Where To Look For A Mistress Or Why Is The Woman To Blame For This?

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Where To Look For A Mistress Or Why Is The Woman To Blame For This?
Where To Look For A Mistress Or Why Is The Woman To Blame For This?
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where to look for a mistress
where to look for a mistress

Nobody wants to share their man with another woman. And no matter how hard the representative of the fair sex tries to surround her beloved with comfort, care and love, every man sooner or later thinks about where to look for a mistress. And don't throw yourself rotten tomatoes - this is an indisputable fact.

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  • 1 Why does a man need a mistress?
  • 2 Which girls are suitable for the role of mistress?
  • 3 Not every girl agrees to be a mistress

Day after day, it is the man, as the head of the family, who faces the maximum number of stressful situations. Due to the inability to throw out your negative energy, emotional stress builds up, turning life into a real hard labor. And as a result - complete devastation, depression and a nervous breakdown. It is worth adding to all this an angry spouse, who flatly refuses to guess that her beloved is already not easy now.

There are several ways to get out of this state. Some people prefer to solve problems quietly, with a bottle of beer or something stronger in the evening with a movie. But this quickly drags on, and it is not long possible to lose a spouse in alcoholic intoxication. Others will look for an outlet in their beloved woman, but being rejected by the next “headache” and “not today” will go “to the left”. Then the question arises from the beloved: where to look for a mistress?

Defenders of women's rights will beat themselves on the chest and curse about patriarchy, but a man deserves to be greeted at home after a hard day's work with a ready dinner, cleanliness in the house and a happy woman. And it's good if you don't have to look for three different houses and three different women for this. Therefore, is it really possible to blame the representatives of the stronger sex for having a mistress, if his own woman is engaged in all sorts of nonsense, has ceased to take care of herself and in every possible way demonstrates her disinterest.

Why does a man need a mistress? I

With age, every person, under the influence of films and books (and, of course, public opinion), forms a picture of an ideal soul mate. Men rarely admit it, but they also have one. This is not only the owner of beautiful curvaceous forms and a thin waist. She has a docile calm character, she has something to talk about, she knows how to cook. And besides that, she respects and adores her man. It's hard to believe the fairer sex, but it's all one girl. And in order for a man not to think about where to find a mistress, a woman needs to be taught to combine all this in herself.

The most common reasons why men have mistresses:

  • sexual and emotional dissatisfaction;
  • desire to raise your status among friends;
  • the desire to raise your self-esteem;
  • insecurity in marriage and a desire to acquire a "fallback".
Where to find a mistress
Where to find a mistress

And each of these reasons could be eradicated if wives paid more attention to their husbands, and husbands more often talked about problems in their relationship with their partner.

Among other things, a mistress is the ability to manipulate time when old age is already very close. And then, as they say, the demon hit in the rib. Every man at any age craves admiration, adoration and respect. And a certain share of the danger of being taken by surprise gives new colors to the ordinary. But it is possible that this is an ordinary stingy revenge for betraying his betrothed or for her unwillingness to devote enough time to him.

Which girls are suitable for the role of mistress? 2

If a man is thinking about where to look for a mistress, first you need to decide which girls usually go for it, and which ones can take such an offer with hostility.

Young women who are hungry for male attention and affection most often become lovers. These can be divorces, girls who have had a negative experience in a relationship, or simply do not want to burden themselves with marriage. It is possible, of course, that her main interest is money. And here the point is whether such conditions suit a man.

You can often find a mistress on dating sites, in public places. Most often, this role is taken on by old friends or former companions. Dating sites are good because girls and women are sitting there eager for male attention, and the Internet creates the illusion of privacy. You can look for the fair sex for simple communication and unobtrusive flirting, or move on to more decisive action.

How can a guy find a mistress
How can a guy find a mistress

Not every girl will agree to be a mistress3

Any woman wants her beloved to be only hers and is not going to share it with anyone. But at the beginning of such a relationship, it is necessary to establish a number of rules, so that no misunderstandings arise in the future. First, if a man loves his wife and is not going to get divorced, then the mistress should know about this and not pretend to anything else.

A wife and a mistress cannot be compared - they are two completely different concepts, two women who give completely different things. You can't make any promises or allow you to be jealous of your wife. Of course, in the future this hobby may grow into something more, but this is rather an exception to the rule. It is not advisable to start novels at work, since publicity can severely hit the authority of a man in a team and sooner or later the wife will also find out about everything.

Not every girl agrees to do this, but with the right presentation, you can charm everyone. It takes a little effort, masculine charm, attention and flirting - this is the kind of game that men-conquerors like so much.

Mistress for a married man
Mistress for a married man

Men have mistresses because they cannot get what they need from women next to them. And it doesn't have to be about love or lack of it. The point is always in the woman who is next to him and her attitude towards him. Every real man deserves to be loved and respected, eagerly awaited at home and longed for at night, and it is best if one woman does it. Then the question of where to look for a mistress will disappear by itself.

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