5 Signs A Man Is Using You

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5 Signs A Man Is Using You
5 Signs A Man Is Using You

Video: 5 Signs A Man Is Using You

Video: 5 Signs A Man Is Using You
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A married man uses you
A married man uses you

"- He loves me! He will soon leave his wife, and we will be together forever and ever! " A famous phrase, isn't it? It was pronounced by at least half of the fair sex, and now you are in their place. From childhood, the girl dreams of greater love, of meeting a handsome prince by the age of twenty and a happy family life.

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  • 2 "I want Larisa Ivanovna!"
  • 3 Waiting for the "miracle - yuda"
  • 4 All yours is mine
  • 5 Not a word about love

But unfortunately, life follows a different scenario. The long-awaited meeting with the "man of dreams" takes place at the moment when the heroine turns 30 or even more years old, and the opponent himself has a life partner and a couple of cute little kids for a long time. Feelings between young people flare up, a secret romance ensues. A woman falls in love, is tormented in the role of a mistress and expects a miracle. What is the psychology of a mistress and why does she not dare to break off relations, realizing that she is being deceived ?!

Someday everything will be different, and he will belong only to her. But the desired changes are not happening. And the young lady, through mental anguish, begins to think about the fact that a married man uses her for amorous pleasures and does not see any future with her. Several important facts point to a partner's serious or frivolous feelings.

First six months

Psychologists say that if in the first six months after meeting and relationship, a guy does not make a marriage proposal to a girl, then later she will not hear anything like that from him. It is six months old enough for the stronger sex to understand how dear a partner is to him and whether he is considering her as a wife.

A married man starts an affair on the side at a time when he experiences the dullness of everyday life and the boredom of family life. He wants to have fun, to fall into a hotel room with a pretty beauty and passionately take possession of her, not hearing how from the nursery comes: "Mom, dad, turn on the light, I dreamed of a monster!"

Love adventures return men to the years of carefree youth, when they conquered girls with their friends and had fun. With your mistress, you are distracted from family concerns, you experience a range of new feelings that you are unaccustomed to feel with your “everyday” wife.

"Woman is a holiday" represents a single goal - to have a good time. Yes, a married man uses a naive fool who mentally builds pictures of family life with him. When a girl starts talking about a joint future, the unfree lover frowns, translates the topic, gets angry, laughs it off and, after a long time, gives up the "annoyance".

You don't behave like that with your girlfriend. She doesn't have to remind a man of the divorce. He himself will do everything possible to be next to the one to whom the heart is drawn.


If he truly loves you, then he himself will strive to reunite with you, without unnecessary reminders. And if a beloved man has used you at least once, then this is definitely not a conversation about higher feelings.

"I want Larisa Ivanovna!" 2

A married man uses a woman if he calls her only "on business." He makes an appointment and immediately hangs up. On her request to “talk”, the married man justifies that his wife, children, mother-in-law, neighbors, distant relatives were nearby …

And apparently the caravan of relatives surrounds the poor fellow every minute: on the way to work and back, when going to the store or the gym. If a guy is in love, regardless of marital status, he will find time for "nothing to talk about," just to hear the voice of the subject of adoration.

He will not care what you tell this time: how he pricked the cat, hurt his finger, forgot about the pie in the oven. He longs to hear you just like that.

Waiting for the "miracle - yuda" __ 8212

A married man uses his mistress when he treats her like a toy. On holidays, he spends time with his family, feeding the lady with promises that he will “drop by the light”. He strictly monitors that she does not go anywhere, forbids her to spend time with friends and live for her own pleasure.

a married man uses a woman
a married man uses a woman

Thus, the woman will confuse his plans and will be out of the reach at the moment when the gentleman deigns to give the lady his attention. The girl is obliged to sit and wait for His Majesty within four walls.

A loving guy, not having the opportunity to hold a celebration in the arms of his beloved, will take care that she is not lonely and sad. He will do everything possible to be close, or he will take care of her trip to her family and will calmly take the holiday with friends.

Remember how your sweetheart spends the holidays. Escapes with a call? Drunk to smithereens in the morning, and taking off your dress assures your spouse that he will return from your sick grandmother in half an hour? Is he using you? … The answer seems to be obvious.

All yours is mine_8212

How to understand - a man loves or uses? Take a closer look at your behavior and attitude towards yourself. A partner who has amorous feelings for a woman is interested in her family, children, and personal affairs. He is absorbed in her life, tries to get to know relatives, if the girl does not mind, despite the fact that she is a ringed subject. This behavior speaks of the serious intentions of a man for whom marriage with his beloved is a matter of time.

married man uses
married man uses

If a married man uses a mistress, he considers her only as a sexual object. Her relatives, problems, hobbies, to put it mildly, are not interesting to him. He helps financially if the partner asks for material support, but does it based on his own benefit.

A loving man strives to be with his beloved and is carried away by her world. He will bring raspberries for your children (even if his own child is growing up at home), will worry about the health of your mother and take the sick dog to the vet. And all this for you, beloved.

Not a word about love3

A married man uses a woman for fun when such moments slip through his behavior:

  • He comes to his mistress at any time when he sees fit, without warning or phone calls, from time to time he walks in drunk at night and leaves early in the morning.
  • Cancels meetings for no apparent reason, sometimes forgetting to warn the woman that he cannot come.
  • Dating is purely sexual. A man shows great interest in experiments, role-playing games, but is absolutely indifferent to intimate conversations, especially after intimacy.
understand what a married man uses
understand what a married man uses

An intelligent woman, through a veil of love feelings, will be able to discern when a married man uses her, and when she truly loves. Don't waste your life on an unfeeling blockhead. Perhaps tomorrow will give you a meeting with the man who will give you sincere love and family happiness. Look around, maybe he is somewhere nearby.

And how to understand that a man is married, you will learn from our next article on the link.

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