Treason Through The Eyes Of Men. How Do They Explain The Reasons For This Act?

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Treason Through The Eyes Of Men. How Do They Explain The Reasons For This Act?
Treason Through The Eyes Of Men. How Do They Explain The Reasons For This Act?

Video: Treason Through The Eyes Of Men. How Do They Explain The Reasons For This Act?

Video: Treason Through The Eyes Of Men. How Do They Explain The Reasons For This Act?
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Male view of treason
Male view of treason

From year to year, men justify their adventures with nature and genes. And women continue to take revenge on one size fits all. Why everyone is cheating, but men can, but women cannot. The male view of adultery is different from the female.

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  • 1 Herself to blame
  • 2 I have the blood of a predator in my veins
  • 3 This is all modern society
  • 4 What is treason really

Herself to blame

The reasons for going to the left are a separate topic. A man does not always cheat, because he is bored, sometimes he cheats simply because he feels a physical necessity, his personal one. And after the betrayal, he still returns to his wife. And he loves her more than anyone, she is the best with him. But in another month, something happened at his work and he would again go off steam.

Maybe this excuse is hard work? Or maybe he does not want to burden his wife with his problems, she is already poor from morning to night with children with work and home. Then the question arises, what then is the meaning of family life? Is it that everyone pretends that everything is fine, and the couples go down to the left? It turns out that either he does not want to open up and express everything to his beloved, or she does not want to listen to him and hear - she has her own problems.

If the family model is like this, then treason is no longer treason at all, who is there to cheat? Feelings? Where are they? Well, then the moral principles of family life. But for everyone, this is again an individual question, because the family is sometimes built from principles that are far from feelings of love and love. Often this is a marriage of convenience, "fly in" and because "it's time." Then the question arises again - treason, what principles was it?

I have predatory blood in my veins2

I wonder how long our men-comrades will pretend to be tiger-invaders of female flesh. The more he increases his status in his own eyes, the more self-confident he becomes. "Pipiska" has matured and such work is not tiring for men.

It turns out that due to the instincts of reproduction embedded in him by nature, he, without thinking about anything, can shoot his genes into everyone he meets. And why then the brains of such a man? Everything functions normally without them. It is very strange, but referring to the same mother nature, it is difficult to find males who are only busy with reproduction from morning till night.

Male view of treason
Male view of treason

And now in the 21st century, with well-developed brain lobes, we are looking for an excuse that these are all genes. The principles of fidelity and family laid down by education, yes. But if men were cheating on a subconscious level, then at night they would have to be tied to a bed.

This is all modern society3

This is all an imposed opinion. And how can you impose an opinion on a person who has already formed his own? Or is it not formed? If not, then it's easy, of course. You can listen to friends-comrades, take some movie as a model of behavior, in the same place the main character is so cool.

Are women looking for cool or reliable husbands? Here again, there is an inconsistency in the views of life values. To whom is important in life. If she has a family, and he has the status of a womanizer's lover, then there is no need to cry at the end.

It's so fashionable to brag to friends that here she is the one you conquered. It is very interesting that women are not monogamous either, they are also capable of cheating. It's just that men are forgiven for going to the left for the reason that he will not leave the family, and a woman, most likely, begins such a path when she realizes that kaput has come to a relationship.

So, if a woman's betrayal was a fleeting memory of past years, then a man is unlikely to know about her. Since a woman is able to calculate her moves in advance and will not provide a man with an opportunity to be proud of his horns in the future.

Men talk about cheating
Men talk about cheating

In other words, a woman's betrayal is her own business, she will not brag about it to anyone. But men who believe that this moment will raise his status will feel like a male with his head held high.

What is treason really4

What is treason? Scenes immediately pop up in my head when the beloved is on top of some girl. But if you go deeper, the concept of infidelity is very individual for each person.

And if a loved one, while no one is at home, watches porn and plays naughty at the sight of naked female bodies? Is this considered cheating? And if at work he secretly buys the services of a web model on the Internet, she undresses and flirts in front of him. Is this treason?

Here there is no physical contact, he does not even touch anyone. Just looking. But a lump of resentment is already rolling up to my throat. Then this is not treason, but a betrayal of a man. Feelings and family foundations betrayed. And who arranged them? In life, it often happens that men do not consider cheating:

  • Once drunk.
  • Once with a woman he “doesn't even love”.
  • Flirting, hugging, kissing, blowjob.
  • At a corporate party, with a secretary who made her eyes for six months.
  • Watching porn alone.
  • Have fun with web models.
  • Buy yourself men's magazines and be alone with them.
What is treason
What is treason

And for a girl, it's all betrayal, pain and disappointment. These points should be announced at the beginning of the relationship and the couple should come to a common denominator. For most men, these items will remain in the section "do not change", but he will already know that for his beloved it is considered a betrayal of their feelings, she will be hurt. Knowing this, a man can already make a choice in the direction of himself or his beloved.

The male view of adultery is, first of all, an attempt to put on a male burden and try to understand the motives of such acts. Often they are absent, a man simply succumbs to his egoism and the habit that everything he wants in life he can “have” and not be responsible for his actions.

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