How Women Become Bastards: Stages Of Transformation

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How Women Become Bastards: Stages Of Transformation
How Women Become Bastards: Stages Of Transformation

Video: How Women Become Bastards: Stages Of Transformation

Video: How Women Become Bastards: Stages Of Transformation
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How women become bastards
How women become bastards

Bitches, or, as they are called not quite affectionately by men - bitches do not become in one day and not in one minute. In this transformation, according to psychologists, they go through several stages, as they say from a caterpillar to a butterfly. So, let's take a look at how women become bitches.

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The first stage of reincarnation

A man can talk a lot about the soul, its innocence and purity, kindness and devotion, but, nevertheless, they choose beautiful in the end. They just love them, choosing them at a party, and pay for any whim and such a term as soul pops up in first place when you have to pay a lot.

And often men cannot pay for ALL the whims of a lady - the beauty that they see on the catwalk or in gloss implies well, very large sums that they do not have, and there is nowhere to earn. If the figure can be supported on your own, then the face and hair, clothes and perfume, hands and everything, everything, everything else …..

There is a lot to say about the benefits of oatmeal and walking, but a lady wants high heels and a limousine ride. And as a result, a man's lack of money automatically transfers a well-groomed beauty to the category of a bitch girl.

Next, second stage2

Men always put their unique opinion above everyone else, but the same stereotypes are still in their heads. In accordance with the stereotypes imposed from the outside, a woman must correspond to a certain image and likeness. Chest and waist, dress and makeup are all taken from the pages of magazines or TV screens.

But this is a well-placed picture - light, mackieah, and often photoshop. In reality, there are no ideal ones, but men are experiencing the stress of disappointment, thereby forming an inferiority complex in the ladies. Isn't that a reason to become a bitch that doesn't live up to his standard?

How do women become bitches? They just move on to the next stage - the third, when men prefer a frankly young body. This is not hypocrisy - these are cruel statistics. Say, this is normal and natural, but few of the representatives of the strong half of humanity understand the whole essence of this term.

women become bastards
women become bastards

Their memories of naturalness are rooted in distant childhood, when on a hike the girls bathed in the river or washed themselves with dew. But today, have you seen natural, natural stars on TV or on social media? Not.

And in this case, we are talking about a purely masculine trick - not understanding the fullness and beauty of a mature lady, they focus on a young girl, whose beauty does not yet require financial investments. But girls are also different and, having hung the label of your passion, they understand - why not take advantage of their youth for their own good? And why does the man ask - where did this bitch come from, if her youth was raised to such a cult?

We also suggest reading an article on why men love bitches? Let's talk about difficult relationships with difficult women!

Fourth stage3

Imaginary equality, but not equality in bed. Many men recognize and accept the equality of the fair half of humanity in many spheres of life - business and politics, leadership positions and even law enforcement agencies. But they are not ready to recognize their equality, and certainly the supremacy in sex is purely a man's field.

They are ready to put up with a woman in the role of boss, the fact that they put on their pants, but they are never ready to regard sex for them as a field of pleasure. For a woman, in the opinion of a man, this is dirt and taboo, for him it is sheer pleasure in a paradise harem.

bitch with whiskey
bitch with whiskey

How do women get bastards? Consider the fifth stage - men talk a lot about equality, but few take full and unconditional responsibility in the matter of contraception and prevention of unwanted pregnancy, and in matters of the subsequent upbringing of children as well. Here the principle works - it flew in, then you yourself and disentangle it.

But every man knows - unprotected sex leads to unwanted pregnancy, because if he does not want children, be so kind to put on a condom. But if children have already appeared, you should not shift everything onto the shoulders of a woman, but have the strength to accept this fact as due responsibility and raise a worthy child.

But here it is more likely that a man will present himself as a victim of female tyranny, who did not know how she ended up in bed with a woman, and did not even hear about such contraception as a condom at all. Men blame a lot on prohibitions and ignorance, complexes and age, which ultimately forces a woman to act, sorry - like a bitch. But if they all behaved differently, like true gentlemen, there would probably be more true ladies than bitches.

We will tell you more about how to find an approach to a female bitch in the next article.

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