Forgetting A Boyfriend After Breaking Up: Sociology And Psychology

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Forgetting A Boyfriend After Breaking Up: Sociology And Psychology
Forgetting A Boyfriend After Breaking Up: Sociology And Psychology

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Forgetting a boyfriend after breaking up
Forgetting a boyfriend after breaking up

An ended relationship is a serious stress for the psyche. Unfortunately, relationships almost always end when feelings are still there. At first, the girl experiences depression, cries, recalls pleasant moments. Then the emotional resource ends and there is no more strength to experience, you want to go further. Then the question arises "How to forget a guy after breaking up?"

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The topic of relationships is of great interest to the scientific sphere. There have been a lot of studies and surveys, the purpose of which was to understand how people react to breakups.

The results of these studies have revealed one saving straw to the world. According to these studies, it takes half as long to forget a boyfriend after breaking up as the relationship lasted. That is, if a couple was together for a year, then each of them calmly and consciously, without looking at the past, will be able to enter into a new relationship in six months.

Of course, each case is different. Someone will calm down in a couple of days, someone, on the contrary, will need two years. It’s not about how strong the love was. It all depends on the psychological state and mood. People who are willing to consciously move on and really want to forget their ex will cope with unnecessary memories much faster.

Interestingly, according to statistics, men are more worried about broken relationships. 75% of men and 25% of women experience a breakup for a long time. But there is good news for them too. According to statistics, 80% of couples, having tried to reconcile, are able to develop a serious and long relationship.


Based on experience and knowledge of how the human psyche works, psychologists have offered several tips that can help you cope with a breakup:

How to forget a guy
How to forget a guy
  • It is necessary to completely exclude this person from your life. Delete correspondence, contact numbers of friends and relatives, erase pictures of his animals from your mobile and throw away his old home T-shirt. A girl who winds herself up, over and over again experiencing the emotional shock from the sight of his brush in a glass or his folder on the desktop, will greatly complicate her task.
  • You don't have to torment yourself with memories. As soon as the thought of a guy arises, you need to immediately force yourself to stop thinking about it. Yes. This is hard. Therefore, psychologists advise to be distracted by something. Household chores, work, study - everything that is important and everything that can switch thoughts.

These are two conditions that will summarize all the tips on how to forget your ex. Instead of engaging in self-criticism, it is better to think carefully. To understand what exactly was wrong, what mistakes were made. Convince yourself that both are to blame. Take care of yourself, make yourself better, more beautiful, smarter, more readable.

You should never, under any circumstances, think that all guys are like that. Thus, the girl unconsciously tunes herself in to search for a guy with a similar behavior model, a similar psychotype, external similarity.

Do not drown your grief with alcohol or promiscuous acquaintances. Better to take parting as a kind of vacation. Life does not end, but there is an opportunity to weigh everything and devote time only to yourself.

Forget a guy
Forget a guy

Things to do to forget your boyfriend after breaking up3

While many people think that travel is an escape from a relationship, it is by no means a solution to problems, sometimes it works great. Traveling to a new country or a familiar old one can give not only new impressions, but also new acquaintances. Of course, it is better to take a friend with you, who will not allow you to spend the whole vacation at the hotel. No matter how hard the parting is, it is much easier to survive it on the white sand by the sea.

If there is no way to get out, you can come to grips with study or work. No matter how ridiculous it may seem, such an activity really becomes more productive. On weekends, you can entertain yourself with a good book, going to the store, meeting friends in a cafe or cinema.

You can go to a concert, theater or museum. This just seems like banal advice, in fact, it is a great distraction from sad thoughts. After all, you need to think about how to pack, what to wear, what to get on. Where to buy tickets and what are the opening hours.

Forgetting a boyfriend after breaking up
Forgetting a boyfriend after breaking up

If the breakup is so painful that there is no strength at all for anything, you should listen and accept. Lying down, crying, getting angry, watching a melodrama, eating a bucket of ice cream or crying to a friend is also a way out.

Emotions are not always ready to come out of different people in the same way. Someone needs activity, someone - so that they just do not touch. The main thing is to listen to your inner self and allow yourself to do what you want.

So that this maelstrom does not tighten with your head, after a while you can walk to the nearest store and do your household chores. So, over time, life will pull back into its own course, and after six months the girl will find that she does not remember why the couple broke up at all.

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