How To Understand That A Man Likes You - The Main Signs

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How To Understand That A Man Likes You - The Main Signs
How To Understand That A Man Likes You - The Main Signs

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How to understand if a man likes you
How to understand if a man likes you

Not all girls prefer to take the first step towards the object of their sympathy. For some, this is due to fundamental beliefs, for others - self-doubt. But the question of how to understand whether a man likes you is puzzling to all the fair sex, especially next to the object of sympathy.

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  • 1 Unconscious contact attempts
  • 2 Voice and gaze
  • 3 Dialogues
  • 4 Psychological facts

Either experienced and confident people, or a person who obviously does not plan anything serious, can easily admit their feelings. Quite often, successful and successful men in responsible and managerial positions are shy at the sight of a pretty girl and cannot speak directly about sympathy. But this does not mean that the lady will not be able to understand her attractiveness by indirect and direct signs.

Unconscious contact attempts

Representatives of the male half of the population instinctively want to be closer to the lady they like. In practice, this translates into "casual" meetings at work or elsewhere. Simply put, the guy uses any pretext to be able to at least look at the object of interest (if you can't touch it with your hands yet). How to understand that a guy likes you? It's easy.

This also includes putting your hands in pockets, holding a belt or holding objects in your hands. Firstly, this is a sign of excitement, and secondly, an attempt to find something to do for your limbs, because the desire to hug is sometimes very great.

It will not be superfluous for girls to observe how often a man straightens his clothes in front of them (straighten his tie, shirt, etc.), or uses similar gestures and postures in dialogue. This is nothing more than an attempt to please the opposite sex. Touching your own face and hair is an indirect sign that the young man, consciously or not, wants these actions from the girl (yes, some men love to be stroked on the head).

Voice and gaze2

The biochemistry of the body does amazing things with the voice of a person in love. Everyone has heard such a word as "cooing" more than once. A softer tone of voice, the appearance of hoarseness. When these changes slip in a conversation with a woman she likes, she can safely add another sign of a man in love to her list. Sometimes, a guy who has just been rude to a friend, having met a girl, instantly begins to talk in a warm, calm tone.

No matter how hackneyed the phrase about women who love with ears and men who need eyes for this sounds, the facts remain facts. How to understand if a man likes you? You just have to appreciate his look. Like the voice, the expression in the eyes changes when looking at a pretty lady. The same warm look, to which the slightly enlarged pupils are added.

a man likes a girl
a man likes a girl

Some representatives of the fair sex know how to notice “eyes in love”, and draw conclusions from them. For the rest, you can simply count how often the guy casts glances at the girl he likes. By the way, the more often a man looks in the eyes, and not at the "prominent" parts of the body, the more warm feelings he has. If the gaze is slightly clouded and constantly slides over the figure, this is a sign of passion and irrepressible desire.


And if a woman cannot notice the presence of the notorious butterflies in her stomach, then conversations, the end of which boils down to a man's story about personal plans, successes or curiosities, will be a good sign. Why? Sharing his goals, a man subconsciously wants the participation of the object of adoration in them, which means that he regards the girl as a life partner (allows this option).

Another good sign would be pauses during dialogue. The interlocutor may think that the guy is catching a crow. In fact, this is due to excitement, distraction to women's charms and their dreams.

a man hugs a girl
a man hugs a girl

Perhaps it is worth remembering about jealousy. Of course, at the stage of simple communication, it is impossible. But, isn't a man tense when a pretty girl talks sweetly on the phone with a friend and discusses evening plans? Are his cheekbones tightening? Does your mood spoil? Even without being with the object of sympathy in a relationship, the guy will frown at all possible competitors. But such behavior is impossible without feelings.

Psychological facts4

It is not uncommon for ladies to confuse ordinary flirting and politeness with real sympathy. Since you can understand whether a man likes you by the above signs, the following points will be additional evidence of sympathy, examples of which are given by psychologists:

  • In addition to signs of attention in the form of a cup of tea or coffee, a jacket thrown over his shoulders on a cold evening and other similar "courtship", a man will catch every word spoken, listen very carefully to even the most boring story and agree with any nonsense said by a girl.
  • Slightly inappropriate behavior. A serious and stern-looking man meets a pretty woman. At first, everything goes as usual - flirting, compliments and courtesies. As soon as a lady hints at reciprocity, a brutal male can do an act worthy of … a younger generation.
a man loves a girl
a man loves a girl

The more the representative of the stronger sex fell in love, the more reckless actions should be expected from him. From the inscriptions under the balcony, to trying to get into the window of the hostel (if the strict guard won't let you in). The man thinks about the consequences a little later. After all, for a while, with happiness, the young man turns into a young tomboy capable of putting a chocolate bar in his pocket and pulling his pigtail.

  • Standard signs for both sexes are an eternal smile, a dreamy look and detachment from others.
  • It is worth knowing another interesting fact about courageous guys. A young man in love acquires some truly impressive awkwardness skills. Broken glass, morning coffee on trousers, little finger injured in the battle with the bedside table (the most diligent may not even notice the doorframe). If a man, from a coordinated handsome man, has turned into an awkward creature, someone's beautiful eyes are "to blame" for this.
  • Funny stories, anecdotes and other attempts to cheer up the interlocutor. In addition, even the most ill-mannered gentleman remembers that the lady needs to open the door, give her hand, make way, etc.

There is the last, most open way to understand about the sympathy of the opposite sex. If a guy is interesting to a girl, maybe you should go up to him and tell him about it? This is not immoral or ill-mannered behavior, it also does not oblige you to anything. It's just a fact that a girl wants to communicate to a guy, and then it's his turn to show courage.

And how to find out that a girl likes you, read our article at the link.

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