10 Signs Your Relationship Is About To End

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10 Signs Your Relationship Is About To End
10 Signs Your Relationship Is About To End
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signs of an imminent breakup
signs of an imminent breakup

Is it possible to wake up one fine moment and see that your partner has collected his little things and drove off to the ends of the earth - and forever? It's not such a fantastic scenario. Sometimes people spoil the relationship, and they don't even know about it. Some actions automatically cause rejection in your partner, and cause him to move away from you. And when enough of these little things accumulate, it won't save the fact that you are in a long-term and committed relationship.

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  • 1 1. Lack of sense of humor
  • 2 2. Disrespect
  • 3 3. Stealth
  • 4 4. Lies
  • 5 5. Selfishness
  • 6 6. Disputes
  • 7 7. Laziness
  • 8 8.Take him or her for granted
  • 9 9. Sloppy
  • 10 10. Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene

Here are 10 things that do it the most.

1. Lack of sense of humor1

Don't take yourself too seriously. Laughter strengthens relationships and relieves stress. Humor brings couples together; and even in the most unpleasant situations, a joke helps smooth out sharp corners and establish contact.

2. Disrespect 2

Open disrespect for a person is one of the fastest ways to make him want to leave. This is especially important for men who want to feel loved and valued.

Surely people who are not even familiar with the law know that sometimes inaction is as weighty in relation to the law as action. The same goes for respect. For example, refraining from flirting with a waiter or waitress in a cafe speaks of respect; and vice versa. Of course, we all meet very attractive people from time to time. But this is not a reason to flirt with them in front of a partner.

3. Stealth 3

Excessively mysterious behavior, secrets, some purely personal affairs - like a wedge hammered between the members of a pair. If you feel that you have to keep secrets from your lover, it is worth considering - is there any point in staying in this relationship if there is no trust in them?

4. False 4

An outright lie is sometimes worse than a double life. If two people cannot be honest with each other, it is as if there is no fundamental block in their relationship on which the entire further building is being built. So try to be as truthful as possible.

Signs that the relationship is over
Signs that the relationship is over

Psychologist Ellen Bader emphasizes that very often lies lead to a vicious circle of new lies. “Lies have much more potential than we think. It is very damaging to relationships. If the truth becomes known to a partner, he feels as if he has been circled around his finger - and, moreover, the closest person. Naturally, there will be no special desire to continue relations on this basis."

5. Selfishness5

Without compromise, it is also impossible to build a good connection. Sometimes it happens that one partner is constantly investing in a relationship, doing his best; the other is not particularly in a hurry to work and acts as a consumer. If your partner has even a drop of self-esteem, sooner or later he will get tired of being an eternal slave.

6. Disputes6

Life is not always conducive to laughter and joy. But if you're constantly in a bad mood, it can lead to conflicts and quarrels. Ultimately, the partner may withdraw forever. So try to find constructive ways to resolve differences, as well as keep your own psycho-emotional state in the norm.

7. Laziness 7

Lack of ambition also kills relationships. Who is pleased to look at a degrading amoeba, which only cares about TV shows or computer games? According to a study by psychologists H. Fisher and J. Garcia, laziness is one of the most common reasons for separation. Approximately 59.6% of men and 72.1% of women do not value a partner who does not care about their future.

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson

8.Take him or her for granted 8

When a beloved receives no more attention than a floor lamp in a bedroom, this invariably causes rebellion and rejection. In relationships with experience, people believe that it is already possible not to utter warm words, and not pay attention to the needs of a partner. As a result, this often leads to tension in relationships and, as a result, a breakup.

Psychologist John Gotman, who has studied this aspect of communication, is convinced that the exchange of signals that partners send to each other is one of the most accurate indicators of the future. “The way a person reacts to his partner, his words and actions, predicts a joint future,” explains Gotman. “You can react positively, negatively or neutrally. The choice is yours. But the more often partners choose a positive response, the less chance they have for parting."

9. Sloppy 9

How you deal with your home will tell a lot. No one likes to live in absolute chaos. The same goes for looks. According to polls, 71% of women and 63% of men believe that a sloppy appearance is repulsive and unacceptable.

10. Failure to comply with the rules of personal hygiene10

Nails, hair and body should always be well-groomed. No one will like to be next to a person from whom he carries rotten eggs a mile away, or who has a nest of tangles on his head. Show respect for yourself and your partner, and watch your appearance.

Relationship is over
Relationship is over

On the other hand, you shouldn't perform these procedures with your partner. Resist the urge to trim your nails or use a razor in his or her presence. You don't have to share every move you make and a little mystery never hurts.

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