The Most Faithful Husbands According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. What Do Astrologers Say?

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The Most Faithful Husbands According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. What Do Astrologers Say?
The Most Faithful Husbands According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. What Do Astrologers Say?

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Zodiac signs
Zodiac signs

Every girl dreams of finding the only and faithful companion for life. To be loved and needed are the main goals for a woman. How to find a man to whom you can devote all of yourself and who will not change or betray. Let's turn to the powers of the heavenly office - the horoscope. Let the most faithful zodiac signs of a man become your guide when choosing.

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  • 1 Defiant Aries
  • 2 Domestic body
  • 3 Gemini or wind in the head
  • 4 Most, most cancer
  • 5 Ambitious Lion
  • 6 Virgo is a dedicated analyst
  • 7 Loving scales
  • 8 Scary sexy scorpion
  • 9 Sagittarius is an adventurer
  • 10 Meticulous Capricorn
  • 11 Aquarius and the past
  • 12 Adorable Fish
  • 13 Dry statistics

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Defiant Aries

Aries' loyalty is an unstable thing and lasts as long as everything suits him. And then, says the ram, blame yourself. As soon as you start to pressure him or behave too well, he becomes bored and frustrated. And what could be the best medicine for healing? Right! New woman. Sometimes not alone. He will hide his adventures until he falls in love. And then he will leave you and go to conquer new heights.

Domestic Taurus2

Most of all, the representative of this sign values ​​comfort and coziness. It is important for him that everything goes on as usual. Otherwise, you have to make efforts, and Taurus does not like this. It is laziness that keeps the calf from betrayal. Although such thoughts flicker in his head, he is not ready to do something.

This does not mean that a woman who has connected her life with a Taurus should relax. Danger can lurk around any corner. If a very active and purposeful person has laid eyes on your little body, then rest assured that she will achieve her goal.

Twin or wind in the head3

Congratulations! You have linked your life with a very fickle sign. The most faithful signs of the zodiac, men and twins, are simply extreme and never intersecting phenomena. The twin boyfriend is initially sure that the best could not happen to you, and the meeting with him is given to you by fate. But is it fair that such luck fell on the head of just one single girl. What nonsense? Of course not. No wedding and children will stop him.

The most, the most cancer4

Astrology says that cancer is the most faithful sign of the zodiac. Such a man is traditionally considered domestic. However, statistics are stubborn things and do not agree with this.

faithful zodiac signs men
faithful zodiac signs men

Cheating for cancer is not a one-time action. In addition to the main woman, he chooses for himself the main mistress. Interestingly, the two companions of cancer are very often diametrical opposites of each other. These women will be the only ones in his life, and the relationship with them will be long. Cancer loves and values ​​his family, so the adventures of his wife will remain secret.

Ambitious Lion5

Leo is an active and emotional person. He can't go without names. One-time sex under the influence of alcohol, less often - a constant lover, but without any special obligations. Leo does not like complexity and problems.

Virgo is a dedicated analyst6

Virgo is difficult to seduce with casual sex. Their analytical mind, disgust and respect for his wife do not allow them to stoop to intrigues. As a rule, virgins are looking for their beloved for a long time and carefully, so the choice is deliberate, and they are not used to changing their views and decisions.

Loving scales7

One of the loving signs: it is good in bed with him, but difficult in everyday life. Libra loves to conquer women's hearts and thereby maintain their self-esteem.

faithful zodiac signs men
faithful zodiac signs men

Treason often jars their hearts and hangs like a dead weight. They understand and worry, and continue to do in their own way. Libras have been in search of the ideal all their lives and each time they rush into new romances with their heads.

Scary sexy scorpion8

This sign exudes sex and confidence. Scorpio does not exchange for one-time affairs, he is a gourmet and chooses the best and the best. If there is a woman next to him who gives him variety, passion and satisfies all his needs, then there is no point in looking for a new passion. The scorpion's loyalty is entirely in the hands of the woman.

Sagittarius Adventurer9

Sagittarius can be safely called a family man. Cheating for him is just an adventure and nothing more. The mistress causes passion and excitement for a fairly short time. When emotions pass, the Sagittarius returns to the bosom of the family and becomes the standard of decency and loyalty.

Careful Capricorn10

Before the wedding, a huge number of girls participate in the casting for the role of Capricorn's wife. However, having spent such a long selection and determined, he sees no reason to change.

faithful zodiac signs men
faithful zodiac signs men

Loyal to his wife, especially if he is below her in social status and dependent.

Aquarius and the Past11

Cheats not physically, but emotionally. Likes to remember his former partners and draw parallels. Be prepared to live by listening to the echo of his past. Your indignation about this matter is absolutely incomprehensible to him. If Aquarius meets new love, he will leave in silence, carefully closing the door.

Adorable fish12

Representatives of this sign are considered to be the most sociable people. They love communication, movement, and believe that their betrayal strengthens the marriage. Attention! Only treason on their part. They prefer to turn their heads on naive girls, hang noodles and have an easy romance. No matter how wonderful the mistress is, they will give preference to the family.

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faithful zodiac signs men
faithful zodiac signs men

Dry statistics13

The polygamy of men or the love of affairs is confirmed by research. According to statistics, more than 65% of men cheat on their second half, and another 10% regularly think and dream about it. The horoscope showed that a faithful man should be looked for among Virgos, Cancers and Capricorns and walk around Libra and Gemini for kilometers. But these are just opinions, and of course, every man is different. Just knowing his little secrets won't hurt.

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