Is There A Psychology Of Communication With Girls Or Is It A Myth

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Is There A Psychology Of Communication With Girls Or Is It A Myth
Is There A Psychology Of Communication With Girls Or Is It A Myth
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Guys, take it easy. The psychology of communication with girls is such a trick for increasing the sales of pickup courses. Doesn't cause any conflict with yourself? Why do you need this psychology at all? If you are going to manipulate women, know that female intuition is working against you, and this is the most terrible and illogical thing in the world. If you overdo it, you will be forever guilty. If you dream of building a normal relationship without scandals, it's another question.

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  • 1 Between psychology and manipulation
  • 2 How to build communication without relying on long-term relationships
  • 3 Serious relationships and everything about them
  • 4 Women's logic as a subject
  • 5 Communication in social networks

Between Psychology and Manipulationi

Usually advice for guys starts with a sacramental sex question. Well, you understand - how to get it, giving almost nothing in return. To put likes there, maybe to the cinema once. We need this kind of development option - learn not to communicate, but choose the girl who also needs only sex from you:

  • She is busy with something of her own;
  • She does not need to post stupid quotes from the public about love 24 hours a day;
  • She knows her own worth, does not fall for flattery, but calmly communicates with you, not playing the queen;
  • She really does not want a relationship - she does not call herself, does not write, does not constantly talk about relationships

It will be great if you just agree on the basis of love for some group, sport, or something else like that.

Here the whole psychology is reduced to the usual art of easy communication - do not push, entertain, do not impose your valuable opinion about life, and do not argue. They say small conflicts make sex hotter, but here we are talking about spouses, not about casual acquaintances.

How to build communication without counting on long-term relationships2

  • The most important rule is not to hang noodles on the girl's ears. No one is interested in guys who promise to get married, have 10 children, build a house and plant a forest. Do you want some communication? So chat:
  • Find common interests. Girls are people too, they like music, movies, concerts, TV shows. Talk about something like that, not about relationships, love, and so on. In general, it is better not to force this topic. Anyway, the speech will reach her, then it is better to honestly say that you are not looking for love until the grave;
  • Do not play Stirlitz, calmly answer the question about work. Even if you work as a manager at Euroset, say so. Nobody likes "promising young employees with classic clothes and cars." Not all girls want to surrender to the son of a millionaire. Some people just want a fun and easy relationship.
about the psychology of communication with girls
about the psychology of communication with girls

Why not portray a millionaire in exile who is suddenly in financial trouble? Everybody sees it. And since the girl is looking for simple easy communication, she will not like the lies at the very beginning.

Serious relationships and everything about them3

Do I need to run after the girl and happily announce that this is it, the same guy who wants to date one and not run around the clubs has been found? Of course not. Be natural and don't present your unique offer as a gift. Our girls have such an upbringing that this is meant as a normal option, the most common.

Communication should be started in an unobtrusive manner. The scheme is the same - common interests, conversations, questions, answers. Do not behave like at the interview immediately showing your diploma, and passport without a stamp, and documents for the car too. Just invite her somewhere and chat. Then it will come by itself.

Women's logic as a subject4

It is not a fact that you will fall for that very illogical hysterical young lady from memes. Perhaps your girlfriend will be more logical than a mathematics professor, and can not only hammer a nail, but also write a couple of applications from scratch. Therefore, there is only one advice - look with whom you communicate. And if possible, correct your behavior.

psychology of communication with girls
psychology of communication with girls

If you come across an illogical bomb, check if this whole theater of one actress is not a way to manipulate you. She can knock out certain behaviors or gifts. Then it's better to immediately decide if you need it. Relationships based on solid commodity-money principles also work. And many are made happy, by the way.

Communication in social networks5

We should also say about the Internet. You will most likely communicate on social networks. So work with your page. If you have a hundred photos from a hookah bar there, and you want to introduce yourself as a promising young businessman, you will have to clean it. No one is interested in selfies with a piece of eye, memics from male groups, and other pseudo-creativity.

You should have a normal page with high-quality photos not on a toothpick, and with adequate people on them. If you are looking for a girl, avoid posting photos from parties with a bunch of ladies, and yourself in the role of "king".

is there a psychology of communication with girls
is there a psychology of communication with girls

As for the rest, everything is simple - the usual friendly tone, without kids, pussies and other zoo, an unobtrusive conversation about interests, an invitation to go somewhere. Yes, the girls are waiting for exactly this, and not for a sluggish correspondence with memchiks for two years and a sticker as a congratulation on all the holidays. Finally, remember that there are no rules. Good luck!

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