10 Ways To Beautifully Revenge A Guy For Cheating

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10 Ways To Beautifully Revenge A Guy For Cheating
10 Ways To Beautifully Revenge A Guy For Cheating

Video: 10 Ways To Beautifully Revenge A Guy For Cheating

Video: 10 Ways To Beautifully Revenge A Guy For Cheating
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girl gives a kick
girl gives a kick

Revenge is a useless and exhausting thing. People take revenge on others for mistreatment. Many girls, after a painful separation from a boyfriend, first experience disappointment and pain, and after a while they have a desire to avenge everything they have experienced. Such plans for revenge often do not go out of their heads, and some girls still go on to active actions and bring them to life. If the girl has decided that the relationship will not have a common future, and she has not lost the desire to take revenge, then you can arrange a "fun life" for the ex-boyfriend. This article will discuss how to beautifully take revenge on a guy?

The content of the article

  • 1 Harm the toy
  • 2 Spoil your reputation
  • 3 Destroy the wardrobe
  • 4 Have an affair with his friend
  • 5 annoying communication
  • 6 Make life unbearable
  • 7 Embarrass
  • 8 Chatting with a guy's family
  • 9 Make you regret
  • 10 Ignore

Harm the toy

Guys are grown up children. They all have toys, especially a favorite one. It can be a car, a computer, all sorts of trinkets. And a girl can harm these things with tools (a hammer, an ax, a bat), pour paint, but there is also a downside. Such an idea of how to beautifully take revenge on a guy can end sadly for the girl herself. The guy can sue and she can be punished for the damage caused. A less risky option is to sprinkle grains on the car to attract birds.

Spoil your reputation2

You can place a profile on his behalf on various dating sites with a phone number. Also post on social networks or post on a blog his unsuccessful photos, as well as talk about how the guy offended. Mutual friends will very quickly begin to discuss all the details of what they saw and read, which will give the object of revenge a lot of unpleasant moments.

Destroy the wardrobe3

If there are things that were bought together, or personally by the girl, then cut all the clothes of the ex-boyfriend into small pieces. After all, if a guy wants to start a new life, then let him start it in new clothes, and not in expensive shirts that the girl lovingly chose for him.

Have an affair with his friend4

Many ladies decide to provoke jealousy and seduce close friends or mutual acquaintances. In this matter, you should be careful not to play with the feelings of the other person, because someone may take revenge in return.

Annoying communication5

You can write messages on the phone or on social networks, comment on the guy's records. It is important here to avoid threats and direct insults, because the guy can contact the police. Write love SMS and if he has a new passion, she will become jealous and make a scandal.

Make life unbearable6

If the girl lived with the guy, then you can put raw fish on the cornice or in any other place where it is not visible and cannot be found immediately.

How beautiful it is to take revenge on a man
How beautiful it is to take revenge on a man

The smell of decomposition will soak the guy's apartment for a long time until he finds the source.

Embarrass 7

You can call the delivery service for pizza, sushi, medicines (whatever), place an order on an Internet site with some large equipment and indicate the delivery of the order to the guy's address. If the ex is spending time with a new passion, then he will not want to look awkward. In order not to seem like a beggar and miser, he will most likely even buy the first few goods, but in the end it will lead him to real hysteria. You can also, if you know a new passion personally, start communicating with her, make friends, tell her that there was an experience of a relationship with a bad guy who hurt a lot, and then suddenly say that this person is her boyfriend.

Chatting with the guy's relatives8

If his mother treats the girl well, then you need to continue to communicate with her. The former through her mother will know that the girl is doing well, has a new boyfriend, found a good job, and are successful.

How beautiful it is to take revenge on a guy
How beautiful it is to take revenge on a guy

The ex-boyfriend will bite his elbows, it will hurt him that everything worked out great for the girl without him.

Make regret9

This method is the most time consuming and difficult, but the most useful for the girl as a person. While the girl is thinking about how to take revenge on the guy beautifully, you can make radical changes at this time, and this applies to both appearance and internal content. You can get rid of the goal of revenge with the help of free time activities: sign up for interesting courses, a gym or a dance school. When, after a while, the ex sees a girl in great shape with a radiant smile on his face and realizes that he has lost her forever, it will bring him such suffering that can hardly be compared with a damaged car or an expensive cut shirt.


None of the above methods will allow the girl to move further in life. Such pranks can only give perverse satisfaction and make the girl even more vindictive. Ignoring your ex and starting over is the best way to get revenge on your ex. Or you can change your phone number, restrict access to your social networks, and not show your feelings and worries.

is it worth taking revenge on a man
is it worth taking revenge on a man

So, the best way to get revenge on a guy beautifully is to be happy. If the guy sees that the girl has blossomed without him, especially if the young lady has an interesting life, perfect appearance and strong relationships, then the former will surely experience severe mental pain than if the girl simply went down to his level and made outright disgusting.

A girl must let go of her ex, live in harmony with herself. It is necessary to get rid of the need for revenge, erase it from your life.

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