The Guy Has Lost Interest In The Girl. What To Do?

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The Guy Has Lost Interest In The Girl. What To Do?
The Guy Has Lost Interest In The Girl. What To Do?
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Relationships tend to come to naught. If a guy has lost interest in a girl, it means that soon he will go to another. This may be due to objective reasons, mistakes on the part of the girl, or simply people did not fit each other. But love must be appreciated, one must fight for it, and if there are the first signs of withdrawal, measures must be taken.

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  • 1 Signs of loss of interest
  • 2 Reasons for loss of interest
  • 3 Tips for regaining interest

Signs of loss of interest

If at first glance nothing has changed, the attitude is the same as before, but women's intuition suggests that something is wrong, you should pay attention to the details. Psychologists-sexologists recommend analyzing the actions of both parties and drawing conclusions.

Perhaps the guy cannot find time to spend time together and constantly refers to being busy, and when he meets, he behaves coldly - this is a sign that he has become bored and not interested with the girl.

Events with friends or business meetings often begin to appear, to which you just can't take your half with you.

A guy can disappear for a few days, not answer calls, and then refer to being busy - this is already the edge of disrespect and indifference. In the age of new technologies, there is no difficulty in warning about plans and taking 5-10 minutes a day to communicate with your loved one.

The absence of talks about joint plans indicates the absence of these plans. Perhaps a man is just comfortable with this relationship, he considers them temporary, in anticipation of the one - the only one. If he has such thoughts at all.

Sex without foreplay and subsequent tenderness also indicates a loss of interest. Intimacy becomes a habit to satisfy physical needs, while there is no love feeling.

guy lost interest
guy lost interest

Reasons for loss of interest2

Why do guys lose interest in the once beloved and longed-for girl? Psychologists remind that a man is a breadwinner and a hunter, he needs to strive, and when the girl is already him and there is no need to conquer her, the attraction disappears.

In addition, the girl can push the guy away with her behavior:

  1. You should not focus on your shortcomings, such as excess weight, acne, small breasts. The guy, seeing and hearing these conversations every day, also begins to pay attention to them.
  2. Guys don't like it when a girl talks incessantly. For a successful union, a dialogue is necessary, the interlocutors should have common topics for conversation.
  3. Excessive capriciousness and hysteria can not stand any man, these qualities in a girl should be in moderation.
  4. If a girl feels superior to a guy and emphasizes this in every possible way, the relationship will not last long (another outcome is possible only if the man is weak and suits him).
how to interest a guy
how to interest a guy
  1. The absence of romantic responses from a girl can also chill a man. The stronger sex also needs signs of attention and proof of love.
  2. Interest in a girl may disappear due to her excessive self-care in the presence of a guy. The opposite sex should not know and see the details of cosmetic procedures.
  3. Excessive attention and obsession can also alienate a man, too much is always unpleasant.
  4. Most of all, guys are annoyed by the constant reminder and comparison with "exes" - this is unacceptable.
  5. The lack of a sense of humor and taking everything to heart makes guys nervous and worried, and this is not enjoyable, so detachment automatically occurs.

Tips for regaining interest3

The girls, feeling cold and detached, begin to whine: "You don't love me." Guys don't like it, it annoys them. If a man is needed and interesting, if you do not want to lose him, you need to take measures.

First of all, you need to take care of yourself: change your hairstyle, makeup, wardrobe, find a hobby. These simple actions will spark a man's interest, perhaps even feelings of pride, possessiveness, and jealousy. Anything is better than cold and indifference.

how to return love
how to return love

After the guy is dumbfounded by the external changes, it is recommended to invite him on a date to a new establishment. And finish the evening in a romantic setting, the night should be unforgettable. It is imperative to introduce something new into intimate life, it can be a toy, role-playing game or a new position. It's just that you won't surprise a man with new beautiful underwear, it's banal and not interesting.

After such a pressure of new events, the man will have a feeling of the beginning of a new relationship, the girl for him is again unknown. Of course, this is not worth dwelling on. Analysis of mistakes will allow you to avoid them again. The main thing is not to lose interest in yourself, a girl with a burning gaze, who is alive and cheerful - interesting and pleasant to communicate, such a relationship is easy and pleasant.

If a guy has lost interest in a girl, this does not mean that all is lost. Nobody wants to suffer and endure. But if a man is really good, and you can't lose him in any way, you need to act. You need to act competently so as not to frighten off: no scandals and tantrums. To cheer up a man and remind him who his beloved and the only one, a girl can only express renewal of relations.

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