Is A Sensual Woman A Gift From Above Or Work On Yourself?

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Is A Sensual Woman A Gift From Above Or Work On Yourself?
Is A Sensual Woman A Gift From Above Or Work On Yourself?
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Sensual woman
Sensual woman

The concept of sensuality is so ambiguous that even beautiful, successful and fashionable women may not have it, while ladies with a discreet appearance are constantly in the center of attention of men who say with admiration: “what a sensual woman”.

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  • 2 Connoisseurs of sensuality
  • 3 How to develop sensuality?
  • 4 The body as a subject of research
  • 5 Practice dancing
  • 6 If you like it, don't be silent
  • 7 How to believe in your own strength?
  • 8 Let Sexual Energy Into Your Life
  • 9 The image of a sexy lady

It is no wonder that many women involuntarily have to think about what is included in the concept of sensuality, how it can be achieved and what it is for.

Sensuality is an extension of a woman's sexuality, or even its main component. This is the name for the ability to get pleasure from intimacy with your man, to experience pleasure from his caresses and touches, as well as the sexual act itself. Therefore, it is so important to work out this side of femininity. Most ladies are deprived of this quality due to the fact that they do not allow themselves to dive headlong into their feelings.

The definition of sensuality includes many components. The complete image of a woman, and its individual components, such as lips, eyes, hands, and so on, can be sensual. If a man sees that his lady is enjoying his caresses and touches, then this gives him pleasure, increases his self-esteem and makes him admire his partner.

By studying your body and its desires without hesitation, you can explain to your loved one how to make you happier. Relationships change for the better when partners know everything about each other's preferences.

Unfortunately, not all women are sensual. Some ladies lose this quality as they get older. Its presence is influenced by stress, family relationships, tension at work, psychological problems of a sexual nature. Many ladies do not even know how important sensuality is in intimate relationships.

To make your sex life more complete, love alone is not enough. Tender feelings for a partner cannot change the sexual model of behavior that our mothers and grandmothers conveyed to us under the guise of a variety of prohibitions and complexes. This is due to the fact that it is in childhood that the future model of sexual behavior is formed.

Example i

A 27-year-old girl named Anastasia turned to a psychologist. She complained that she did not feel in herself a response to the touch of a loved one. Their relationship has been going on for over a year, there were many sexual contacts.

all about feminine sensuality
all about feminine sensuality

“I am very pleased with his caresses and attention, but for some reason they do not excite me. I do not understand what is wrong with me and it worries me very much."

During a conversation with the girl, the specialist found out that Anastasia was raised by one mother, who filed for divorce after her husband's infidelity. Therefore, a disappointed woman could not tell her daughter anything good about men. As a result, the girl developed a negative attitude towards intimacy with men.

The psychologist helped the girl get rid of psychological problems and develop her sensuality using various sexological techniques.

Connoisseurs of sensuality2

Probably, the very concept of sensuality was invented by men. Only they can evaluate a woman according to this criterion and say how close her image is to the standard of femininity and sensuality.

how to develop sensuality
how to develop sensuality

For men, a lady is sufficiently feminine and sensual if there is tenderness, fragility and sensitivity in her. If she radiates feminine weakness, loyalty and sincerity.

Such ladies cause in men an unconscious desire to protect them and protect them in every possible way, and show all kinds of care. It is next to such a lady that any man can feel like a real hero, protector and breadwinner. Men are very impressed with these roles, so sensual women will never be left alone.

How to develop sensuality? 3

It is necessary to develop female sensuality in different ways. To study both external touch to different zones on the surface of the body, and to internal, for example, the muscles of the vagina. But do not hope for a quick result, since it will not work to become a sensual woman in just a couple of days. This self-improvement process can take months and years. No one teaches Western women to prepare themselves for pleasure. In the East, however, such techniques were elevated to the rank of art.

how to develop feminine sensuality
how to develop feminine sensuality

The body as a subject of research4

It is necessary to study your own body on reactions to various stimuli. To do this, you can use various objects: silk fabrics, furs, a sheet of paper, a flower, a feather, etc. After that, you need to stay alone, take a comfortable position and relax. For 10-15 minutes, you will need to hold these objects on your hands and other parts of the body. In this case, you need to focus on the reactions of your body. To do this, you can close your eyes and immerse yourself in the sensations that need to be remembered.

So you can experiment with a couple, trying to explore the body of a partner. He, too, can touch his partner with objects and follow her feelings.

Go dancing5

Dancing helps ladies to loosen up, relax, become more confident and sexy. Through dancing, the body becomes more flexible, fit and sexy. A lot of muscles are involved in this process, allowing you to prolong youth.

dancing to develop sensuality
dancing to develop sensuality

Many dance styles are great pelvic workouts. Thanks to this, women who often dance are more sensitive, which helps them to enjoy intimacy with a man.

If you like it, don't be silent6

Men have very poorly developed intuition, so they cannot understand what their lady likes, if she is silent about it. And many women are silent as partisans and wait when this torture will end and her partner will stop touching her where it is especially unpleasant, while the poor fellow thinks that he is making her pleasant.

Many women are not free enough to speak openly on sexual topics, much less discuss personal problems. The reason for this secretive behavior lies in shyness and inability to openly express their preferences.

However, if the couple had never spoken frankly about such topics before, then you should not abruptly pour out a stream of information on your partner about your preferences and claims against him. This can cause shock and unnecessary suspicion. It is advisable to start from afar and with praise.

Sensual woman
Sensual woman

For example, you can talk about how much pleasure his caresses give him in certain places. When discussing your sexual desires with your partner, you need to focus on feelings and sensations. It is better to refrain from critical statements and giving advice. The conversation should be fairly honest and frank, but at the same time not offend the feelings of the man.

How to believe in your own strength? 7

How self-confident a woman is, what expresses her views, gestures, speech, affects how others will perceive her. To gain sensuality and become sexier, you need to love yourself and your every action. You can love yourself if you learn to take care of yourself, have desires and realize them.

If a woman constantly compares herself with others and seeks to get their approval, if she is afraid to take a wrong step and make a mistake, or is constantly engaged in self-criticism; if she does not value herself a penny and is afraid that others will do the same; if she is afraid to become the object of ridicule and to lose general sympathy, then she loses not only her sensuality, but her self-respect. To awaken the feminine energy in yourself, you can read the books of the psychologist and specialist in this field Larisa Raner.

what does sensuality mean
what does sensuality mean

But it can be very difficult to cast aside fears, stop being shy, and accept male affection with pleasure. In the process of growing up and transforming from a girl into a woman, the weaker sex is greatly influenced and pressured by the family, environment, media sources, television and so on. As a result, even adult women complex a lot, ashamed of their feelings, desires and sensations.

Society makes women feel ashamed for the so-called "licentiousness", not allowing them to realize that natural sensuality is just one side of femininity. Many ladies find it very difficult to overcome social stereotypes and realize their own sensuality. Psychologists will help them understand themselves. With the help of special techniques, they find the causes of individual psychological barriers and help women overcome them.

Bring Sexual Energy Into Your Life8

To understand that sensuality is present in a woman's sex life, she must pay more attention to this aspect.

who is a sensual girl
who is a sensual girl

People find it important to go to the movies, socialize with friends, and engage in hobbies, but they don’t think that preparing for sensual pleasure also takes time. To learn how to have pleasure in close contact with another person, you need to be ready for this psychologically and morally. Sex should become one of the important aspects of a woman's life, and not a shameful or unpleasant occupation. Only in this case will he possess his life-giving power.

The image of a sexy lady9

If a woman is sexy and sensual, then she undoubtedly possesses a number of other virtues, such as grooming, style, good physical shape. Knowing perfectly well her shortcomings, she knows how to perfectly cover up their advantages. She loves flirting, but never stoops to vulgarity. But every man has his own image of a sensual woman.

One gives preference to appearance, the other to demeanor, the third turns on the mind and erudition. Therefore, it is very important to engage in self-development and pay attention to those qualities that most attract a beloved man.

about the development of female sensuality
about the development of female sensuality

Do not lose sight of the fact that the female body has some physiological characteristics. So, hormonal changes can also affect sexual desire. Along with this, changes in appearance occur and this cannot be ignored.

In the period from 20 to 30 years old, girls devote a lot of time to education and career, looking for themselves in appearance, trying to come to some common style. As a result of such employment, sexual life has an irregular character or is just beginning to enter a permanent channel.

At 30, a woman already has sufficient sexual experience and knows her preferences. At this age, the peak of sexuality comes, due to the fact that the hormonal level is very high and women are internally ready for innovations, self-knowledge and experiments.

At 40, ladies are still sexy. But after 40 years, the hormonal background begins to decrease and libido may weaken. But this does not yet affect sexual activity.

At the age of 50, the climacteric period leaves its mark on female sex life. This age is characterized by a sharp decrease in sexual desire.

sensuality in a girl
sensuality in a girl

But according to statistics, only 40% of the female sex is subject to such changes. Despite the fact that women tend to have complexes about external aging, they should realize that it is too early to give up on their sex life.

Summing up, we can conclude that sexuality and femininity are very multifaceted concepts. However, these female traits need to be studied and developed. The feeling of sensuality gives great pleasure, painting life in bright colors, filling it with new events and impressions. If a woman is filled with such emotions, then she is better perceived by others, she improves her relationship with a man and fills him with happiness.

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