to stay friends with your ex? According to statistics, about 56% of Russian couples ask themselves this question, and these are only official marriages. Parting with a loved one is stressful for both parties. After the separation, a natural question arises: why do they remain friends with their ex?

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  • 2 Cons of being friends with an ex

Do yesterday's spouses or lovers need to make an effort to maintain goodwill after their breakup? If there is one reason in the arsenal of arguments why building a warm relationship with your ex is necessary, then this is worth considering.

The friendship option is good only if both partners, this is very important, realized that their relationship had exhausted itself, and the decision to break up was mutual. If the prelude to the breakup was stormy with the smashing of dishes and flower pots, God forbid, on the head, mutual threats and insults, then you should seriously think: "Is friendship with such a person necessary at all?"

Before throwing yourself into the pool with your head, you need to answer 2 questions:

  1. What is the purpose of friendship?
  2. What benefit will it bring to its initiator?

It is very important to be honest with yourself in your responses. Many passions under the guise of friendly relations want to renew them or smooth over the situation that occurred during the separation, so to speak, to forgive sins. Some girls, if they were the initiators of the separation, feel a certain responsibility for the loneliness of their former lover and can remain “friends” with him until he finds his former replacement.

How to stay friends with your ex without hurting yourself? The pros of friendship

Let's part as friends! Are there ways to develop relationships after such a phrase? Read the link.

  1. Making a good friend is the best option, given the degree of familiarity with each other. In addition, the former, after all, having remained friends with a girl, is always ready to listen to sentimental stories or to console in any situation, besides, you can always use friendship sex (again, if the girl is only interested in a platonic relationship without continuing).
  2. But the girl's desire to return her former lover in this way can doom both to a long and painful separation, which in the end will lead to the loss of precious time and a hypothetical friend.
high five
high five
  1. Maintaining relationships with mutual friends. Parting in one way or another happens with one person, while it is simply pointless to deprive yourself of communication with your favorite common company or individuals.
  2. Remaining friends with ex, oddly enough, makes the life of mutual friends easier, who will no longer have to choose who to invite to the holiday, there will be no awkward situations when holding parties or events.
  3. Sex with an ex-boyfriend without obligation can be an alternative for former partners if they are looking for a couple, especially since no prior acquaintance is required, they are familiar and know each other's preferences. Guys, for example, are always ready for such adventures, which cannot be said about the fairer sex.
  4. Girls do not seek to have intimate relationships with those they do not love, because friendship is not always associated with falling in love. Again, when entering into intimacy with a former lover, you need to be sure that your relationship is 100% platonic, otherwise the girl risks causing herself suffering.
Friendship with an ex is a well forgotten old
Friendship with an ex is a well forgotten old

Cons of friendship with an ex2

  1. Self-deception. Starting a friendly relationship with an ex-boyfriend, the girl, deep down, hopes for revenge in a relationship with him. Putting an end to a relationship in many cases is considered the right decision, rather than putting an ellipsis, as if giving up hope. In addition, being with the former on friendly terms, the girl will be aware of all the events of his life, including personal, and this is akin to the elements of masochism.
  2. A lover with the stigma "ex" may prevent a girlfriend from finding a new beau, either intentionally or accidentally. Being constantly with an ex-girlfriend as a "friend", a young man risks becoming her shadow, which interferes with full courtship from other males.
  3. No matter how delicate the parting is, you can hardly put a beautiful point in the relationship. Undetermined relationships risk manifesting themselves in a new quality. In the end, friendly meetings can develop into splashing out resentment at each other. What kind of friendship is that?
  4. Jealousy doesn't bring people closer. It should be admitted that men are polygamous, therefore, being in "good" relations with the former, you need to prepare for periodic stories about walking around the women. In addition, life does not stand still, and a young man may have a new beloved, and it will be difficult for a “new girlfriend” to understand and accept that her former partner no longer belongs to her.
  5. Free up space from the old for the new. Psychologists recommend not to dwell on old relationships, because a broken cup cannot be glued together. Letting go of her ex, the girl herself will discover a world of new relationships.
ex boyfriend and girlfriend
ex boyfriend and girlfriend

Why sex with an ex-man is a bad idea, we read in our article further on the link.

How to stay friends with an ex, and most importantly why and for what, is up to the girl to decide, since, according to public opinion polls, 78% of women aged 18 to 30 are ready to maintain friendly relations with their ex, while 64% of men at the same age do not see any sense in this. Sometimes it is worth turning the page of your life without rereading it over and over again, because there is a whole book of new events and impressions ahead.

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