Men And Women Handle Relationship Problems Differently

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Men And Women Handle Relationship Problems Differently
Men And Women Handle Relationship Problems Differently
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Relationship problems
Relationship problems

Relationship problems are quite normal that all couples face. More recently, however, scientists have discovered that each partner reacts differently to these problems. That is, men have one reaction to what is happening, women have another.

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To confirm these words, scientists from Pennsylvania conducted a small study. It was attended by 140 couples, where each woman was pregnant. The researchers explained that their choice fell on such couples, since quarrels often arise between partners during pregnancy.

The researchers took saliva samples from each of the partners in a pair to determine cortisol (stress hormone) in it. They took a saliva sample at the time of verbal fights, when cortisol is released into the body. After analyzing the samples, the scientists found that men had a more obvious stress response than their pregnant women.

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“Hostility and negativity, as we have seen, have a major impact on partners' mental health and future well-being,” said Mark Feinberg, professor of research at the Pennsylvania Research Center. “It is also important to understand how conflict in relationships affects stress during pregnancy, because maternal stress is associated not only with the problems of the woman, but also her child,” added Feinberg.

During the study, the parents-to-be were videotaped. Each couple had to participate in two six-minute spots. In the first video, they were supposed to talk about abstract topics that did not concern their relationship. In the second video, they were supposed to discuss any three issues in their relationship. After recording each video, the researchers took samples of the participants' saliva to track changes in cortisol levels.

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Then, half an hour later, the researchers took a saliva sample again to determine if the participants' stress hormone levels had decreased, to see how quickly they bounced back after an argument. As it turned out, men bounce back longer than women - their cortisol levels bounce back a little later.

“We got some unexpected results, as it was assumed that women took longer to bounce back,” added Feinberg. “Probably, the results turned out like this, because often women act as initiators of the scandal. In a way, they are already mentally ready for them, and men are taken by surprise."

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