The Role Of A Man In A Relationship: Choosing The Perfect Match

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The Role Of A Man In A Relationship: Choosing The Perfect Match
The Role Of A Man In A Relationship: Choosing The Perfect Match

Video: The Role Of A Man In A Relationship: Choosing The Perfect Match

Video: The Role Of A Man In A Relationship: Choosing The Perfect Match
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The role of a man in a relationship
The role of a man in a relationship

The role of a man in a relationship is very broad, because he is not just a protector and earner, it is also a son, father or brother. What role does he assume in a relationship with a woman? Let's consider the most common roles of men - the so-called psychotypes, as well as what role he plays in family and relationships.

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  • 2 Son is a lover
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  • 4 The role of the knight
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Roles of men in relationships and familyi

In this case, it is worth highlighting several main points.

  1. First of all, this is the role of a leader - what he takes upon himself, what duties and tasks he performs, what gives his family and his loved ones. But it is worth making a reservation right away - a lot depends on the type of man.
  2. The miner - bring food, nail a shelf or build a house. You can go on here for a long time, but the main thing is comfort and coziness for relatives and friends, financial support.
  3. Defender - he protects a woman from danger, protects her children, and this requires a lot of strength and courage, self-confidence. And today, danger can lie in wait at every step.

These are the main roles that society and women want to see in the eyes of men. But it is worth remembering that a lot depends on the type of man, which we will talk about further, and what is the role of a man in a relationship.

And we read more information about personality types of men in our article further on the link.

Son - lover2

Most often, these are men - playboys, frivolous and immature boys who cheerfully and with excitement litter with their energy, beauty and money. Their sexual relations are often promiscuous, it is more important for them to relieve tension than to get their own bit of pleasure.

infantile man
infantile man

Most of them have problems with alcohol dependence, are often addicted to drugs, and do not know how to properly manage money. They are impressed by the excitement, risk and carefree existence. Most often, such personalities are the result of raising an emotionally cold mother, therefore his goal is to find the woman who will support him, often older than him in age.

Brother's Role 3

guy on the couch
guy on the couch

Often, such men in their behavior show an asexual approach to a woman - this is more likely the position of an older brother, while he is a wonderful husband and lover, earns money. But in sex it is rather a position and attitude, the position of a younger brother, whom the mother felt sorry for, took care of and guided on the path of truth.

In this case, we are talking about a passively feminine man who retains the features of a young man until old age. And in order to become a man, it is important to know your strength and desire, to be able to apply and defend them in reality. But often it falls on the shoulders of a woman who can play the role of a mother or older sister, taking over his main responsibilities.

The role of the knight4

the man is waiting
the man is waiting

If we carry out a psychological analysis of this type of man, this is a phallic prototype who is obsessed with his sexual power and good luck, and his strength is comparable to that of a phallus. He is aggressive and assertive, but his minus is a certain deep, at the level of instinct, fear of a woman. And often this fear comes from his mother.

If we turn to history, it is enough to recall Casanova, a knight without fear and remorse, who set the goal of victory over a woman. But not by brute force - seduction and gifts, affection and rapprochement with them. Such a man will approach, surrender completely to the woman - he completely shares sex and love.

And by such behavior, he rather on an unconscious level tries to surpass the authority of his own father, but with all this he remains eternal in life and behavior as a teenager. And a woman should be prepared for the fact that soon, he will lose interest after the wedding. His goal is to conquer and fight, but only life experience can make them grow up.

Father's Role5

The father in the family hierarchy is a very authoritarian personality and is often tough, even in some families and sadistic. And when he conquers a woman, she simply ceases to be interesting for him as such, where she is assigned the role of a mother, a housekeeper and in no way an equal adviser and an interesting mistress who captivates and excites.

He will communicate with his wife with the utmost rigor, rarely speak affectionate words - business and money for him are in the first place. But he is looking for pleasure on the side. It is rather a consequence of the application of the patriarchal order and foundations in society, where discipline and order, coupled with physical punishment, are the norm for him.

Summing up, we can say that in real life there is no purely expressed type of man and his role in relationships, which will clearly determine his behavior. Therefore, the role of a man in a relationship is a purely individual concept, which depends on many factors, habits, up to the behavior of a woman and the environment.