Women's Whims: The Edge Of Reason. Basic Rules Of Whim

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Women's Whims: The Edge Of Reason. Basic Rules Of Whim
Women's Whims: The Edge Of Reason. Basic Rules Of Whim
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Women's whims
Women's whims

Women's whims are powerful weapons. They allow men to show their best. Learn to be capricious, and you will be able to get whatever you want. Here is a guide to action. It tells everything about the "correct" whims.

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  • 1 Insidious hormones
  • 2 Male gaze
  • 3 Why are whims needed
  • 4 Edge of Reason
  • 5 Basic rules
  • 6 Ban on whims
  • 7 Caution: whim!
  • 8 In conclusion

Insidious hormonesi

Researchers have proven that women's whims are associated with genetics. The fact is that the fairer sex initially produces less serotonin. Lack of the hormone of joy makes them irritable and restless. In addition, women are naturally more sensitive and spontaneous. From time to time, they need to be capricious in order to feel loved and desired.

Male gaze2

Oddly enough, men believe that their significant other has the right to whims. Moreover, a girl who does not make certain demands from time to time can quickly get bored. Still, self-sufficient and strong women are good in the battle with life, but they do not leave their chosen ones with room for maneuver. And small whims on their part, on the contrary, help them show strength, ingenuity and generosity.

Why whims are needed3

The mind cannot understand a woman! This is her strength and weakness. However, there is nothing wrong with female weakness. She brings an inexplicable charm to relationships. In addition, with her whims, a girl can present a man with a surprise that will once again blow up his brain.

Believe it or not, both sides get a kick out of it. The main thing is to know how to relate to her whims and PMS and everything will be fine. And whims are also an element of influence. Covert manipulation that prompts a man to act decisively.

Women's whims
Women's whims

Edge of Reason4

However, there is a limit to everything. Permanent hysterics get bored very quickly. Women's whims should be nice and easy. Therefore, before presenting a list of requirements, make sure that your man is in excellent spirits, well-fed and not busy with serious business. If all conditions are met, feel free to act.

Basic rules 5

You can and should be capricious. But within reasonable limits and in front of a grateful audience. What does it mean? Follow the rules! And then your requests will certainly be fulfilled.

  • Be capricious only with your loved one. The rest simply will not understand what is the matter. They don't owe you anything and don't owe you anything.
  • A man is ready to fulfill his desires when he is happy and carefree. Otherwise, you can fall under the hot hand and learn a lot about yourself.
  • Your whims should not look like extortion or another hustle. Maintain your dignity.
  • Demand the possible. You know that your boyfriend will definitely not get the moon from the sky. Therefore, be reasonable in your desires.
  • Always thank your man for his generosity. And praise him in front of your friends. This is very important for him.
naughty girl
naughty girl

Ban on whims6

However, there are times when women's whims are completely out of place. For example, a first date. Here you should show yourself to a man in all its glory, and not try to suppress him with your requests. In the presence of acquaintances, colleagues or bosses, it is also not recommended to release claws.

An irritated and angry spouse does not need to be pestered at all. Still, in order to fulfill a woman's whims, a man must feel that it is worth it. The motive can be an invincible attraction or an understanding of the value of existing relationships.

Caution: whim! 7

A wise man understands that women's whims do not arise from scratch. Most often, they appear from lack of attention. The girl is looking for a way to feel wanted again. And her request must certainly be satisfied.

However, there are times when a woman is too spoiled. She believes that a boyfriend should fulfill all her wishes. This consumerist approach is not welcome anywhere.

Indeed, the fairer sex often uses guys as goldfish. Even a man should take responsibility for their spontaneous desires! And they also try to rebuild it to fit their ideas about a handsome prince, but such training does not always work.

Any sane person will understand that he is being used. And the result will be sad. Either the guy breaks down and will fulfill absolutely all the requirements, or he finds himself a more accommodating young lady.

capricious woman
capricious woman

In conclusion8

Women's whims seem cute when both sides enjoy them. Of course, a man is pleased to be generous and disinterested, to fulfill the whims of his beautiful lady, and in return to hear words of warm gratitude. But don't overdo it! Still, each of us has a personal space, beyond the boundaries of which you should not go.

They love not only for their external appeal and spiritual beauty, but also for their individuality. So don't customize your boyfriend. Love for who he is. And then he will fulfill all your whims!

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